How To Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts on Your Computer

Posted by Jessie Richardson on May 22, 2019
Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts on Your Computer

Having a Google Drive account makes it easy for you to store, share, and manage your files online. As with all Google features, one Google user can have only one Drive. This means that you’ll have to make another account to gain access to new storage.

Many people have multiple Google accounts – some accounts are personal, some are for business, and you may also want to set up an account for a particular hobby. But what happens if you want to connect these accounts and manage your files together?

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t allow syncing multiple Google Drive accounts. However, there is a way to work around this issue. This article will provide you with a way to manage all your Google Drive file at once.

Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts via Your Internet Account

You can use Google’s share feature to connect different accounts. This means that you have to pick a primary account and open a folder on it.

You can then give all your other accounts access to this folder, which will act as a centerpiece of your Google Drive management. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a primary Google Drive account.
  2. Sign in to another Google account (the one you want to sync from) and go to Google Drive.
  3. Click on the ‘New’ button on the top left side of the screen.
    Sync Google Drive Accounts on Your Computer
  4. Select ‘Folder’ when the dropdown menu appears.
    Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts on Computer
  5. Name this folder anything you want but it will have to be unique to the account you are currently using. For example, “syncing folder [your email address]”.
  6. Drag and drop all the files that you want to share in this folder. If you have some files that do not require syncing, you don’t have to move them here.
    Sync Google Drive Accounts on Computer
  7. Right click on this folder and select “Share”.
    Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts
  8. Type in the email address of your primary Google Drive account. You’ll need to grant permission to organize, read, and write in this folder.
  9. Press ‘Send’.
    Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts on Your Computers
  10. Google will send you an email and ask about permissions.
  11. Open another browser or a private browser window.
  12. Log in to your primary account
  13. Open the email from Google.
  14. Select ‘Open’, then select the ‘Shared with me’ folder.
  15. Right click on the folder.
  16. Select “Add to my drive”.
    Computer Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts

The synced folder will now appear on your drive on your primary account. To access it, press “My Drive” on the left side of the Google Drive home page.
Sync Google Drive Accounts

When you create a folder and share it for the first time, you can add multiple accounts to it. Repeat the above process, and in step 8, enter the email addresses of all the accounts you want to sync with the folder with. Then do steps 8-16 for each account that you want to sync the folder with.

Now your multiple Google Drive accounts will have access to this folder. You can then manage all the content inside the folder from whichever account you want. Use your primary account to access any of the folders you shared.

Merging Multiple Accounts Using Google Drive Backup and Sync

If you’ve installed the Google Drive Backup and Sync app, you can use a similar process to manage files from multiple accounts. To do this, you should:

  1. Open Backup and Sync
  2. Click “More” (three vertical dots)
  3. Select “Preferences”
  4. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  5. Click on “Disconnect Account”.
  6. Press OK when prompted.
  7. Sign in to another Google Drive account (not the primary one).
  8. Select the folders that you want to backup and sync to your Drive account.
  9. If you want to sync everything from your computer, check “Sync my drive to this computer”. If you want a particular folder, check it individually.
  10. Hit “Next”.
  11. Select “Continue” to link the new files and folders with the Google Drive folder that you have on your desktop.

This will make one big Google Drive folder on your desktop with both old and new files. However, since you disconnected your main account, you won’t be able to add or remove files from this new folder.

So, instead of syncing devices, this will just merge everything into one big Drive folder. You can then manage it from your desktop.

Until the Feature Arrives, Work Around the Issue

The closest you can get to syncing multiple accounts is sharing a folder. This is not exactly the same, but it will help you to manage files in one space from different accounts.

The other method can help you collect all the files into one place, but you will only be able to manage it from your computer. But until Google Drive officially allows users to sync multiple Google Drive accounts, these workarounds are the best option.

One thought on “How To Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts on Your Computer”

Art says:
What if one has two different gmail addresses. Can you have a Google drive for each of these accounts on the same computer (ie, folders and files for both synched to one’s hard drive on the computer) ?
Steve says:
Hi, i think you can , 1st need to make Windows/IOS login Users by name of Google Drive , then you can sign in each windows/ios user account with different google drive id’s and can able to sync as many account you want on your pc. Thanks

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