Longest Snapchat Streak – May 2017


Snapstreaks are turning into serious business. Break the Snapchat streak with one of your close friends, and there could be consequences. Are people going a little overboard? Maybe. What are we even talking about? Let’s explain.

The Snapchat application keeps track of how many continuous days two people speak to one another. When two people Snap to each other every day, they see how long they’ve kept up the streak next to the friend’s username. It’s an incentive to keep the streak going!

Since users first noticed that Snapchat was keeping track of how long they were speaking to each other, there ended up being some competition between certain users there. The goal: to become the holder of the longest Snapchat streak and the bragging rights that go with it.

Naturally, our interest was piqued. We wondered, what is the longest Snapchat streak? Well, we managed to find out, and we’ll tell you what the longest Snapchat streak has been as of the day of this posting… Keep reading to find out!


By snapping to another Snapchat user for days on end, you gain rewards. Those rewards are points that get added to your Snapchat score. Your Snapchat score is viewable on your Snapchat profile page as the number next to your Snapchat username. It’s a number some people go out of their way to maximize.

Not only does your Snapchat score rise, but it also unlocks trophies for you, somewhat like achievements in a video game. You’ll also gain new emojis through your contact list.

Keeping Score

The only drawback of trying to win the title of “longest Snapchat Streak holder” is that there’s no official, real-time Snapchat scoreboard. However, since people want to brag about their Snapchat points, the information tends to end up on the internet anyway. It’s not too hard to find out the Snap scores that people are bragging about.

The record, naturally, keeps going up!

Longest Snapchat Streak to Date

By doing a little digging on the web, we’ve found the current Snapchat Streak holder: Saya Bulut, from Denmark, who chatted with a Snapchat friend for 743 consecutive days. That’s more than two years! It’s 28 days longer than the previous record. The stats we found can be seen here. The record was posted on April 20, and as of the beginning of May no one has challenged it yet.

So, it looks like if you want to break the current Snapchat streak in order to nab yourself an internet record, you’ll have to Snap with someone for more than 744 days in a row. If this was one of your life goals, you’d better get started today. (As the ancient Chinese proverb goes, “The best time to start a Snapchat streak was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”)

You’ll have to stay on top of your game with this one. Miss one day and that’s it—you’ve got to start over from scratch. The good news is that you can have more than one Snapchat friend who you snap with consistently, so if you mess up with one, you can keep going with another. It’s situations like this where it’s good to have more than one friend. You’ll increase your chances not only by being consistent, but by also by being creative with your Snaps. You’ll see your Snapchat score go up, your trophies increase, and contact emojis added to reward all your Snap work.

So that’s how to get the highest Snapchat Streak and who holds the title—at least for the moment.

Posted by Heather on January 12, 2017

94 thoughts on “Longest Snapchat Streak – May 2017”

