How to Delete All Saved Messages on Snapchat at Once

Posted by Robert Hayes on July 31, 2019

When the photo-sharing and chatting app Snapchat rolled out, one of the primary features of the app was that it deleted messages a little while after they were read. This created an expectation that messages were private and that you were in a conversation, rather than making a transcript. Although many users of the app still did things like screenshot certain messages or snaps, the general feel of the app was one of knowing that your snaps and chat messages wouldn’t ever be held against you – a freeing concept in the age where old tweets or Facebook posts can come back to destroy careers or marriages.

As time went on, Snapchat started permitting users to keep messages, and advances in screenshot technologies more or less eliminated the guarantee that nobody was keeping a record of your messages. Some users hate these changes while others are happy. Either way, the fact is that there are now some saved messages in Snapchat. Many TechJunkie readers have asked us if there is any way to delete all of your saved messages in Snapchat at one time. This article will answer that question, and show you all the options we know about for deleting saved messages in Snapchat.

First, the bad news: we have scoured the Internet, searched the message boards, and investigated the alternatives, and the sad truth is that you cannot delete all your saved messages at once on Snapchat. We will continue to update this article, and if the situation ever changes, we will post a complete walkthrough of how to do it – but for now, deleting messages all at once is not an option.

Deleting a Saved Message

It is possible, however, to delete individual messages. When you want to save a certain message in a conversation, all you have to do is press and hold on the message box. A popup window will appear, giving you some options – select “Save in Chat”. The background of the saved message will turn grey.

Unsaving a message is equally simple. Just press and hold it again. The background will go back to normal, and when you reopen Snapchat the message will have autodeleted as usual.

However, sometimes you’ll do this, and when you return to Snapchat, the message is still there? Why?

There are two parties to every conversation, and if the other person has saved the message, then it will not disappear from your chat until they unsave it too.

Deleting a Conversation

If you are less concerned with deleting the message from history and more concerned with uncluttering your feed, there is a relatively simple option that will actually let you greatly pare down your feed very quickly, and that is to delete entire conversations. Note that deleting a conversation does NOT erase any saved messages – it only removes the conversation from your display. If you and the same person exchange more chat messages or snaps, then any saved messages will once again show up. Still, this is a good way to clean up your Snapchat if you’ve had a lot of conversations that you’d rather not have show up.

Deleting conversations is pretty simple.

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Privacy section, and tap on “Clear Conversations”.
  3. A list of all your conversations will appear; tap on the X next to the conversation you want to erase.
  4. Confirm that you want to clear the conversation.

Someone who is relatively quick with their taps can thus “delete” all their conversations (and thus any visible messages) pretty quickly this way, although again, remember that the actual saved messages are not gone. To see whether the conversation is gone, restart Snapchat and go to your inbox. There should be no sign of the thread anywhere. Of course, this only removes the conversation from your device, so the other person will still have it.

Deleting Local Information

Some users want to delete their local information. Normally it is Android users who have the advantage in this kind of situation, but for whatever reason, Android users can’t do anything with their local information that they couldn’t do within the app. iPhone users, on the other hand, have the ability to forcibly delete Snapchat message information from their phone. There are a few 3rd party apps that let you clear out your Snapchat conversations, but iMyFone Umate Pro seems to be the most popular one. The software is capable enough to make sure all your conversations are gone for good.

It can also remove any other data that you don’t want to see anymore, not just on Snapchat but pretty much any other apps as well.

Here’s how to use the program to delete your entire Snapchat history from your iPhone.

  1. Install and run iMyFone Umate Pro on your PC or Mac.
  2. Connect your iOS device to the computer.
  3. Open the “Erase Private Fragments” window, then select the Snapchat icon.
  4. Click Erase Now.

This will remove all private data on Snapchat, including all your saved messages. If you want to do this for other apps as well, the fastest way would be the Erase All Data option. This will wipe all private data from your iPhone, so make sure to back up whatever you need first.

The Final Word

The lack of bulk deletion options in Snapchat is probably just a legacy of the app’s history; there was a time when needing to delete your saved messages was ridiculous, because there were no saved messages. So while it is frustrating for users, Snapchat’s lack of deletion options is probably not going to change.

If you discover an easy way of getting rid of all your messages in Snapchat at once, feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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