How To Know if Someone Blocked You on Kik


Kik has millions of users across the world and is immensely popular here at home too. It is used mainly by teens but people of all ages can get something out of it. However, the normal rules apply on Kik as they do on any other social media platform, anything goes and people will behave exactly as they want to behave.

One common question asked by Kik users is how to find out if you have been blocked or banned in Kik. We covered the process of blocking and banning someone from individual and group chats in ‘Everything you need to know about being banning, blocking and unblocking on Kik’. However, if you find yourself on the other side of the conversation, how do you know if you have been blocked or banned?


Have I been blocked on Kik?

One of the downsides of remote communications is that is all too easy to overreact. A misspoke word, miscommunication, misplaced insult or something completely random can get in the way of friendly communications. Rather than talking it out, many Kik users just block you instead of sorting it out.

While frustrating, it’s all part of social media and not just in Kik.

According to Kik’s Help Center, there is no way to know if someone has blocked you. However, you can take an educated guess by looking at the message status. Usually, you will see one of three letters, S, D and R. S stands for Sent, D stands for Delivered and R stands for Read.

Sent refers to your message having been sent to the Kik server. D means the message was received by the Kik server and delivered to the recipient. From here, we assume that the Kik app itself will not show the messages of blocked users preventing it from turning to R for Read.

If your message has passed the S and D stage but not the R, you may have been blocked. If this remains for longer than the user would usually take to read a message, it is likely that they blocked you. If you have a misunderstanding or falling out, this would add to that assumption, but it is still just an assumption.


Why won’t Kik tell me if I have been blocked?

As far as I know, no social network will actively tell users if they have been blocked by another user. There are several good reasons for this, privacy, avoiding harassment, preventing unwanted contact, protecting minors and to generally keep users safe.

If you weren’t the nice person you obviously are, how would you take knowing you were blocked by a user? Would you try to get in touch with them another way? Get revenge for the insult? Or something else? The vast majority of us would shrug our shoulders and simply move on. Not everyone is like us and it could get dark very quickly.

By not confirming it one way or another, social networks seek to defuse the situation by neither confirming nor denying a block. That way, the blocked person cannot definitively say one way or the other and is less likely to take action.

Remember, sometimes life gets in the way and it may take someone longer than usual to reply to a Kik message. If your last message hasn’t yet been read, don’t immediately think you have been blocked. There are many other reasons for them not getting to read it yet.

Posted by Jamie on December 1, 2016

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