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The Best Monitors for Programming

Those with desktop computers aren't the only ones who need an external monitor these days because laptop users also tend to invest in a larger monitor. Such a monitor comes in handy whether you're using it for gaming, music production, or programming. A larger monitor allows you to separate and see your open windows without having a screen that feels cramped up. Programmers...

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The Best Ultrawide Monitors

The flatscreen monitor has forever altered the ways in which we interact with media. Although once only affordable to the rich and tech-savvy, these computer monitors are becoming increasingly affordable and more powerful at


The Best Waterproof Cameras

The GoPro revolutionized the world of both professional and amateur video recording. All of a sudden, anyone with a modest budget was able to pick up a GoPro and document everything from biking adventures to

The Best Macbook Air Alternatives

Apart from the iPhone, the MacBook is one of the best-selling products of Apple. It’s not quite a surprise though, as it boasts the best quality that you could find in a laptop.


The Best Laser Printer for Small Businesses & Office Use

We’re living in an increasingly paperless world. Letters are sent in milliseconds via email instead of the actual mail, while files are stored or transferred using external hard drives and cloud services. People send


The Best Budget Projectors

Over the years, TVs have been getting bigger and bigger, and brands have been putting a wide range of modern smart features. These TVs deliver a premium experience, but they also come with pretty premium


The Best Detachable Laptops

The technology found in laptops has evolved tremendously over the years, and many people even prefer it over owning a desktop computer. Those who do heavy gaming or need extreme processing power for work might


The Best Monitors For Eye Strain

More and more people have been able to work from home in recent years, and while this saves you money on food and transportation, being in front of a computer for an entire day isn'

The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

If you love music and the outdoors, you will most likely want to have a reliable Bluetooth speaker that you can take with you to explore nature. Choosing a speaker can get confusing because of