Best Twitter Desktop Client for Mac and Windows 2016


Upon searching the Internet for Twitter clients in the past, I’ve not been able to find any that suit the needs or wants I had in mind. So, I’ve usually just gone to the Twitter Web page and done tasks from there—until now.

These two Twitter desktop clients are simple to use and get the job done.


Tweetbot is the first, a Twitter desktop client for Mac—though I did pay $9.99, it’s worth it. It sits on your desktop in half-screen mode, or expands to full-screen mode if you’d like. You can also minimize it or keep it running in the background. The Tweetbot icon shows in your Mac’s menu bar at the top of your screen.

Tweetbot App

  • You’ll see your Twitter account picture in the left-hand panel. Your timeline is first on the list and shown with the talk bubble icon. All your Twitter pals’ tweets display in real time in the main panel of Tweetbot.

Tweetbot Timeline

  • The “@” symbol displays all the tweets where you get mentioned. Click on it to have those shown in the main window of Tweetbot. You can like, retweet, and respond.
  • Third down the list is the envelope icon, which, if clicked on, displays all your messages from Twitter. Read and respond as you will.
  • The icon that looks like a heart rate monitor symbol informs you of your recent activity on Twitter.
  • Fifth down the list is the search icon, which you can use to search Twitter, and browse trends and people.
  • The heart symbol shows all your Twitter likes.
  • Clicking on the person icon shows your Twitter account page in the Tweetbot window.
  • The symbol of lines that resemble a page are the lists you’ve created with Twitter categories for followers.
  • The talk icon with an x in the middle is used for muting filters.

When you see a blue dot near any of the icons in the left-hand panel, it means there’s new activity.

At the very bottom of the left panel, you will see a symbol that shows three columns. Here you can open new individual lists, searches, columns, and windows.


Overall, this is the best Twitter client for Mac desktop use. Check it out at the Mac App store.


Windows 10 offers the free Twitter desktop app, but I’ve found Tweetium to be the best Twitter app available in the Microsoft app store.

Tweetium can be snapped into part of your screen to keep it within view or it can be minimized while you’re doing something else. I downloaded the free trial version; the paid version is only $2.99, which I’ll no doubt pay once my free trial is up.

Tweetium App

The setup with Tweetium is simple. The menu on Tweetium is along the top. You can customize the look of Tweetium in the settings, which I’ll cover shortly.

The menu along the top displays “Timeline,” “Connect,” “Messages,” “Trending,” “Me,” and an arrow pointing downward.

Tweetium Menu

  • Clicking on “Timeline” shows the tweets in your Twitter feed.
  • Going to “Connect” shows the mentions of you by others on Twitter.
  • “Messages” displays all your private direct messages from Twitter accounts.
  • “Trending” shows local (when you have location enabled) and worldwide trends at the moment.
  • Clicking on “Me” shows your Twitter account page and your tweets.
  • The down arrow, when clicked, will show your Twitter lists—click on it again to hide your lists.

On the right-hand side of Tweetium, clicking on the pencil icon allows you to write something you want to tweet.  You also have the option to tweet a picture or video and take a live photo with the camera icon in the lower left of your tweet box.

Right side Menu

The search icon does just that—lets you search Twitter.

The three small dots, when clicked on, will open a selection box. The options there are “New Window,” “Go to Last Read,” “Force Refresh,” “Column View,” and “Settings for the Tweetium App.”

Within Settings for Tweetium, you have choices for “Personalization,” “Preferences,” “Notifications,” “Advanced Options,” “Accounts,” “Tweetium Pro,” and “About” Tweetium.

Tweetium Settings

Tweetium is simple, yet very useful for most Twitter users’ needs. (Note: If you have multiple Twitter accounts, you’ll need to purchase the Pro version of Tweetium.)

There you have it—the two best Twitter desktop clients for Mac and Windows in 2016.

Posted by Heather on June 3, 2016

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