How To Edit an Instagram Story After Posting

Posted by Arch on July 19, 2019
Edit Story After Posting Insagram

Everyone knows that once you add a photo to a story on Instagram, there’s no way to edit it anymore. You can’t change the colors, add filters, add stickers, change geolocation data, or anything else along those lines. However, stories can still be edited even after posting, as long as you change things other than the photo.

Story Settings

The first thing you can do after posting a story on Instagram is to access the settings menu and play with the options available there.

Most of those options refer to levels of access on certain actions you or others can take with your story. For example, you can choose to hide your story from your followers or certain friends, after you’ve posted it.

You can also change whether or not your story is still shareable. Another thing you can do is disable the reply function for a story, even if you’ve already uploaded it to Instagram.

story menu

To access the story settings menu, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your profile page
  2. Tap on the story icon
  3. Tap on Story Settings

From there, you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to find all the available options.

story settings

The first part of the menu allows you to choose who can reply and view your story. The second part of the menu gives you save options and sharing options.

You might want to allow message replies to everyone if you’re hoping to get the attention of as many people as possible (followers, friends, friends of friends, and so on). Additionally, consider saving your story to the archive to avoid losing any of the photos or videos.

story setting

It’s also best to allow sharing. When sharing is enabled, followers and friends will be able to share pics, videos, and gifs or mini-videos, to others in the form of messages.

If you allow resharing, then others can share your entire story in their stories. Don’t worry, no one else other than you will get credit since your username should be featured on their post.

Editing Highlights

Although you can’t make any adjustments to videos or photos after posting them, you can play around with your story’s highlights.

new highlight

For example, you can add a new highlight whenever you want.

  1. Tap the Highlights icon
  2. Type in a title or description for your new highlight
    add new highlight
  3. Tap Add
    added highlight

Once your new highlight appears on your profile page, you can tap the highlight and edit it. The only things that you will be able to change will be the title and cover photo. Anything else is disabled for already posted highlights, just as it is with stories.

Quick Note on Captions

You may have noticed that you can edit captions for your existing posts. While that may be true, editing captions on photos and videos that you’ve added to your story is not possible.

There’s no edit button or edit option in the menu when you select a picture or video from a story. You can either adjust the privacy settings or choose to delete individual photos and videos from the story.

Any other modifications should be made before posting. Of course, you can choose to delete a photo, edit it, apply filters, add captions, and then upload it to your story again. However, it will be listed as the most recently added element of your story, so you can’t do it unnoticed. If the order of your photos was important, this option won’t do you much good.

How Often Do You Add to Your Story?

Editing stories after posting them on Instagram can be annoying or even embarrassing. That’s why it’s important to not rush anything and take your time before posting.

What kinds of stories do you enjoy posting the most? Have you ever had to urgently go back and change some settings or delete a part of a story? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Katht says:
If I post a story to my close friends and then want to change it to different privacy setting (like all my friends) afterwards it looks like this isn’t possible?

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