What Is the Latest Echo Show [November 2019]

Posted by Arch on November 21, 2019
What Is the Latest Echo Show

Smart displays are very popular at the moment, and with good reason. They are a great addition to the workspace in your smart home, as they make your daily tasks around the house a breeze. With the Echo Show 5 unveiled only 4 months prior, Amazon has now released the Echo Show 8. The 8” display has significantly closed the gap between the 5” Echo Show 5 and the 10” Echo Show 2nd Gen, yet the retail price is closer to the little Echo Show than the full-blown one.

We will tell you more about the latest Echo, with honorable mentions of some of the best smart displays out there.

Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 is Amazon’s latest smart display/speaker with an 8-inch screen. You can ask Alexa to play movies, TV shows, news, sports games, whatever. You can also command Alexa to play your favorite radio stations, podcasts, and even audiobooks. There is also a command to get any of your friends on a video call, as long as they have the Alexa app and a compatible device.

Using voice control, you can manage other devices in your smart home, from security cameras and lighting to thermostats. There is an option to display albums from Amazon photos on your screen, while also allowing in-depth customization of your home screen.

All versions of the Echo Show are very convenient for creating productive morning routines and sticking to them. They can display easy-to-follow recipes, so you can focus on cooking that delicious dish. You can also easily update lists and calendars with a simple voice command. For all the commuters, the Echo Show can display current weather and traffic situations so you can prepare accordingly.

What’s really great about the new Echo Show 8 are the improved privacy features. You can now disconnect the microphone and camera with the press of a button and use the built-in shutter to cover up the camera.

Last but not least is the introduction of the Alexa-controlled Food Network Kitchen. Now you can watch the Food Network on your Echo Show 8, with Alexa by your side to memorize recipes and help you with the cooking.

The retail price is $130.

Other Amazing Smart Displays

Google Nest Hub Max

Powered by Google Assistant, Google Next Hub has a 10-inch display and a high-resolution 6.5-megapixel camera. It’s a pretty big device with a 1080P screen so it’s well-suited for the living room or kitchen area. The device also has a facial recognition feature that makes using it very convenient and the privacy microphone and camera eliminate privacy concerns.


A unique feature of Google Next Hub is the ability to use gestures to control media playback. This means that you can play, stop, and change the content with physical movements. It’s a welcomed feature, although not yet perfected.

The price is a bit high at $230, but the unique features may make it worth the price.

Lenovo Smart Display

The Lenovo Smart Display brings some great features that may make it better than the Echo Show for some. Rather than omnidirectional speakers in the back, the Lenovo features front-firing speakers that can better take advantage of the stereo imaging effect. This makes the device a bit wider but it makes up for it with sound quality.

Something that is unique to the Lenovo Smart display is that it can function as a Chromecast, and the supported streaming services include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, and more. This goes extremely well with the high-resolution screen and amazing sound. The device uses Google Assistant so you can control any of the aforementioned features with just your voice.

A great contender for the best smart display on the market.

Facebook Portal

One of the most powerful smart displays, Facebook Portal is more focused on communication. The device uses Alexa with more limited features in favor of Facebook-focused capabilities. You can video chat using Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or Workplace. One downside is that it doesn’t have YouTube by default.

This would all be okay if not for the privacy and security concerns with Facebook in general, which has yet to disclose whether the devices collect user data. The 8-inch Portal Mini sells for $130 and the 10-inch Portal $180.

A Lot More to Come

Any of the devices from Amazon’s Echo Show to Lenovo’s Smart Display can be a great addition to your smart home that makes daily tasks more fun and easy. What’s amazing is that smart displays are only in their infancy – you can count on more and better features in the near future.

Which one of these do you prefer? Tell us your opinions in the comments below!

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