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Hello, fellow TechJunkie. Welcome to the club.

Some people call us nerds, dorks, geeks, and gearheads — but we’re really all just TechJunkies at heart. And we’re glad you found your way to our site.

Our Story

Founded in 2016 as an independent, online destination for the best of technology and how-to computer, mobile, and tech content, TechJunkie was creating with the goal of creating a premiere destination with deep insights and expert reviews across the streaming, smart home, PC, and mobile technologies categories.

With the backing of Box 20’s team of PC power users, and mobile phone fanatics, cord cutting crusaders, Mac masters, and deal hunters, TechJunkie is  dedicated to creating information and educational content covering the best of technology products, iPhone and Android apps, streaming services, computer software, and VPNs. And if you’re looking for a deal, our buying guides have you more than covered.

Quality is a Core Value

At TechJunkie, every article we publish is thoroughly vetted — but it’s not just forgotten about. In addition to exhausting testing for accuracy when it’s first published, every article is reviewed on a rolling basis for accuracy, updates, screenshot review, and cross-device compatibility.

We are Free to Access, User-Supported, and Paywall Free is free for users around the world, and we’re grateful to our users who share our content and articles on social media channels to further expand the reach of TechJunkie — and help us keep away the paywalls and paid subscription requirements, unlike some of our competitors, who shall not be named.

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