Instagram Story Failed to Upload – How To Fix

Posted by Jamie on April 10, 2019

The Instagram Story has been an amazing success for the platform and have become just as popular there as the originals are on Snapchat. You take a video or image, add a caption, publish it for 24 hours and that’s it. When it works properly that is. There is a known problem when Instagram Stories fail to upload and you see the perpetual ‘Posting’ or ‘Upload Failed’ messages.

It doesn’t happen all that often but it is still annoying when it does. Other aspects of Instagram may work fine and all your other apps could be fine too, it’s just when trying to upload Instagram Stories. It’s a known issue with a few workarounds. This tutorial will list the most effective ones so you can get back to creating.

Instagram Stories fail to upload

This problem arrived at the same time as Instagram Stories themselves. Since that time, the app has been improved a lot and the more common causes of the upload failure have gone but a few remain. If it happens to you, here are a few things you can try.

Retry in a while

If you have the luxury of time and patience, leaving Instagram Stories for a while or reading some instead of posting and you may find it works again after a time. It isn’t exactly a fix but it saves stressing yourself out trying to fix it. If that isn’t going to work, try one or all of the following steps.

Remember, sometimes when Instagram Stories fail to upload it isn’t the app but the Instagram end of the network. Whether that’s server issues, network issues, bugs, hardware failure or whatever. If you check online you will quickly see others complain about not being able to upload their Stories either so while it doesn’t get it working again, you know you’re not alone.

Switch data network

As uploading Instagram Stories depends on a data network, the first logical step is to change from WiFi to 4G or vice versa. Instagram will see the change and retry the connection. If the issue is with bandwidth or network traffic, the way should now be clear to upload. If you’re on 4G, switch over to WiFi and if you’re already on WiFi, turn it off and use 4G.

Use a workaround

I learned this workaround from Reddit a few months ago but it still works on those occasions when the Story won’t load.

  1. Post your Instagram Story twice aiming to keep the second one.
  2. Shut down Instagram and turn on Airplane Mode on your phone.
  3. Open Instagram and delete the first Story.
  4. Turn Airplane Mode off.

I have no idea why this works but it does. Lots of people who were seeing this error a few months ago swore by this workaround. It still works today so try it for yourself and see.

Restart Instagram

Restarting apps on either Android or iOS refreshes the temporary files and memory use of that app. That can be enough to get it working again. Most apps will self-regulate memory or cache but sometimes they get stuck. A restart can get them working again.

Open the app drawer in Android and hit the X in the top right corner to shut the app down.

Open recent apps in iOS and swipe up to close Instagram.

Update the app

Like most popular apps, Instagram updates fairly regularly. If there is a known issue from within the app itself, an update is usually quick to arrive. Updating it through the App Store or Google Play Store is a logical next step. Open your respective app store and look at available updates. If Instagram is among them, update it. If it isn’t, move on.

Reboot your phone

As always, a quick reboot can solve a multitude of problems and this could be one of them. A reboot will drop all temporary files, files stored in memory and cached app files. The phone will reload everything from stored copies and begin anew. Once your phone has rebooted, open Instagram and try posting your Story again. It might just work.

Reinstall the app

If you have switched data networks, tried to update Instagram, checked to see if others are having the same problem and tried the workaround and things still aren’t working correctly, you have two options. You can wait it out and see if it’s an Instagram issue or you can reinstall the app to see if that fixes anything. If it’s a corruption with the installation files, a reinstallation might fix it.

Select Instagram from your app drawer and hold down the icon. In Android, drag the icon to the trash at the top of the screen. In iOS, select the little X that appears in the top corner of the icon. Both actions will remove Instagram from your phone.

Then go to your respective app store and download a fresh copy. You will have to log in and recreate your Instagram Story to post it but it might work again.

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