James says:
Me and my mate on 648
Tayler says:
I have a streak of 945
Bo Platt says:
Damn bro. U have a world record right there
Lauren Brandle says:
My snapstreak with my boyfriend is 549
Anonymous35 says:
Jajaj lol you people whatever fishsomething…, you said it wrong , you said your streak- nah nah nah. Your SCORE see you made people think and argue because of that dude. Some kid thinks you’ve got inmortality on cheetos. Btw my highest 673 and its of cause my mom took my cellphone. Life sucks. But it’s pretty great
Jade-Angel says:
Me and my boyfriend streak is 874
Dopinder Fishstick says:
I have 3,467,427 was it really hard for you guys to figure that out? Honestly I thought a website such as yours would have a greater level of professionalism to your searches.
LaZyDuDe501 says:
3,000+ years huh, sounds like you have more than a snapstreak to brag about. What is the secret to immortality?
Richard Smallwood says:
Stacey says:
Did they say 3,467,427? Impossible… that would be close to 9,500 years.
macswhale says:
Stacey ur stupid this app wasn’t published long enough for u to have a streak of 3,000,000 plz educate yourself
Mikiah says:
You guys are nerds
Blaze says:
add me on sc
Charlie holt says:
My streaks is on 952
john richards says:
i hate myself
peah says:
no ur awesome u should love urself
Petter grifin says:
My highest is 1,006
Sandrkk says:
I got a potato streak balsam
jane bush says:
trevor says:
Your name should turn gold when you hit 500 day streak
lonely says:
me and my girlfriend have 0 because i dont have a girlfriend 🙁
hi says:
Don’t worry mate she’ll come soon
kaitlin says:
Kevin0256 says:
Kevin Franzi, is a pansy, he gets all the sluts.
But one day he was bad, so the sluts all got sad, and kicked him in the guts.
Day number three, Kevin needed to pee, but the toilet was full of dead babies.
So he got his pet dog, to eat them all up, but then it died of rabies.
Kevin was sad, cos he loved that dog real bad, so he murdered hi entire family.
The end.
Hayden says:
I love that story my favorite nursery rhyme
Charlotte says:
My highest streak is 111 I have several more
Ava says:
my highest streak is 923. I wish I could send a picture, but apparently that is not possible.
pussylicker says:
I got 45
Ella says:
Me and my friend Livs have 344 streak
Dom Dobias says:
I have a 1033 day streak with my mate
Mindy says:
I have a 101 streak with my boyfriend tho I have a 348 day streak with my best friend
Me says:
I have 400 streak beat that!!
Your mom says:
I have 4
Jamal says:
Mines is 642 with my bestie
Moe says:
Me and my friend Alex have 528
Ty says:
i have 969 day streak with my girlfriend
Megan says:
Because that’s not bollocks or anything.
Pablo Escobar Guveria Emilia says:
i hav 428 streak with my bitch. Beat that!
Conor says:
I have 567 days with my girlfriend
Mijx says:
I have 998 day streak today! HA
Lieah says:
Sorta impossible because it was only intodused in 2015
Notawizard says:
I have a 1675 day streakxwith a real wizard
byrd says:
I got 590
Litty says:
I have a 1,287 day streak with my mom
Jew says:
I have 69 streaks of 69 😉
O says:
I have a 3567 with my friend
Rektkr says:
10 year streak boy Snapchat hasn’t been around that long
Gerrard says:
The chances of me getting hit by a bus are higher than all of your snap chat streaks
-_- says:
*hits with bus*
gloria wabaunsee says:
***gets hit by bus***
Lisa meece says:
365 days for my friend!
David Talkma says:
Bros I have 259 and then I lost it because I got my phone taken away. All your 30382 and 2932 snapchat streaks are way overrated like snapchat wasn’t a thing 10 years ago lmao GO FUCK YOURSELF a guys
Linde says:
I have 3 day streak with myself
bryce says:
how do u get a streak with your self
Lucy says:
Really dipper finchstick or whatever you name I’d see if you had a Snapchat score of 3,467,427 you would have been alive for 9,88.8 years and I’m pretty sure the average human could figure that one out so you trying to brag like that got you here in the first place I have a steak of 27 days and I’m not embarrassed after all looks like you just got shown up by a 10 year old
Kaleb says:
Hey so uh he means Snapchat SCORE not how long his streak is. The SCORE like how many points you have. You get one point for sending a snap and one for receiving. Then when u get trophies and stuff u get a certain amount of points from those. He didn’t mean he had a 3 million day streak. Use some common sense.
StatingFacts says:
Dude, you’re dumb, he clearly stated “you guys need more professionalism in your searches because-” he was trying to say that his STREAK, Yes, streak, was 3million, he’s an idiot who meant to try and say that this website doesn’t have the actual record and that his is, he’s the idiot who clearly didn’t realize that a human living 9,500+ years isn’t scientifically possible, and any other people out there saying they have a score of 3,000 or whatever, Snapchat hasn’t been out that long and Streaks was introduced in 2015 so an accurate record atm should be 2 years and counting, like the current record, so atleast tell a believable lie like the smarter people her and say you’ve got a streak around 700, mine is 132 today :/
Boo says:
I got a 187 streak with a villain
maddi says:
my highest is 15 🙂
Bobby says:
932 with my side girl
Alexander says:
Ehhhhm my friends have 600 days today i can showe proof if u want the girls snap names are rinithebest and eddaaathepro they got 600 days today one of them posted it on ig as well
eloa says:
I have a 80 day streak with the taco bell drive thru
Cathie says:
I got an 8 day streak with my bestie, fight me
Cathie says:
I have an 8 day streak with my bestie, smd.
Nigal Noot says:
8 days in the friendzone
Laura Neal says:
465 with my friend!!!
Danredo says:
I have 1,304 about to be 1,305 in 40 minutes
Miguel Sanchez says:
Aye add me on the snap.


John1234 says:
Add me on sc john1697
Casaunnii says:
Add me on Snapchat swagg_dimples10
Dan says:
My highest is 117 but I lose them too often
Ryan says:
l have 1,195 with one of my friends
Lieah says:
That’s very much impossible
Caroline says:
It’s actually possible cause that mean he would have done it for 3.27 years. While it’s unlikely that he has done the streak that long, it is possible cause Snapchat came out in 2008 and so he would of had time.
beastmaster64rachol says:
Me and my friend have 665!!!
Julia J says:
Bitch me and my wifey have 655 days.
isabrllr says:
my highest is 130
susan nugent says:
I have 673 with my bff
ariel says:
i have 574 with my girlfriend
Emily says:
I have a 993 day streaks with my Bestfriend
Jaiden says:
I had a 299 and right when we were gonna hit 300 it ended and it didn’t make sense cause we both sent stuff
Abdullah Al Balushi says:
I only have 987545636734566445 streaks if u all can just type what ever number u what i can too Abood6L9
Anthony Watt says:
Hahahaha I’m Anthony Watt hahahah no way how cool
Tegan says:
I have 1090
Annalise says:
I had a streak of 999 and then I lost a lot of my streaks so then I started to get them again and now my highest streak is 72 which is really low but my highest streak would be 1071 if I didn’t loose all my streaks
Lieah says:
999 one is impossible
Plopkoek123 says:
My highest streak is 4
Kayla says:
Mines is 987 with my bf but follow me on snap: nopedontgetit I follow back
Hannah says:
744 days as of April 19, 2017
jordan says:
my highest streak is 204 with my bestfriend
Maja Anderssson says:
Hello! Me and my friend have 748 days on snapchat. So if don’t believe me i can send a photo!!
Samantha says:
I Have A Streak Of 938 With My Bestie!!We Literally Snap Each Other 30-40 Times A Day!!
Dad says:
My longest streak is 28 lol because I deleted mine but mine was 738 with my friend

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