How To Spoof or Change Your Location in Snapchat

Posted by Sydney on September 26, 2018

If you’re a globetrotting Snapchatter, then you’ve probably seen the various filters, badges, and stickers that come along with each new locale. It’s an easy way for you to brag to your Snapchat friends about that recent trip to Paris or your weekend in Maui.

Snapchat knows what filters to show you, because it knows where you are. It uses your phone’s location services to find you. It then shares your location with friends according to your SnapMap settings and uses it to determine which filters, stickers, and badges to offer you.

But what if you don’t want your friends to know where you are? What if you’re dying to use that cute Sydney, Australia filter you saw your favorite celebrity use but don’t want to take a two-day flight to the Outback? There are ways to obscure or even fake your location.

SnapMap Locations

Wait? What’s SnapMap? This feature was rolled out in 2017. If you haven’t yet discovered it, don’t worry. Unless you’ve consciously activated your SnapMap, then you’re still “off the grid.”

SnapMap is pretty much what it sounds like. This map lets you see where your friends are and allows them to do the same. Your SnapMap location updates regularly as long as your app is open. If you close the app, then it simply shows your last known location until it expires after several hours.

Is this creeping you out? Don’t worry, Snapchat offers ways to edit who can see you on their SnapMap or simply hide yourself altogether.

Location Sharing Settings

Start by accessing location settings. To do this, you must first go to the SnapMap on your app.

  1. Go to Camera, Friends, or Discover screens.
  2. Tap the magnifying glass.
  3. Tap Map.
  4. Pinch and pull with your fingers to zoom in and out.

Once on the Map screen, you’ll want to access your settings by tapping on the cog icon. Now you can make some adjustments to better protect your privacy.

  • My Friends – Your Snapchat friends can see your location when you are using the app.
  • My Friends, Except… – Your friends can see you but for a few that you expressly exclude.
  • Only These Friends – Choose the select “inner circle” of friends that can see where you are.
  • Ghostmode – Keep your location a secret. Only you can see it on the map.

You can also toggle location requests on and off here to allow friends who can’t see your location to ask you for access.

Spoofing Your Location

Of course, if you’re here for the stickers and filters, then embracing Ghostmode won’t be enough. You’ll need to trick Snapchat into thinking that you’re somewhere you’re not. And that’s a challenge.

First of all, Snapchat doesn’t offer any way for you to do this in the app. They want everyone to be honest about their locations. So in order to do this, you need to get creative.

Some people try to trick Snapchat by trying to trick their entire phone. Basically, if they can convince their phone that they’re somewhere else, than Snapchat will believe it too.


This can be done through jailbreaking. In other words, you can hack your phone to allow yourself the use of restricted apps. However, this is risky. Let’s say you jailbreak your iPhone. Now your iPhone is outside of Apple’s protective umbrella and subject to malicious software (malware). This is likely too great a risk for a simple Snapchat badge.

Use an App

Does jailbreaking your phone sound too risky? Consider using an app specifically designed to trick Snapchat into thinking you’re somewhere else. Apps like Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free allow you to choose the location that you want to show the world. It overwrites the location that GPS sees and applies that to everything from your GoogleMaps to your favorite social media apps. This particular app is only for Android. However, a similar version, called Fake GPS Location – Spoofer Go does pretty much the same thing on your iPhone.

Buy a Plane Ticket

Of course, it’s always fun to trick your friends. However, the best way to earn that coveted badge is to get out  there and see the world. It might be more expensive than downloading a free app, but what you’ll earn back in valuable memories will be well worth it.

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