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How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn

How to Add Your Resume to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that allows you to connect with other professionals, showcase your skills, and find job opportunities. Given that potential recruiters will go through your LinkedIn profile, you should add your resume


Attach File Google Drive Outlook

How to Attach Files From Google Drive in Outlook

Microsoft and Google services typically do not integrate well with each other. Fortunately, with Outlook and Google suite of productivity apps like Docs, both tech giants decided to play nice. Thanks to this, you can


Google Docs: How to Add Footnotes

Footnotes can be a blessing if you write academic papers or are into technical writing. In Google Docs, you can use footnotes to provide context, cite references, or even provide links to sources without disrupting

How to Add Footnotes to Google Docs
Instagram on PC desktop

Download Instagram for Your Windows PC Desktop

Instagram is a great app for sharing photos, and we believe it is the best. While it is excellent to use on your phone, sometimes it would be nice to view pictures on a larger


How to Migrate from Outlook to Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a must-have productivity and collaboration tool for businesses, offering a wide array of features. Microsoft has its own alternative in Outlook, but it is not as sophisticated as Google's offering.

Send Message To Private Account

How to Message a Private Instagram Account

Keeping your account private on Instagram provides an extra layer of privacy to your online...

Fake Tinder Profile

How to Fake a Tinder Profile

At times, impersonation is needed, especially when it comes to close relationships. Tinder is one...

generic snapchat pic

How To Tell When Someone Was Last Active on Snapchat

Snapchat is probably the most privacy-friendly social media platform out there. While you can...

How to See Olders Snaps in Snapchat

How to View Old Snaps on Snapchat

Snapchat is great for ephemeral, private, one-on-one interaction. Unlike other social media platforms,...

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Netflix app on TV and phone

How to Cast to Roku TV from Android

While Roku TV and streaming devices allow you to access almost every popular streaming app, there are some services and applications that Roku doesn't natively support. For instance, viewing family vacation photos together in...

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Find If Somone Blocked You On VIber

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You on Viber

Is someone not responding to your Viber messages? Are they not picking up your calls? Like many other messaging apps, Viber has several privacy features, including the ability to block anyone you do not want...


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