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The Best Network Monitoring Tools

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The Best Network Monitoring Tools

The absolute majority of modern businesses rely on networks, either on-site or remote. Network monitoring tools are crucial to ensure the optimal performance of your business operations, get insights, generate alerts, and troubleshoot issues. However, the realm of network monitoring software is quite impressive, and choosing the right tool for your business may be quite overwhelming. For this reason, we’ve created a guide to the best network monitoring tools on the market. Read below to find one that fits your company’s needs.

01 1. Manage Engine OpManager

OpManager is a network monitoring and management solution ideal for online businesses or personal use. It’s developed to monitor such devices as routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, servers, wireless LAN controllers, printers, and many more-simply put, any network device that has an IP address.

OpManager features over 2,000 built-in network performance monitors to track health and critical metrics, including speed, latency, errors, and packet loss. The software pings all connected devices at specific time intervals and automatically notifies you when something goes wrong. You can set multi-level thresholds for every critical performance monitor.

As for server monitoring, OpManager helps you detect and troubleshoot CPU and server bottlenecks before the end-user notices any issues. The software lets you monitor the memory and disk utilization of Linux and Windows servers, as well as the performance of Hosts and VMs of Xen, VMware, Hyper-V, and Nutanix virtualization platforms.

Despite its advanced functionality, OpManager features a user-friendly interface with customizable dashboards. Over 200 performance widgets are available to tailor the dashboard to your personal needs. No training is required to use the software. As long as you know the terminology and basics of networking, you can easily navigate it without the help of a professional. For maximum convenience and monitoring on the go, a mobile app is also available.

Manage Engine OpManager comes in three packages suitable for different types of users – Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The Standard package includes network device and physical server monitoring, alarms and notifications, custom dashboards, and business views. With the Professional package, you can additionally monitor hardware and virtual servers and automate workflow. Finally, the Enterprise package allows you to monitor distributed networks and manage fail-overs. Pricing comes at a quote, and you can take advantage of a free trial.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Wide functionality range
  • Affordable


  • Purchasing only specific tools isn’t possible; you get all-in-one package
1. Manage Engine OpManager

02 2. Site 24x7

Site 24×7 is an extremely affordable network monitoring software best suitable for small and medium online businesses. It helps analyze your site’s traffic, packets, errors and discards, and overall performance.

The router monitoring feature provides insights on the active session count, memory utilization, buffer failures, CPU usage, jabber packets, and more metrics. Identify problematic routers by keeping track of unusual behaviors like sudden spikes, instant notifications, and troubleshoot arising issues. Site 24×7 also allows you to monitor custom performance metrics in addition to what’s provided.

The data is presented in graphs on a convenient dashboard. Apart from router monitoring, the software also optimizes your bandwidth allocation to ensure high availability. Site 24×7 helps you monitor routers and firewalls, UPS, load balancers, switches, printers, WAN accelerators, storage, and VPN.

You can control the availability, health, and performance of your uninterruptible power supply devices from third-party vendors, including Eaton, APC, CyberPower, and Emerson. The switch monitoring feature provides data of such metrics as active session count, backplane utilization, outstanding DNS requests, and much more. To ensure the privacy and security of your internal network, track VPN tunnels using the SNMP VPN monitoring tool. For ease of use, Site 24×7 offers over 10 000 device templates with pre-defined attributes that make configuration quick and simple.

The software automatically discovers all devices within a certain IP range or your entire network. To receive instant alerts about any arising issues, you can set multi-level thresholds for different devices. Last but not least, the software supports integrations with Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams, and more apps to keep your team connected.

Another thing that makes the Site 24×7 tool especially appealing is the 30-day free trial. If you’re happy with the service, you can sign up for one of the four available packages – Pro, Classic, Elite, or Enterprise. The feature set doesn’t differ much between the plans. The only differences are the number of monitors, interfaces, and storage capacity. Hardware agents come at a separate price and come in three variations.


  • 30-day free trial
  • Affordable
  • Device templates


  • Pricing plans don’t differ much; no additional functionality at higher plans
  • Not as intuitive interface as that of some competitors
2. Site 24x7

03 3. Obkio

Obkio offers a highly convenient network monitoring solution for any type of business. You can track and configure everything from the same mobile app, available both for Android and iPhone. The software uses artificial intelligence-powered by the cloud to make complicated processes simple.

Four monitoring agents are available – software (Windows and Linux), hardware, public, and virtual appliance. The software measures your network performance from the end-user perspective to ensure no issues are left unnoticed. The agents require minimal system resources, as low as 1GB of RAM and 8GB of disk space. A single command is needed to install the agents and connect all of your network devices.

Obkio helps you monitor firewalls, routers, switches, WiFi APs, and any other SNMP-enabled devices. The feature captures and analyzes CPU and interface metrics to provide you with insights on device performance. A 30-second polling frequency provides 10x more detailed metrics compared to 5-minute industry-standard polling. In case something goes offline, you get instant notifications and troubleshooting assistance.

A network performance tracker measures key metrics and collects historical data every 500ms or twice a second. Thus, Obkio tool monitors your network performance continuously instead of most competitor tools that do checks in certain intervals. A decentralized monitoring solution distributes agents at strategic locations to measure performance metrics between any two points of your network.

A 14-day free trial lets you test out all the features before making the purchase. For the smallest businesses, a forever-free plan is also available. It supports monitoring of one customer device, standard 5-minute polling, two agents, and 7-day data history. Basic, Premium, and Enterprise packages are quite affordable and only differ in the number of allowed users, monitoring sessions, and historical records.


