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The Best Detachable Laptops

The technology found in laptops has evolved tremendously over the years, and many people even prefer it over owning a desktop computer. Those who do heavy gaming or need extreme processing power for work might need a desktop, but laptops are reasonably enough for essential work, browsing, streaming, and more. Laptops used to be thick and hard to carry, but things are entirely different today...

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Finding The Best Intel Core i3 Processor

If you're building a computer from scratch, your processor is one of the most crucial parts of your setup. Many get CPUs from the "Core" series of Intel, and their i3 processor is among


The Best Monitor With

Having a powerful computer isn't enough these days; you also have to make sure that the other components of your setup come with valuable specs. The monitor is among the most vital parts of


The Best Keyboard For Programming

If you're working as or planning to be a programmer, you have to expect that you will spend long hours in front of a computer. One main thing you will constantly be doing is


The Best Laptops For Engineering Students

If you're a student taking up engineering, you will encounter programs like CAM and CAD. Such programs consume a lot of power from a laptop, so you will need to invest in a laptop

The Best Razer Keyboards

Razer is one of the trusted names when it comes to gaming peripherals. They do headsets, mouses, gaming chairs, and more. With so many options to choose from, it's very exciting to outfit your


The Best External Hard Drives For Video Editing

A talented video editor is behind many of the breathtaking videos or vlogs you see online. These people spend hours combining clips, adding text, transitions, and effects to create an entertaining masterpiece. Editing a ton


The Best 27-Inch Gaming Monitors

While there are many gaming consoles to choose from on the market, using your computer for gaming is still pretty common. Having a computer powerful enough for gaming makes things convenient because you can use

The Best G Sync Monitors

An Nvidia GeForce GPU is one of the best you can get when it comes to gaming. If you want an immersive gaming experience, then this should be the GPU of your choice. However, if