How To Mirror an Android Phone With the Amazon Firestick TV

Posted by Robert Hayes on May 25, 2019

One lesser-known but powerful feature of the Amazon Fire TV Stick is the ability to mirror a smartphone or tablet screen to your TV screen. This lets you do things like play movies or TV shows from your phone, or have a big-screen video chat, or play games with a giant display. You can mirror the display only, or the display plus the audio. Setting up mirroring is fairly easy, but in this article I will walk you through the entire process.

Activate Mirroring on Your Fire TV

The first step in the process is to activate mirroring on your Fire TV Stick.

Go to your Fire TV menu, hit the Home button, and move right until you reach Settings. Navigate to Display & Sounds, then choose Enable Display Mirroring.

Quick Start Mirroring

Your Amazon Firestick also gives you a quick start option for mirroring. Hold down the Home button on the Firestick remote and choose Mirroring. After you’ve made the selection, connect your Android device to Fire TV. If you wish to stop mirroring, just press any button on the remote.

Once mirroring has been activated, your Fire TV Stick will go into a receptive mode where it is awaiting input from the Android device. It will display a screen like this one:

Your Fire TV Stick will remain in this receptive mode until you press a button on the remote.

Activate Mirroring on Your Phone or Tablet

The next step is to enable Miracast on your phone or tablet. In order to mirror your device to the Fire TV Stick, the device will need to support Miracast. If you have a tablet, phone, or even a desktop computer made after 2012 or so, it should support Miracast natively. Miracast is a wireless protocol that allows sharing of audio and video information between WiFi-enabled devices. However, because every phone maker tends to fork its own versions of the Android operating system, this functionality doesn’t always have the same name on every phone.

Open your device’s settings page and search for one of the following phrases:

  • Miracast
  • Screen mirroring
  • AllShareCast
  • Cast screen
  • Wireless display
  • Wireless mirroring
  • Quick Connect
  • Smart View
  • Screen Sharing

If you aren’t able to find this functionality, then you might check with WiFi Alliance’s device list to make sure that your phone has it.

Once you’ve found the settings page for the screen mirroring functionality, enable the service, and your Fire TV Stick should begin mirroring whatever is on your Android device’s screen.

If your phone has a version of Android prior to 4.2, then it probably doesn’t support Miracast natively. You’re not out of luck, however; there are apps for your Fire TV Stick that will let you mirror from your device.

Mirroring via Third-Party Apps

There are third-party apps that will allow you to mirror from devices that don’t support Miracast. There are a number of apps to choose from, but for this article I will show you how to work with AllCast, as it is one of the most popular and reliable apps and supports many devices.

1. Download the AllCast App on Fire TV

From the Home screen, move left to the search bar and use the onscreen keyboard to enter “Allcast”. Find the AllCast app and install it on your device.

2. Install the AllCast App on Your Android Device

Search the Play Store for the AllCast app and install it on your device.

3. Choose the Media You Want to Mirror

Launch AllCast on your device and on your Fire TV Stick, and it will give you the option to choose the media that you wish to mirror with your Fire TV Stick. You will then have full control over the playback options.


Mirroring the content of your Android device is quite easy, even if your device isn’t Miracast compatible. In addition to the built-in support for Miracast, third-party apps like AllCast will let you cast to your Fire TV Stick from almost any device.

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Can I do this without wifi?
Janet says:
Hi, I am mirroring my Samsung 9+ to my firestick 4k ultra. I pulled Netflix up on my phone and it show everything I’m doing on my phone, on my TV as it should. I push play on a movie and it shows up on both devices. The audio is playing on both devices but the display is only showing on my phone. Black screen on my TV. Can you help me?

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