How To Record a FaceTime Call

Posted by Jamie on May 26, 2019

Want to record a FaceTime video call on your iPhone or Mac? Apple owners don’t ‘call’ anyone any more, they FaceTime. It’s the default way people maintain contact without messaging apps and is helping keep old fashioned voice and video alive. There may be times when you’ll find it beneficial to record a Facetime call. I’m going to show you how. Always ask permission before recording a Facetime call with someone.

You have been able to record your iPhone screen since iOS11 but the video only, not audio. What’s more, you can do it without alerting the other person you’re recording. This was a wakeup call to any Apple user who liked to have ‘adult’ FaceTime calls with their significant other or anyone else who would be horrified at being recorded! .

There are ways around the lack of audio though as there are a few apps that will record a FaceTime call along with sound. You can record your Facebook calls on your Mac as well.

Why Record a Facetime Call

Freelancers may find it useful to record project kick up calls to use as a reference once the project has begun. Or you may be discussing a technical problem that client’s experiencing and want to make sure that you have the details available later in case there are gaps in your notes.

For more personal reasons, you may want to record the audio and video of a call with a close friend or family member. There’s a nostalgic feeling the inspires people to save video calls of all sorts whether it’s a call with a parent, a beloved sibling, or an old friend.

Regardless of whether it’s a client, family member, business associate or friend, it’s important to get consent before you record the call. It may even be the law. Check applicable state and local laws.

Record a FaceTime call on iPhone

You can record a FaceTime call on iPhone without audio from within iOS but you will need a third party app to add it.

To use the built-in screen recorder, do this:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen to access the Control Center
  2. Then look for the screen recording icon, which looks like a pair of white circles with the center one filled in
  3. Tap the screen recording icon
  4. Then you have three seconds until it starts recording

After the three seconds, the screen will then be recorded whatever you do on your phone. No audio though.

If you don’t see the screen recording icon in Control Center, you may have to enable it.

  1. Open Settings and Control Center
  2. Select Customize Controls
  3. Scroll to Screen Recording and select the green Add icon

Once done, repeat the above steps to initiate screen recording.

If you need audio as well as video, there’s an app for that. In fact, there are dozens. Apps such as Record it!, DU Recorder, Web Recorder and others will get the job done.

Record a FaceTime call on Mac

Most people will use their iPhone to FaceTime but you can do it on your Mac too. The easiest way to record FaceTime is through QuickTime. It is already installed within MacOS and gets the job done.

  1. Open QuickTime from the launcher or from Applications.
  2. Select File and New Screen Recording.
  3. Select the small down arrow next to the record button within QuickTime and select Internal Microphone.
  4. Open FaceTime to set up your call.
  5. Select QuickTime to record the entire screen or drag and drop to record just a portion of it.
  6. Select the stop recording icon once done.
  7. Select File within QuickTime and Save.
  8. Name your recording and select where you want it saved.
  9. Select Save.

QuickTime is the native screen recorder for Mac and will slide out of the way once you begin recording. You can choose to record mouse clicks and commands if you’re creating tutorial videos or something like that or just have it highlight your FaceTime window. It records both audio and video once you set up the microphone so offers more inherent features than the iPhone.

While QuickTime is pretty good at recording your screen, there are other apps that can do better. Apps such as ScreenFlow, Snagit and Camtasia will all get the job done. They aren’t free but offer many more features than QuickTime so if you’re doing this regularly and want some editing features too, they may be worth checking out.

Recording FaceTime calls

Depending on where in the world you live, it may be illegal to record a video or voice call without alerting the other party. Many states in the US have two-party consent laws which mean you can freely record calls if both parties consent. Some states do not require consent to record calls so you should check to ensure you’re on the right side of the law for where you are.

The law is applicable to where you are at the time when recording the call, not where you live. This is a minor but important distinction.

Other countries have different laws about recording conversations so check to make sure you’re compliant wherever you are at the time.

It is good manners to alert the other party that you’re recording the call even if you don’t have to. That is especially true if you’re calling in a professional capacity rather than as friends.

That’s how to record a FaceTime call. Know of any other apps or methods to achieve the same goal? Tell us about them below if you do!

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