How To Rematch in Bumble

Bumble is a dating app much like Tinder but it has one key difference. Both apps have profiles with pictures, links to social media accounts, and use the swipe-left, swipe-right model for making matches. The main difference is that on Bumble women have the initiative when it comes to starting a conversation. In an opposite-sex match on the dating portion of Bumble, both parties have to swipe right to make a match – but once that match is made, only the woman can start the conversation.

The intent is to clean up the dating community on the app and avoid many of the problems prevalent on Tinder. There is a minority of borderline men on sites like Tinder, who are unable to take no for an answer, or are desperate, or socially inept, or just don’t have a clue. These men start conversations with grossly forward propositions or stupid pickup lines, and make women reluctant to swipe right at all, because they are concerned that the next thing in their inbox is going to be a come-on that, if rebuffed, will escalate into personal attacks or rudeness. By leaving the conversation starting to women, women are given the power of setting the expectation for the conversation from the get-go, whether that tone be flirty, sexy, outright raunchy, or totally nonsexual.

When two people match on Bumble, the woman has 24 hours in which to start a conversation. After that first message, the man then has 24 hours in which to respond. If this doesn’t happen, then the match expires…or does it?

Backtracking vs. Rematching

Let’s clarify that there is a difference between backtracking, and rematching.


Backtracking is when you swipe left on someone but meant to swipe right. On Tinder, you’re just out of luck unless you subscribe to one of the premium tiers of service. On Bumble, however, you can usually backtrack. Backtracking is simple – just shake the phone after you realize your mistake, and the most recent left-swipe will be undone. Note that you can’t backtrack on a right-swipe! Free subscribers get three Backtracks every three hours, which should be enough for all but the most ham-handed of us. Subscribers to Bumble Boost get unlimited Backtracks.


Rematching is different. In a rematch, a user can re-vitalize an expired link. The only way to have Rematches is for one party or the other to the match to be a Bumble Boost subscriber. When you go into your match section, you’ll see the expired matches with your current matches. Just select the expired match and tap “Rematch” and the match will be renewed for another 24-hour grace period.

The downside of Bumble Boost is the cost – ranging from $8.99 a week to $13.33 a month depending on how long a period you commit to (and pay for upfront). But if rematches are worth the expense to you, they are available.

Got any Bumble dating stories to share? Any success stories? Any hints or tips for using the app? Tell us about them below if you do!

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6 thoughts on “How To Rematch in Bumble”

Avatar paula says:
I swiped right. And it just disappeared. I really wanted to message this man. What the hell happened?
Avatar Daniel Cring says:
It does not allow a rematch when it turns grey. Bumble is a scandle.
Avatar Cesar Sierra says:
Hello QUESTION ? A Women started talking to me and we had a good text conversation, but the next day i was busy working and then on the third day i looked on my matches and conversations and her name and text conversation were no longer there! Is this normal if you take a day off from texting someone back? thank You for your help!
Avatar Ed Walker says:
I had the same exact problem today
Avatar Carlos says:
Same thing with me. I don’t know if she unmatched or if this is a feature that clears the conversation if nothing happens after 24h.
Avatar Dan E Tamir says:
Bumble pretend to be progressive and allows women to initiate and control men “aggressiveness .” But still the scheme is to get money mainly from these “aggressive” men by attempting to charge them for the “privilege” to extend time. Way to go hypocrite bumble.
Avatar Ron says:
I agree with Bannister, I have boost and do not see any way to reconnect with an expired match. I missed hitting extend on one this morning by about an hour and do not see any way to reconnect with this expired match
Avatar Bannister says:
I question the veracity of this article. Bumble Boost does NOT allow you to “rematch with missed connections.” It DOES allow you to extend the connection (to allow the other person another 24 hours to reply) but once the connection is expired, it is gone.

If I am wrong, please tell me HOW I can reconnect with an expired match. I’m a boost subscriber and would love to know how to do this.

Avatar Ty says:
I think what this article is referring to is when I’ve matched with a woman and they’ve written me but I didn’t respond within 24 hours. At that point, the connection goes gray and if I tap it I can reconnect. I’ve also seen women in my match queue who didn’t write within the 24 hours and they disappeared, but then reappeared when they decided to reconnect with me. Hope this helps.

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