Longest Snapchat Streak – October 2017


Snapstreaks are turning into serious business. Break the Snapchat streak with one of your close friends, and there could be consequences. Are people going a little overboard? Maybe. What are we even talking about? Let’s explain.

The Snapchat application keeps track of how many continuous days two people speak to one another. When two people Snap to each other every day, they see how long they’ve kept up the streak next to the friend’s username. It’s an incentive to keep the streak going!

Since users first noticed that Snapchat was keeping track of how long they were speaking to each other, there ended up being some competition between certain users there. The goal: to become the holder of the longest Snapchat streak and the bragging rights that go with it.

Naturally, our interest was piqued. We wondered, what is the longest Snapchat streak? Well, we managed to find out, and we’ll tell you what the longest Snapchat streak has been as of the day of this posting… Keep reading to find out!


By snapping to another Snapchat user for days on end, you gain rewards. Those rewards are points that get added to your Snapchat score. Your Snapchat score is viewable on your Snapchat profile page as the number next to your Snapchat username. It’s a number some people go out of their way to maximize.

Not only does your Snapchat score rise, but it also unlocks trophies for you, somewhat like achievements in a video game. You’ll also gain new emojis through your contact list.

Keeping Score

The only drawback of trying to win the title of “longest Snapchat Streak holder” is that there’s no official, real-time Snapchat scoreboard. However, since people want to brag about their Snapchat points, the information tends to end up on the internet anyway. It’s not too hard to find out the Snap scores that people are bragging about.

The record, naturally, keeps going up!

Longest Snapchat Streak to Date

The longest demonstrated Snapchat Streak we’ve been able to find is recorded here, with video to back it up. The current record holder is Felicia, from Sweden, who chatted with a Snapchat friend for exactly 900 consecutive days. That’s almost two and a half years! The record was posted on September 22.

So, it looks like if you want to break the current Snapchat streak in order to nab yourself an internet record, you’ll have to Snap with someone for more than 900 days in a row. If this was one of your life goals, you’d better get started today. (As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to start a Snapchat streak was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”)

You’ll have to stay on top of your game with this one. Miss one day and that’s it—you’ve got to start over from scratch. The good news is that you can have more than one Snapchat friend who you snap with consistently, so if you mess up with one, you can keep going with another. It’s situations like this where it’s good to have more than one friend. You’ll increase your chances not only by being consistent, but by also by being creative with your Snaps. You’ll see your Snapchat score go up, your trophies increase, and contact emojis added to reward all your Snap work.

So that’s how to get the highest Snapchat Streak and who holds the title—at least for the moment.

Posted by Heather on October 1, 2017

30 thoughts on “Longest Snapchat Streak – October 2017”

James Lambe says:
Mine is 100000000000^1000000000000
lexie m says:
highest 811 as of now. started at the end of 8th grade, in my junior year now
Julio says:
I have a streak of 1082
Jason says:
Yeah, no you don’t.
Abby says:
Chris C says:
This comment freaked me out because my name is Chris C as well
Pablo olbap says:
Mine is 4
john says:
2,000 is my streak 🙂
Chad F says:
That’s impossible because streaks were introduced 1,340 days ago. And Snapchat was released 2,100 days ago.
Eva says:
streak of 923
Ara says:
Right now the highest streak I have is with my best friend, we have 300 days.
Olivia says:
My friend and I are currently on 853
Jasmin says:
Y’all needa to get a liiiiife streaks are ridiculous & they waste your time & this article was totally exaggerated
Penelope says:
Dude, I have 300 days and I also have a life and my bff so?
kyah says:
no you dont. you dont have a life
lunden says:
My best friend and I have a 391 day streak and today she told me she wanted to lose it.
Kadence says:
I had a streak with my ex-bestfriend of a total of 138 days, and I purposely ended it, due to her being rude for numerous days in a row. (She still continues to be rude, and I ignore her.) Anyways, sorry if yours ended.
Rylee says:
Wow, my highest is only 589.
Kadence says:
sabrina says:
my highest streak is 654 days as of october, 1st 2017 lmao
You will never know says:
My highest is 864 days
Sabrina says:
Mine is 272
Lollo says:
I have 874
Young bull says:
What’s your snap b
Elouise says:
Mines only 340
Nicki Borovsky says:
my bff and i have an 877 day snapstreak as of september 28, 2017!! beat that
Sjsjs says:
I have 1 streaks so
Chris C says:
Me and my best friend have a 800 Day Snap streak as of September 26th, 2017 . Going up every day
Chris C says:
Tbh, this comment freaked me out cuz my name is Chris C as well
Jon says:
My friend n I are at 899 today actually 😀
Anthony says:
I just hit 900. I have proof
Samantha says:
Mine is 891 today. Definitely could do a video
Garrett Taylor says:
THen Proof it Anothony
Fat Dummy says:
Does it count if mine is -100? Only because I used a time machine of course
Aiden says:
i got 435
Sean says:
No you don’t
William says:
I have 1000 snap streak
Random says:
No you dont.. The streak think has only been out for about 900 days.
Cterp1989 says:
Mine is 761
Joey H says:
Mines 1038272737
Holly and JAzz and Sophie says:
Sad says:
im going to hit 100 with my friend Tabish (Tabitch) uh yea (congratulate me)
Andrew says:
There are thousands of people with 100 day
lilac the kayak says:
my high is 3! beat that!!!!!!!
Kins says:
My current snap streak is 863
Louisa st. vincent says:
my highest streak is 200 hundred i hot it today with my best friend megan
Jim bob says:
That reply gave me autism
Mymy says:
my highest is 495
Katieee says:
mine is longer than all of yall…it’s 18. i bet ya none of ya would have gotten that far.
jessamphetamine says:
that takes dedication
nix says:
my streaks aren’t that high (like biggest is about 320) but my snapscore is like 700 000 because i have over 300 streaks with different people lolol
Tyler says:
Dude my highest is like 21 lololol
melisssa says:
you sound awfully proud to have no life

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