How To Delete Your Gmail Address Permanently [October 2020]

Gmail’s collaboration tools and integration with other Google products make it the easy choice for most people when it comes to picking a go-to email service. 

Signing up for a Gmail account is quick and easy, and many people have more than one Gmail address for one reason or another. In any case, you might find yourself with one too many Gmail accounts.

To simplify your life, you might decide to delete a Gmail account, and this is how you can do it.

How to Delete Your Gmail Address

Deleting a Gmail account is about as easy as signing up for one, but you’ll need to follow the steps carefully if you don’t want to delete your entire Google account.

First, log out of any other Google or Gmail accounts that you might be logged in within your web browser. This is an important safety precaution to avoid deleting the wrong account.

Second, you need to log in to the Google account that has the specific Gmail account you want to delete. To do that open a web browser and navigate to and then click on login in the upper right side of the browser

Step 1

Go to and login if you haven’t already. You’ll see a “Welcome, Your Name” at the top of the Google account management page.

Gmail Delete

Step 2

On the Google Account Management page, click on Data & Personalization in the left-hand navigation menu.

Download Gmail Data

Step 3

If you want, you can download your data before you delete your Gmail account so that you don’t lose anything important. Or, if you don’t need to save your data, you can just click on Delete a service or your account. 

If you want to keep the account but delete your contact list, read How To Delete All Google Gmail Contacts.

Next, Google will present you with the options again. If you’re ready to delete your Gmail account, click on Delete a Google Service. 

Once you click on Delete a Google service, you’ll be prompted for your password, and depending on your security settings, you may have to enter a verification code.

The next screen will show you a list of the Google services you have associated with this Google account, such as Gmail and YouTube, with a trash can icon to the right of each service.

Services to Delete

Final step

Next, click on the trash can icon to delete your Gmail account. Google may ask you to verify your identity with another Google verification text.

You’ll be asked to provide a different non-Google email address before you can proceed. This non-Gmail address is for signing in to other Google services like Google Play, Docs, or Calendar.

Enter the non-Gmail email address then click Send Verification Email.

verification email

Check your alternate email and open the verification message from Gmail. Click on the link to continue with removing your Gmail address. This step is important. Your Gmail address won’t be deleted until you click on the link.

Note: Before you delete Gmail, you can download your emails by click on the “Download Data” link on the top of the Google services list. You can choose to download all emails or select specific labels. The downloaded file will be in MBOX format and can be opened by connecting an active Gmail account with an email client like Thunderbird. 

Finally, click “Remove Gmail” as the last step. Note that deleting your Gmail address will not free up your Google/Gmail username.

Next Steps

You can not sign up for Gmail with the same username in the future. Since a Gmail address is also connected to a Google account, deleting it will not delete any data from other Google services like YouTube, Google Search history, and Google Drive. If you did not download your emails from the account, all of your emails will be inaccessible.

The next thing to do after deleting a Gmail address is to update any document that might have that email address. This might include business cards, resumes, your website’s contact info, and other places where you gave that email address as a way to contact you should now be updated.

Frequently Asked Questions

At TechJunkie we get a lot of questions about using Gmail and other Google services.

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about using, creating, and deleting Gmail accounts.

Can I delete my Gmail and still keep my Google Docs?

Yes, the instructions above are for your Gmail account only. You can still access your Google docs and saved Google Suite data.

Is Gmail secure?

As with most technology, Gmail’s security depends on the user. Setting up two-factor authentication, updating your password regularly, and keeping the contact information up-to-date are steps you need to take to insure your Gmail is secure.

What happens when someone sends me an email after I delete my account?

The sender will receive a reply email stating that the message is undeliverable. It does not explain why the email wasn’t sent.

What if I use my Gmail for logging into other sites?

Before you delete your email, make sure that you update your email address on all of your accounts it’s tied to. You will have to go to each site and update the contact information.

Final Thoughts

Inactive email accounts are prime targets for hackers and it invites the risk of getting your personal information stolen.

As such, if you’re not using a particular Gmail address, then it’s in your best interest to properly delete it rather than have it open to hacking. 

Fortunately, by following the steps outlined above, you can quickly and easily delete any old and forgotten Gmail addresses.

6 thoughts on “How To Delete Your Gmail Address Permanently [October 2020]”

Avatar JS Wonak says:
Will following this procedure delete my Gmail accounts. I have 5 Gmail accounts I’ve accumulated over the years. I want to get rid of 3 of them & keep the other 2. Can I do this for those 3 without deleting the others?
Avatar JS Wonak says:
Does deleting 1 address delete your Gmail account entirely? I have 5 addresses that I’ve accumulated over the years. I only use 2 now, so I’d like to delete the other 3. I don’t want to delete the other 2. Would following this process delete everything?
Avatar eric says:
Will this affect Google Photos in anyway?
Avatar Teresa Johnson says:
What do you do when your ENTIRE Google account was hacked and now someone has access to your account with a new password, along with your gmail accounts and they changed the passwords to those also? These were NOT inactive accounts! I was using these accounts and they were connected to my bank at the time, to my retirement information, and other important accounts of the same accord. I instantly changed the emails on those accounts, however they still have access to them. I have narrowed down who it is but have no proof of it. So how do you go about regaining control of those accounts so I can see what emails are still going to them and then I can delete the emails altogether.
Avatar Teresa says:
Does anyone have ANY IDEAS as to what I can do regarding the above post I left? Help?
Avatar Jerry Hunsinger says:
My advice would be erase them of them andt
up the ones yalater ñ
Avatar Jennifer Stanley says:
What happens after I follow this and delete an email account when someone sends me an email? Will it bounce back to them as undeliverable?
Avatar Alexis says:
Yes, but at first it will appear the email was delivered, but they will soon get a reply that the email failed to delivered
Avatar Robert Knazik says:
The problem is I don’t have another non-gmail address. I have three gmail addresses and want to delete only one. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do this without deleting the entire account unless I have some other non-gmail address to use.
Avatar Anonymous says:
Try putting one of your other gmail addresses and see if it workd

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