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How Many Streams Does AT&T TV Now (Formerly DirecTV Now) Allow at Once?

When it comes to picking from various streaming services available online in 2020, there are two main types to choose between. The first type is probably the one you're most familiar with: over-the-


How to Record DirecTV Now on a Roku

We can all agree on the fact that streaming content is one of the most amazing aspects of modern media, as you can watch all of the latest TV Shows, Movies and other forms of

how to record directvnow on a roku
How to Split Screen on DirecTV

How to Use Split Screen on DirecTV

Depending on your package, Directv can offer you between 50 and over 265 channels. There’s always a good selection of local, premium, and HD channels, as well as multiple sports channels. When you have


How To Turn Closed Captioning On or Off on a DIRECTV Box

DIRECTV has been around since 1994 and it is operating nationwide as a subsidiary of AT&T. Outside of the US, it also delivers satellite programming to households across North and South America. In

How to Turn on or off Closed Captioning on DIRECTV Box

How To Watch DirecTV Now on Roku

If you’re a cord cutter with a Roku, you may be interested in adding a new streaming service to your channels. DirecTV Now has had a few months to mature and improve and now