Best Snapchat Saver Apps

Best Snapchat Saver Apps

Snapchat is meant to function as a here now gone later photo and video application.  You can take and send snap photos and videos to friends or post them to your Snapchat Story.  They aren’t meant to linger around longer than the time you view them in a message or more than 24 hours in a snap story.

Sometimes, though, don’t you just want to save a picture or video clip so; you can look at whenever you want?  Well then, you’re going to want to keep reading.  Go ahead, browse through our list of Snapchat saver applications we’ve come up with for you.

Screenshot Snap

Screenshot snap

This is a screen capture and recording application that’s available in the Google Play Store.  Just download and then, open the Screenshot Snap application.  An icon sits in your notification bar on your Android device.  You’ll have to either enable capture or record screen then, open Snapchat and grab the photos or videos that get saved to your mobile device.  They get stored in the Screenshot Snap app.



You can get and download SnapCrack in the Apple app store from your iPhone.  The app lets you upload snaps and videos from the camera roll on your iPhone.  You’re also able to add emoji, filters, stickers and anything else you’d like.  In addition to those features, you can also save snaps sent by your Snapchat friends.  It’s very easy to use and all you have to do is log in with your Snapchat username and password.  That’ll connect you directly to your Snapchat account.

There used to be a whole slew of applications for Android and iOS that could save Snapchat snaps and videos.  However, it appears that most of them have gotten removed from both Google Play and Apples App Store.  Perhaps both Google and Apple feel that saving someone else’s Snaps is unethical, we’re not really sure.  It’s not like they issue a reason why an app has become unavailable.

If you’re trying to save someone else snaps because they are funny or it was an epic shot then, you can still do that through your Android or iOS device.

Screenshot on Android

Log into your Snapchat application.  Then, you open the persons snap that you want to saved to your device.  You’ll have the opportunity to screenshot it and it’ll get saved to your mobile device in the gallery on Android.

Keep in mind that you only have the amount of time the snap is displayed on your screen to get the screenshot.  So, be ready.  Follow these steps to take a screenshot from your Android device.  It may vary depending on which Android device you’re using.  In the example, we’ve used a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

  • Go to the snap that you’re a Snapchat friend has sent you.  Optionally you may go to a Snapchat Story and screenshot a snap there as well.
  • When the snap that you’d like to capture is on your mobile display, hold down the power button and the home button.  If you’ve successfully taken a screenshot, you’ll hear the sound of the camera’s shutter button.  You’ll also see a notification when swiping down the notification shade from the top of your device.

Be aware that the person whose snap you’ve screenshotted is alerted to that fact.  As long as it’s nothing scandalous, I’m sure they won’t mind.  If you’ve got an iOS device then, read on to find out how to screenshot from it.

Screenshot on iPhone

You’ll follow the same set of steps we’ve outlined above as far as logging into your Snapchat application.  When you’ve gotten to the snap you want to screenshot and have done so successfully, it’ll then get saved to photos on your iPhone.

The same advice applies here.  You only have the amount of time that a snap is displayed to grab the screenshot with your device.  Keep reading to find out how you can screenshot on your iPhone.

  • Go to the snap that you’re a Snapchat friend has sent you.  Optionally you may go to a Snapchat Story and screenshot a snap there as well.
  • When you’ve found the snap that you’ll screenshot and it appears on your iPhone’s display, hold down the power button (also, know as the sleep/wake button) and the home button.  You’ll hear the shutter sound of your iPhone camera and see it quickly take the screenshot.  Navigate to Photos and you’ll find the screenshot has gotten saved there.

The same rule applies here as it does on Android.  The person on Snapchat knows you’ve screenshotted their snap.  Once again, I’m sure they won’t mind as long as your not using it to blackmail them or anything devious.

There you go.  We’ve given you two applications that we know work on an Android and an iOS smartphone as Snapchat savers.  You can now also take screenshots not just in Snapchat but of anything you need to capture from your mobile phone or devices display.  It’ll then, get securely saved to your device in the photo application associated with your Android or iPhone smartphone.

If you’d rather not have a person know that you’re screenshotting their snaps then, you’ll want to check out our guide on doing that.  You can find that right here.


Posted by Heather on December 6, 2016

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