How To Hide your Location in Tinder

Posted by Jamie on November 10, 2019

Tinder shouldn’t need an introduction. It’s the app that has changed dating forever for anyone under 40 and has spawned dozens of competitors all vying for the same users. It’s a decent app that does a credible job of finding you dates. One question comes up a lot when we discuss the app and that’s about whether you can hide your location on Tinder.

How does Tinder know your Location?

Tinder knows your location by using your GPS signal from your phone. This means that whenever you open the app, your location will change. If you don’t open Tinder, the app can’t access your location. Every time your GPS changes location (say, when you’re on vacation), you’ll get way more matches than you normally do because Tinder boosts “new users” or users new to the area.

Tinder also uses your wifi to determine your location as well, so it’s difficult to spoof your GPS.

Can you Fake your Location on Tinder?

The answer is no, you cannot hide your location on Tinder. It is a location-based app that uses distance and geography to sort your potential matches. If you turn GPS on, it uses your phone’s location to pinpoint where you are. If you turn your GPS off, it uses what cellular information it can gather. Presumably, if you’re on WiFi, it will use that too.

You can spoof your location by using a GPS spoofing app. Some still work while others don’t.

So if you want to hide your Tinder activities from someone, travel a lot or want to search other than where you are, how do you do it?

Change your location with Tinder Passport

While there is a free version of Tinder, you can purchase an upgraded version called Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. This subscription will cost you $9.99 a month and will come with Tinder Passport among other features.

Tinder Passport allows you to change your location whenever you need to. You can manually set a location to appear in that local search and look for matches in that area. If you’re a subscriber, you don’t need to fake your location as Passport does it for you.

To subscribe to Tinder, open the app, select Settings, Get Tinder Plus or Gold. Then pay your money and enjoy the new features.

Changing your location with Tinder Passport is simple:

  1. Select your profile from within Tinder.
  2. Select Settings and Swiping In or Location depending on your phone.
  3. Select Add a New Location.
  4. Change your location to the desired spot.
  5. Select Don’t Show My Distance if appropriate.

While the location selection process is simple, it isn’t quite as straightforward as Tinder makes out. It can take up to 24 hours to appear in a new location’s search, so if you’re only away for a day, you need to plan carefully if you want to find a local date.

Selecting “Don’t Show My Distance” may help you get a match in some circumstances. If you’re at home and want to see where Tinder users are around the world, even if you change your search location, your home location will remain. So if you’re in Dallas and are searching in Toronto, it will say you are a thousand miles away. Anyone you swipe is going to know you’re using Passport and merely browsing and is unlikely to swipe back.

If you travel for work or pleasure and want to find local dates in the cities you visit, you don’t need to select “Don’t Show My Distance.” If you have GPS running on your phone, Tinder will pick up where you are and should show the actual distance between you and your match. I have only tried this a couple of times but seemed to work fine.

That delay is worth remembering though. You may need to wait at least 24 hours to appear in local searches before your profile begins appearing in your new location. You should see local matches instantly though and be able to swipe as normal. If you swipe right, that match will be able to see your location regardless of whether your location has updated or not but the distance may be reported inaccurately.

How do you Spoof your Location on Tinder?

I covered changing your location on Tinder before on TechJunkie and users have had mixed results with the options. Some of the fake GPS apps no longer seem to work after recent Tinder updates while they worked fine for others. I would say that they are worth trying but are not guaranteed.

I tested a few fake GPS apps when writing Tinder tutorials and they mostly worked. Tinder hasn’t updated its services so that other GPS spoofing apps will work, unfortunately. As these apps are a bit of fun and work on more than just Tinder, they are worth trying anyway.

Otherwise, it’s Tinder Passport all the way to change your location!

Can you set Tinder to Private?

Yes, it’s possible to set your Tinder to private, but you have to buy that privilege. Tinder Plus lets you hide your profile from every Tinder user and your profile will only show up on people you’ve swiped right on. This way, you don’t have to worry about your friends seeing your profile, and you don’t have to worry about strangers knowing your general location until you swipe right.

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You cannot hide your location on Tinder but you can change it. Got any other reliable ways to change or fake your location on the app? Tell us below if you do!

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