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The Best Laptops for Video Editing

Finding the perfect laptop is no easy task. In fact, most would agree it can be a downright impossible task regardless of the amount of money you're willing to spend. Whether you're interested in the latest Chromebook or the latest MacBook Pro, there are simply too many variables to consider and too many potential tasks that your new laptop needs to be able...

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The Best Projectors for Gaming

In the not-so-distant past, the very thought of using a projector while gaming seemed like absolute madness. Earlier iterations of even top-selling projectors tended to lack the definition and power that's


The Best Wireless Gaming Mice

Everyone loves a great video game. Whether you play professionally in front of thousands of screaming fans inside a packed arena (yes, that's actually a real thing) or you simply like to unwind after


The Best Laser Printer for Small Businesses & Office Use

We’re living in an increasingly paperless world. Letters are sent in milliseconds via email instead of the actual mail, while files are stored or transferred using external hard drives and cloud services. People send


The Best OLED Laptops

Laptop screens have come a long way since their humble inception. Those of us who were around to witness the advent of the first generation of laptop screens can recall a jumble of massive pixels


The Best Budget Projectors

Over the years, TVs have been getting bigger and bigger, and brands have been putting a wide range of modern smart features. These TVs deliver a premium experience, but they also come with pretty premium


The Best Detachable Laptops

The technology found in laptops has evolved tremendously over the years, and many people even prefer it over owning a desktop computer. Those who do heavy gaming or need extreme processing power for work might


The Best Computer Speakers

If you own a laptop or desktop computer that's been manufactured in the last few years, chances are your computer speakers are already pretty impressive. Major computer companies have come a long way in


The Best Smart Speakers

Gone are the days when Bluetooth speakers are solely used for listening to music. The technology in speakers has evolved tremendously over the years, and more and more people opt to invest in a speaker