How To Rematch in Bumble

Posted by Jamie on January 18, 2019

Did you accidentally swipe left in Bumble when you meant to swipe right? It’s a common problem with dating apps that require snap decisions that we often make without giving them the level of attention they probably need. Never fear, though; you can change your mind if you like. Here is how to rematch in Bumble.

Bumble is a dating app with a key difference. You still have profiles, still share images, still link to social media, and still swipe left or right. The main difference is that women have all the power. Only women can initiate contact using the app. It is a small but crucial difference and one I happen to think will make all the difference, even though I am a guy.

The intent is to clean up the online dating game and to avoid many of the problems a lot of dating platforms have. We have all come across them. Men who are either desperate, dumb, or don’t have a clue. Who can’t take ‘no’ for an answer, who think uninvited naked pictures will attract beautiful women, or who think women want to be talked to as if they were trash or subject to the man’s whim. We hear about it all the time and shrug as if it’s just an unfortunate necessity to online dating, but Bumble is actually doing something about it.

From a woman’s perspective, having the power can be refreshing. As a guy, women having the power works in my favor, too. More women are likely to use a dating app they are comfortable with. More women are likely to use a dating app where they are not exposed to the kinds of men listed above and many more women will be much more engaged with a higher quality audience. That all works in my favor, as well as the women who use Bumble.

Rematching in Bumble

We have all been there. Using a dating app and checking out new profiles or people near us. We are happily swiping left or right depending on what we see. Suddenly we lose concentration, the phone goes off, someone says something or distracts us, or we zone out, and suddenly what looks like the perfect match has just slid to the left. However, rematching in Bumble offers a real advantage.

Despite being a bit different, Bumble uses a very similar system to Tinder. You create your profile card, fill it with interesting stuff about yourself, and throw in some good quality images. That is partly because Bumble was created by Whitney Wolfe, a cofounder at Tinder. The one who settled with Tinder in a sexual harassment case. Considering that and Tinder’s overall popularity, few similarities to Tinder were probably inevitable.

So Bumble does some things the same and some things differently. Those differences right some of the wrongs of Tinder, while the similarities offer many of the same challenges. Accidentally swiping left when you meant to swipe right is one of them.

When you use Bumble, you swipe left to skip the profile and swipe right to like them. We have all accidentally swiped in the wrong direction before. In Tinder, unless you have the premium option, then that’s it. A split second mistake, and it’s game over for that particular match unless you spend actual money on the app. Bumble does things a bit differently.


If you accidentally swipe left on a profile card and realize it right away, you can undo your choice by shaking your phone like a maraca. This is a neat idea that has been thought about a lot. You have three Backtracks at any given time, and once you use one it is restored after 3 hours. If you show some love to Bumble on social media, then Backtracks are replenished even faster.

Bumble Boost

There is another way to rematch, too: Bumble Boost. This is Bumble’s premium service (currently $7.99 a month). While Backtracks are free for all users, Bumble Boost allows you to rematch in Bumble in a slightly different way.

When you get a match in Bumble, you have 24 hours to initiate a conversation before the app decides that sparks just aren’t flying and the match expires. It seems a little arbitrary, to ‘encourage’ you to use Bumble Boost, but it is what it is. If you have Bumble Boost, you can use it to rematch with an expired connection. You can also extend that 24 hour time limit to 48 hours to make life a little easier.

If you accidentally swipe left, you can use Backtracks. If you meant to initiate a conversation but forgot or didn’t have the opportunity, you can use Bumble Boost, assuming you’re alright with breaking out your wallet.

Both of these functions are well thought-out. The Backtrack function gives you just enough to be able to undo a sudden mistake while Bumble Boost gives you a little more time to initiate a conversation at a more convenient time. While you may be encouraged to pay up, you are not forced to. Alongside a cleaner, less toxic dating environment, I think this is a great move for online dating.

Got any Bumble dating stories to share? Any success stories? Any hints or tips for using the app? Tell us about them below if you do!

3 thoughts on “How To Rematch in Bumble”

Dan E Tamir says:
Bumble pretend to be progressive and allows women to initiate and control men “aggressiveness .” But still the scheme is to get money mainly from these “aggressive” men by attempting to charge them for the “privilege” to extend time. Way to go hypocrite bumble.
Ron says:
I agree with Bannister, I have boost and do not see any way to reconnect with an expired match. I missed hitting extend on one this morning by about an hour and do not see any way to reconnect with this expired match
Bannister says:
I question the veracity of this article. Bumble Boost does NOT allow you to “rematch with missed connections.” It DOES allow you to extend the connection (to allow the other person another 24 hours to reply) but once the connection is expired, it is gone.

If I am wrong, please tell me HOW I can reconnect with an expired match. I’m a boost subscriber and would love to know how to do this.

Ty says:
I think what this article is referring to is when I’ve matched with a woman and they’ve written me but I didn’t respond within 24 hours. At that point, the connection goes gray and if I tap it I can reconnect. I’ve also seen women in my match queue who didn’t write within the 24 hours and they disappeared, but then reappeared when they decided to reconnect with me. Hope this helps.

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