  • Convenient mobile app
  • Uses little system resources
  • 30-second polling frequency
  • 14-day free trial


  • Paid plans don’t offer additional functionality
3. Obkio

04 4. Datadog Net

Datadog Net is a tool trusted by companies like The Washington Post, Samsung, and 21st Century Fox. The software simplifies the network monitoring process with the help of a user-friendly interface. A customizable dashboard allows you to filter traffic by source and destination and group data as you wish.

The software detects and troubleshoots any logs and reduces MTTD and MTTR. By tracking inefficient and expensive traffic patterns, you can optimize network costs and performance. Bandwidth data is presented in a map format to make the information more comprehensible. Over 450 integrations are supported, including Amazon ECS, Helm, and AWS. Datadog Net tool provides you complete visibility into applications, tracking app performance, and alerting error rates or latency percentiles. Logs from all your devices and platforms are automatically collected and analyzed in context.

With Datadog, you can seamlessly navigate between logs, metrics, and request traces. To ensure the best end-user experience, the tool visualizes load times, frontend errors, and resources for every session. You can get alerts via email, Slack, PagerDuty, or other channels to instantly fix issues. For the most tech-savvy users, Datadog Net provides full API access. Datadog Net offers a wide range of pricing plans tailored for different users and needs.

You can purchase tools for network, security, user, or synthetic monitoring separately. Other available functions include incident, infrastructure, or log management, and APM profiler. This pricing model is handy for users only looking for specific functionality rather than the whole package. A 14-day free trial is available.


  • Trusted by famous companies
  • Full API access
  • Customizable dashboards and user-friendly interface
  • Wide functionality range


  • May be overwhelming for beginners
4. Datadog Net

05 5. Progress WhatsUp Gold

Progress WhatsUp Gold network monitoring tool helps you track all the necessary metrics and fix issues before they impact the end-user. The software helps you make sure the bandwidth is optimized to withstand critical apps and services. The hardware monitoring tool ensures the physical condition of your network equipment, such as server room temperature, fan status, or battery capacity. Keeping track of printer ink levels has never been easier.

A powerful REST API was developed to automate your workload. It extracts status information for use by another system, puts devices into maintenance mode before making changes, and more to save your time. All your data is presented in a unified, actionable dashboard. By providing you in-depth insights, it helps to understand the interconnections of your network and predict issues even before they arise. WhatsUp Gold tool automatically discovers all devices within your network or IP range, thus simplifying the setup process. Turn messy wiring closets into visually representative network maps, and enable device dependency for easier troubleshooting.

You can prioritize alerts and automatically send them to the right people. To find out the pricing, you have to request a quote. The Premium package includes wireless and cloud storage monitoring. The Plus package supports network traffic analysis, application, virtualization monitoring, configuration management, and more features. Customer support is optional. You can choose the required license type and number of monitored devices to fit your business needs. A free trial is also available.


  • Great interface
  • Automates your workload
  • Sends alerts straight to the right people
  • Wide functionality range


  • Need to request a pricing quote
  • Pricier than most competitors
5. Progress WhatsUp Gold

06 6. Solar Winds

Solar Winds is an all-in-one network monitoring and management solution with a vast functionality range. It provides in-depth insights into your network and device performance, easily spots and fix issues, and automate the workflow. With the link analysis tool, you can view the connections between your applications and devices on a map, even those located outside of your local network.

The software automatically discovers routers and display connections. You can group routers by category and create intelligent network alerts. A network performance monitor continuously tracks the fault, availability, and performance of all your applications. These metrics are then used to optimize your network’s bandwidth, latency, and uptime.

When it comes to the device monitoring tool, Solar Winds is among the best solutions on the market. It provides you access to specific node information such as average response time, packet loss, and other critical metrics. Apart from real-time performance insights, historical data is stored. The tool also helps you correlate network performance with hardware statuses. All devices within your IP range are discovered automatically. Solar Winds isn’t the cheapest option of our selection. To get the exact pricing, you have to request a quote. However, a 30-day fully functional free trial is available.


  • Visually representative link analysis tool
  • In-depth insights of device performance
  • 30-day free trial


  • More expensive than competitors
6. Solar Winds

07 7. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG network monitor was developed to track systems, traffic, and applications within your IT infrastructure. Paessler provides you flexibility in choosing which monitoring solutions suit your needs. In other words, you can get specific monitors to solely track the metrics you need rather than purchasing an all-in-one software. For instance, the network monitoring tool determines how much bandwidth is consumed by specific devices and applications and identifies the bottleneck sources.

A server monitoring tool measures the performance of your web, database, mail, and file servers and issues instant alerts if something is off. The cloud management service helps you access your devices from anywhere. You can also track the performance of your operating systems, be it Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X. Historical data is stored and can be accessed at any moment. To reduce the workload, you can choose a hosted monitoring solution.

The Paessler team will take care of your day-to-day operations, such as backups and updates. Your data is presented in a convenient dashboard that’s fully customizable. For monitoring on the go, a mobile app is available. The pricing depends solely on the license you need. The licensing options are based on the number of required sensors rather than devices. A sensor is a tool monitoring a specific metric, and one device may require as many as ten sensors. If under 100 sensors are sufficient for your business, you can use the free version. A 30-day free trial is available regardless of the required sensor number.


  • Flexibility of pricing
  • Mobile app
  • Detailed insights
  • Free version


  • Quite expensive license for a high sensor number
7. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor


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