How To Change Your Location in Bumble

Posted by Jamie on January 5, 2019

If you’re using Bumble for dating or to meet friends, you’re limited to matching with people in your local city. But what if you want to match with people from farther away? Well, officially Bumble won’t let you do that…but unofficially there are at least a couple of ways. In this article I’ll show you how you can change your location in Bumble so that you can find new matches anywhere in the world.

Bumble has two basic ways of finding out where you are. It can automatically use your phone’s GPS location to update the app with your geographic area, or you can set the location manually (after a fashion).

Bumble Geolocation

Like many smartphone apps, Bumble can tap your phone’s GPS location data to figure out where you are, and then offer matches in your current location. This can both work for you and against you. In the process of writing this article, I was traveling between cities, and took the opportunity to test how Bumble would react to my wanderings.

I enabled geolocation in Bumble and used it in my home city for a while. All matches appeared within the distance limit of 25 miles that I had set. I then traveled to another cities over 300 miles away. After restarting Bumble, it picked up my new location and began showing me matches within 25 miles of my current location.

All well and good you might say. Not so much. Once I got back home I restarted Bumble so it would pick up the fact that I was in a different place. It did change location but for a few days, it still showed matches from the other city as well as from my home town. After a few days had passed, the “foreign” profiles disappeared from my card stack.

Change location in Bumble

Unfortunately, Bumble does not allow you to configure a location directly through settings or your profile. Instead, you have to game the system a bit.

The easiest way to change your location in Bumble is to leave geolocation enabled, travel to where you want to appear and turn off geolocation. (OK, maybe “easiest” isn’t the right word here.) This will keep your current location as the selection criteria until you switch off your phone or turn off the Bumble app. For a while, Bumble will keep your last known position as the location. When you reset your phone or the app Bumble will try to find out where you are. If GPS is turned off, it may use your IP address to try to figure out where you are.

Bumble’s privacy rules say:

‘You can control your location information settings in your Account settings and switch them off if you really want to! Even if you have disabled location services, we may still determine your city, state, and country location based on your IP address (but not your exact location).’

So turning off geolocation isn’t an exact science. There are other ways to change location in Bumble. You could use a VPN or a fake GPS app.

Using VPN to change location in Bumble

There are lots of VPN services out there that work on a smartphone. Using one with a specific exit city is a good way to fake your location. Choose a VPN that has an exit node in the city you want to appear in, install it onto your phone, connect to it and then start Bumble. Turn off geolocation within the app and let it figure out where you are from the IP address.

This isn’t bulletproof either but works for more than just faking a location. It also keeps your traffic secure and enhances privacy too.

Use a location faking app to change location in Bumble

There are specialist apps for both Android and iOS that can fake your location quite convincingly. Some apps work better than others and none of them seem universal in their application. Some apps work fine on WhatsApp but not on Facebook or Instagram. Others work fine on Bumble but not on Tinder or other apps.

It will be a matter of trial and error to find out what app works for you. A couple to try include Fake GPS location and Fake GPS for Android and Fake gps for iOS. Each works reasonably well and can fool some apps into thinking you are somewhere else completely.

Location-based services can work for you and against you. Bumble’s location service seems competent and accurate but for those circumstances where you want to see matches from elsewhere, you need a little ingenuity. I hope these tricks above help.

3 thoughts on “How To Change Your Location in Bumble”

Todd says:
I find the “automatic” location extremely annoying. I have a small radius set for matching (I live in a congested city, where traveling 10 miles could take an hour. I’m also a grown-up and I’m not likely to move). People commuting through or visiting my city show up as matches–then I find they live impossibly far away.

This “feature” could potentially be DANGEROUS. Say you contact someone who turns out to be a stalker type; they can monitor your location. “You said you live in Beverly Hills, but the last three nights Bumble says you were in Santa Monica–WHO ARE YOU BANGING IN SANTA MONICA????”

MK says:
Bumble goes on about it’s safety for women but I just experienced a jarring situation where a match knew exactly where I was. I felt creeped and almost stalked because he was monitoring where I was using the distance display. One should have to option to turn off real time location and just list your hometown.
Kinzy says:
Were you able to figure out how to enable just your home town? I need that ability as well.
Rich says:
Bumble is ridiculous in how it detects your location. I want to find matches near my home town. I sont care about matches while I am on vacation200 miles away! Stupid!
Amanda says:
Thanks for info … could you tell me how to reset since when I got on for the first time I swiped left on the people close and now have no local matches … tried reinstalling app and reinstalling on Facebook with no significant change. Do I have to let it expire and then start again in a few weeks? Thanks

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