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How to Decide on a Laptop to Buy

If you don’t know the laptop market is flourishing, you’ll find it out as soon as you embark on your laptop shopping excursion. Hundreds of models from dozens of manufacturers are available. Different sizes, appearances, specifications, operating systems, prices; the list goes on and on. You may feel dizzy just by thinking about this. Fortunately, we’re here to offer a solution. If...

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Google Photos How to Add Captions

How to Add Captions to Google Photos

Google Photos is an excellent platform for saving your precious photos. You can adjust your smartphone to save all images directly to Google's online storage, to make sure you never lose or delete them


How to Jailbreak an Amazon Firestick

From Roku's line of budget-friendly devices to Apple's high-end Apple TV 4K, there's no shortage of options for adding streaming apps to your television. Amazon's Fire TV devices find


The Best Sony TVs

If you know a few things about technology, Sony will be a familiar name to you. Everyone looking for cutting-edge tech devices can enjoy a wide range of audio products, gaming hardware, and television


Instagram Keeps Crashing on Android – What To Do

If you launch the Instagram app on your Android and see a message that says ‘Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped’ there are a few things to try to get it working. Most of these steps are


Can You Remove the Date From an Instagram Story?

Can you remove the date from an Instagram Story? Can you find your old Stories? Is there a workaround to make a Story last longer than 24 hours? What is Regramming and how do I


How To Hide your Location on an Instagram Post

Sometimes its okay for others to know where you are at a given time. Other times it isn’t so okay for people to know where you are. Especially if you go somewhere regularly alone.

Best and Fastest Wireless Chargers

The Best and Fastest Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging, also referred to as Qi charging or Qi technology, was first introduced in 2008. Its popularity has grown tremendously since the bad boys of smartphones, Samsung and Apple, begun incorporating the technology into


How To Block Ads in Android

Ads have become one of the go-to methods for developers to keep their apps and websites free. However, some developers can go overboard and stuff their sites and apps with too many ads. Keep


Jul 8, 2021

3 mins read
How to Block Ads in Android