WhatsApp Keeps Crashing on Android – What To Do

Posted by Jamie on April 9, 2019

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in the world and has been for forever. Despite many competitors and newer chat apps coming to market, WhatsApp has maintained dominance thanks to solid design, ease of use and encrypted messaging. It isn’t all roses though as it can sometimes play up. This tutorial will walk you through what to do if WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android.

Even though Facebook owns WhatsApp, they have allowed the company to maintain autonomy and go its own way. That’s partly why WhatsApp is more stable and a much better experience than its parent app. When bugs or issues are identified, the people who run WhatsApp are quick to respond and release fixes, which is a good sign.

Those fixes don’t address every possible issue with the app though. Arguably some of the crashes experienced by Android users are nothing to do with the app itself but with the way they have their phone set up or another app interfering with operation.

Stop WhatsApp crashing on Android

The steps we take when WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android are the same for most other apps. We restart, reboot, review, reconnect, remove the cache or reinstall.

Restart WhatsApp

Restarting the app is usually the first place to begin. The crash may have been a one-off so restarting it is logical. How you restart it can influence whether it works or not. You don’t just open if from your home screen but first ensure the process isn’t running in the background first.

  1. Open Settings and Apps on your device.
  2. Select WhatsApp and Force Close if the option is available.

If the Force Close option is not grayed out it means WhatsApp crashed but left the back end process running. Starting the app with it still running would have resulted in either the app crashing again or it not starting at all.

Reboot your phone

A quick reboot of your phone could be enough to have WhatsApp working properly again. It forces a reload of memory and of the app files and starts afresh. As it only takes a few seconds so it’s worth trying.

Review any changes you made to the phone

Have you updated Android? Installed any new games or apps? Made any significant configuration changes? Done anything to your phone around the same time as WhatsApp began crashing? It isn’t always the app at fault but perhaps another change on the phone. Or it could be a new app that interferes with WhatsApp or locks down the files or hardware WhatsApp needs to operate properly.

If you made a change, undo it and retest. If you made several changes, undo them one by one to see which allows WhatsApp to begin working again. You can then work with that one change or installation to see how it affects WhatsApp.

Check your connection

WhatsApp should be comfortable using WiFi or 4G but a poor signal may be the cause. Usually, the app would just run slowly and take forever to send a message but I have seen it crash the app. Switch from WiFi to 4G or vice versa depending on what you’re using when the app crashes. Retest with the other network connection and see how it fares.

Clear the WhatsApp cache

Clearing the app cache is the next logical step if WhatsApp keeps crashing on Android. It wipes the memory and deletes the temporary files the app uses. If a file is causing the crash for some reason, clearing the cache may stop it.

  1. Open Settings and Apps on your phone.
  2. Select WhatsApp and Storage.
  3. Select Clear Cache and Clear Data.

You should see the amount of space used by the cache and data turn to zero. You should hopefully also see WhatsApp operating normally again.

Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp regularly releases updates for the app. Most of us have our phones set up to automatically update but if you don’t, perhaps forcing an update may provide the stability you’re looking for.

  1. Connect your phone to WiFi.
  2. Open Google Play on your phone and select Check for Updates.
  3. Allow the app to download any and all updates.

If there was a WhatsApp update, retest the app. If there wasn’t, you only have one option left.

Reinstall WhatsApp

Deleting WhatsApp from your phone, rebooting and then downloading a fresh copy of the app is your only option now. It is a last resort but aside from performing a factory reset of your phone, this is it. A factory reset isn’t necessary if it’s only WhatsApp crashing so reinstalling the app is the final step.

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Mae says:
Please help. I’ve tried everything and I’m still unable to access my Web Whatsapp and it’s affecting my work productivity so much.

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