Best Twitter Desktop Clients for Mac and Windows 2017

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When it comes to social networks, Twitter is one-of-a-kind. One part blog, one part social network, with a bit of news thrown in for good measure make it one of our very favorite apps for exploring in our free time. Twitter’s full of memes, in-jokes, and popular posts, where overnight anyone can spiral into viral popularity. It’s a great way to organize your thoughts, promote your art, or anything else. And while Twitter has one of the steepest learning curves for any social network we’ve used in the past decade, it can also be incredibly rewarding, with tight-knit communities and fan-creator interactions you won’t see anywhere else.

Though Twitter’s become a bit less hospitable to third-party clients in recent years, with limitations on adding certain features and only allowing a specific number of tokens per application for each users, using these third-party apps are still a great way to browse, peruse, and post to your favorite social network. While most users will probably rely on the basic website for their desktop or laptop browsing habits, there are a number of great apps for both Windows and Mac that are worth checking out, loaded with features, brand new settings and fantastic designs. These might not replace the website or standard mobile apps on iOS and Android, but they’re worth checking out and keeping on your laptop for when you’re bored at work or school.

Let’s take a look at our favorite Twitter apps for both Windows and MacOS.

One thought on “Best Twitter Desktop Clients for Mac and Windows 2017”

Avatar Cheryl says:
I’m trying to find a good Twitter program, one that follows, unfollows, can ban certain words, can find certain topics/people interested in topics. It seems from what I’ve read so far that Twitter shuts down some of the good programs.

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