How To See Who Unfollowed You on Instagram

UPDATE: Instagram recently made some changes that made the methods below ineffective. We’ll update this post when we have more information about how this can be checked. For now though, there are no apps that we are aware of that let you see who unfollowed you on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t actually tell you if someone unfollowed you, it will just show a reduced follower count. If you count your social media followers, or run a marketing campaign using social networks, maintaining followers is important as it might be something you’re doing wrong. With that in mind, here is how to see who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Social networking is a minefield of behaviors that are largely unwritten and often unknown except to a select few. What is perfectly acceptable in real life can become something completely different online. I doubt I need to tell you that people can show completely different characters on the internet than they would in real life!

With that comes the risk of inadvertently annoying someone or committing a social faux pas. While people will come and go, follow and unfollow, it is useful to keep tabs on exactly who comes and goes.

This is even more true if you are trying to monetize your Instagram account or are managing it on behalf of your boss or as a social media manager. While there are some pretty good tools out there that can do more, they all cost money. This method is free, so if you don’t want to spend, try these methods.


See who unfollowed you on Instagram

As mentioned, Instagram doesn’t tell you when someone unfollows you so it’s up to you to notice. You can find out using either desktop and browser or mobile device. I’ll describe both. The desktop method uses a website which can track followers and unfollwers. There are a few of them and they all seem to do much the same thing. The mobile method uses a third-party app to do the same thing.

See who unfollowed you on Instagram using your desktop

If you primarily use a desktop computer for Instagram, this method is for you.

Open your browser and navigate to one of the following websites, or The first,, can show you your followers and who unfollowed you once you log in. The second,, is a Crowdfire app that you link with Instagram and will show you much the same thing.

Both of these websites require access to some of your social media account details, so use due care and attention if using them.

  1. Using Crowdfire, log into the app using your Instagram account.
  2. Authorize the app.
  3. Select Recent Unfollowers from the left menu.

Once you click Recent Unfollowers, you should see anyone who unfollowed you on Instagram appear in the center pane. Crowdfire can do more than that though, which makes it very useful for it you’re running social media campaigns or wanting to grow your fan base.


See who unfollowed you on Instagram using mobile

Crowdfire works on mobile too as it has both an iOS and Android app. There are also other apps that do much the same thing so if you don’t want to use Crowdfire, do a search in iTunes or the Google Play Store to find an alternative. I’m using Crowdfire in this example because I already have it.

  1. Install the Crowdfire app onto your device.
  2. Open and select Connect with Instagram.
  3. Log in and authorize the app.
  4. Tap the menu icon (three lines) in the top left.
  5. Select Recent Unfollowers.

Like with the desktop version, this will show you who unfollowed you in the main window. It can also show you in real time who unfollowed you if you hit refresh regularly. If you’re fortunate enough to count your Instagram followers in the high six or seven figures, this feature might be especially useful.

Like the desktop version, you need to give Crowdfire some access to your Instagram account before it can work its magic.

One thing both the desktop and mobile version cannot always do is tell you who unfollowed you before you signed up to them. It does seem a little hit and miss as to whether it can pick up recent unfollowers or not. I have never been able to get the app to look into the past before being linked to an account but I have spoken to a couple of social media managers I know who have.

Your mileage may vary but it would be safe to assume you won’t get to see who unfollowed you before setting this up. Therefore, if you want to know who follows and unfollows, you had better get these methods up and running now and then you can track people as you see fit.

Posted by Jamie on December 20, 2016

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Jay says:
Whoa, chill out people! Just a little outdated, no biggie… No need to get all freaked out and start saying nasty things! In all honesty, these apps have been available for years to be honest, so you guys are actually more out of the loop than you know, ha.

Anyways, thanks for the article and your time… Commenters CHILL OUT… LIFE WILL GO ON…

Metternich says:
@Will> Until then, it would make sense to take it down completely, since it shows up in the search results, and now it qualifies as irrelevant. Like Nathaniel, i was looking for advice and ended up here. Thanks for nothing, dude.
Nathaniel says:
Really? Posted December 20, 2016? Am I missing something? These services have not been available since the beginning of the month. I was looking for options. Do you just recycle your posts?
Will says:
This wasn’t a repost, however, sometimes posts can sit as a draft for up to a month. In this case, our advice got old really fast 🙂 We’ll work on updating the post and will comment here when it is updated

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