How To Delete All Junk Mail in Gmail

Posted by Arch on November 26, 2018

For a while there, Gmail didn’t offer many options when it came to deleting multiple emails. Everything had to be done manually as there were no provisions for sorting emails or marking emails not shown on the first page of a folder.

Fast forward to these days, cleaning house in Gmail is very easy. You still have to tend to some folders yourself, but the others are already being cleaned on a regular basis by Gmail. Have a look at what you can do to organize your inbox.

Delete Spam from Browser

To access the Spam folder in Gmail, you have to expand the list of categories. By default, Gmail will delete all emails in this folder that are older than 30 days. However, depending on how many websites you’ve visited or registered on, you can get hundreds of spam emails per day.

If you want to remove all of them, you can do exactly that. Under the search box, you’ll find a button titled ‘Delete all spam messages now’. Click it and confirm your action by pressing OK.

Delete Trash from Browser

The Trash folder is usually right under the Spam folder. This folder gets the same Gmail treatment as the Spam folder. Once an email becomes older than 30 days, it is automatically removed. If you have too many, you can do the same thing as for the Spam folder and choose to delete all of them at the same time.

Empty Junk Folder on iOS Device

What if you’re using the iOS Mail app? – The process is somewhat similar with one exception. You can’t remove all emails at the same time.

  1. Open the Mail app
  2. Look at the Gmail folders
  3. Select Junk or Trash
  4. Tap Edit
  5. Check every email that you want to remove by tapping on the circle next to the email
  6. For the latest version, swipe left all the way and that email will be deleted

Empty Spam Folder on Android

Whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone, Gmail allows you to empty the Spam and Trash folders with ease.

  1. Launch Gmail app
  2. Tap the options button
  3. Tap Spam
  4. Tap ‘Empty Spam Now’
  5. Tap Empty to confirm your action

How to Delete Multiple Emails in Other Folders

  1. Log into your Gmail account
  2. Browse through the list of folders in the left panel
  3. Open a folder
  4. Click on the selection tool underneath the search box
  5. Press the thrash can button

When you do this, you will delete all the emails that are shown on the current page. In the newest Gmail app, you can also select all emails in a folder. After you make the standard selection, a message will appear giving you the option to select all the emails. It’s on the notification bar above the inbox.

Click that and then click the thrash can button to delete all emails in the folder. Note that if you do this, your emails won’t be moved to the trash folder. They will be permanently deleted.

When you do decide to delete emails in bulk, you’re not obligated to remove all or none. You do have some choices. You can choose to delete only read, unread, starred, or unstarred emails.

Another Way to Remove the Clutter

So the Spam and Trash folders get cleaned up occasionally by default. But what about the other folders? Is there a way to keep the annoying emails away without having to delete them in bulk manually? – Yes.

You can set up a filter in Gmail that deletes incoming emails based on specific keywords in the title or if it has attachments. You can also choose to delete emails from a particular sender.

  1. Log into your Gmail account
  2. Click on the settings button
  3. Select the Filters tab
  4. Select ‘Create new filter’
  5. Make your selection and input the keywords
  6. Click ‘Create filter with this search’
  7. Select ‘Delete it’
  8. Click ‘Create filter’
  9. Select ‘Also apply filter to matching messages’

This comes in handy for those who receive a lot of spam or bulk emails.

A Final Thought

It’s no wonder that Gmail is the most popular email service provider. Not only is it free but it also has a wide array of sorting features so that you can organize your inbox in any way you want.

Deleting emails or preventing emails from unwanted senders has never been easier. Although you’re still required to perform some manual selections if you’re not targeting the Spam and Trash folders, you’re still able to delete thousands of emails with one action instead of repeating the selection process on every page.

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