How to Tell if Someone Unmatched You on Tinder

Posted by Heather on October 29, 2018

As we near the end of the 2010s, it’s clear that no technology has held a greater influence over our lives than the smartphone. First reaching peak success with Apple’s iPhone and followed closely with Google’s own Android OS (driven primarily by the sales of the Motorola Droid and, more recently, Samsung’s Galaxy S-line), smartphones have replaced so many gadgets, institutions, and social constructs that it’s often difficult to keep track. Your smartphone has taken the place of your iPod, your GPS, and your camera. You don’t carry around a flashlight, a calculator, or an e-Reader anymore. You purchase things from your hand instead of the store, buying groceries, airline tickets, and takeout all from the same device in seconds. You might not even think about it this way, but your phone has become your main computer, the device you use the most in your day-to-day life.

With smartphones replacing physical objects in our life, it’s no surprise they’ve replaced plenty of our social interactions as well. We all have a group text with our family or friends going on, where jokes are shared and plans to meet up made. More recently, the smartphone has completely revolutionized dating and meeting people socially. Apps like Tinder and Bumble have gone a long way in removing the social stigma around online dating, creating millions of matches and thousands of relationships. While Tinder, much like early online dating in the 2000s, was originally seen in a negative light, the app’s been around for over half a decade and younger audiences—mainly the millennial market Tinder has aimed for throughout its history—have become relatively comfortable with the concept of meeting people through swipes and apps. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone in their twenties who didn’t know a couple that met through Tinder.

But not all Tinder matches are made in heaven. When you’re using the app, it can be exciting to find a match. When you and the other user have both swiped right on each other’s profiles, you can begin a conversation, introducing yourselves to one another and generally speaking about your interests, personality, and hobbies. While this can lead to plenty of great conversations—and potentially great dates—often times you’ll find a connection isn’t properly made, or is lost in translation between two users. If you’ve ever found yourself in a conversation with another Tinder user, only to find they’ve suddenly disappeared, or you’ve received a notification of a new match, only to open your app and find a lack of new notifications, this is the guide for you. Here’s how to tell if you’ve been unmatched on Tinder.

Tinder Reboot

First things first—start by closing and restarting the Tinder application on your phone. On iOS, this is done by double-tapping on the Home button on the iPhone 8 and earlier. If you own an iPhone X, you’ll need to either swipe up from the bottom of the display and hold your finger for a moment, or swipe up and to the right to open your list of apps. Find the Tinder application in your list of running apps on your phone and swipe up to force close the app from your device (on the iPhone X, you’ll need to long press on the app and click the red X in the corner of the app). Once you’ve successfully close the application, restart the app to see if the conversation and match have returned to your account.

On Android, most devices have a dedicated Recent Apps button, either on the hardware of the device (Galaxy S7, S7 edge, etc.) or within the virtual buttons on your display (Google Pixel 3, Galaxy S9, LG V40, etc). Unlike iOS, apps are presented in a vertical carousel, not horizontal like iOS. Still, force closing an app is completed the same way as iOS—swipe away the app from your list. On Android, you can also head into your App settings to force close the app without swiping it away from your Recent Apps.

Once you’ve cleared the app from your device, reopen Tinder and check both your conversations and your notifications. It’s possible a missing conversation or match notification was an error, accidentally disappearing from your list of conversations. If your missing conversation or notification haven’t reemerged after restarting the app, it’s possible the other individual removed you from your matches. Often this results from an accidental swipe right, though obviously if a conversation had begun, the other person might have decided to end the match based on a potential mismatch between you and the other user. There’s no reason to take this too much to heart, especially if a conversation hadn’t happened yet. Simply move on and continue swiping and creating other matches in the app.

You can first resort to fully closing out of the Tinder app (force quitting if needed) and restarting it, just to make sure the app is not glitching out. However, if you’re still unable to find that person that you thought was possibly the next special someone in your life, the chances are that person unmatched you. You will no longer see that person in your list of matches and all your conversation history will also be gone.

Consider Yourself Blocked

If you have been unmatched, either before or after a conversation, you might be determined to find that lost connection in a sea of other fish. Unfortunately, Tinder will essentially remove you and that person from the dating pool, eliminating any chances of you and the other person finding each other once you’ve been unmatched on the service. While this isn’t an official blocking per se—something you can totally do on Tinder—it does function as a soft-block between you and the other person on the service. Whether you’re the person unmatching yourself from someone else, or the individual being unmatched on Tinder, you and that person will no longer be able to see each other within your current accounts.

Ready to Start Over?

All this is to say, if you’re really concerned with finding the mismatched user through Tinder, the only true option is to start your account over, removing all limitations and blocks from your account, and rematching with past users using your new account. This also requires creating a new Facebook profile, since you’ll have to recreate your Tinder profile from scratch within the app itself. Don’t get us wrong—mistakes can happen, and perhaps the unmatch was a mistake on the other user’s part. You can spend years wondering if that person was the one for you, or you can move forward, allowing yourself the freedom to date and meet new people on Tinder without any sort of emotional baggage.

If you are absolutely certain this person would be a total match for you, you’ll need to go through the process of recreating your Facebook account. This can be a pain, but if you have about half an hour of free time, you can set up a new Facebook and Tinder account in no time. Still, we recommend staying away from this option if you’re serious about dating on Tinder. Because users can view your social media, you’ll be less likely to pick up matches if your account looks fake or new. Since your new Facebook account connected to Tinder will likely have zero friends, you may be seen by others on the site in a negative light. If you do choose to start over, keep that in mind as you head forward on your journey.


Overall, however, we recommend sticking to finding new matches on the service. It just isn’t healthy to be kept up on a single guy or girl, especially when users are unmatched on a daily basis. Typically, there’s almost nothing personal about being unmatched—we all have our own personal preferences in the men and women we find attractive, and what one user doesn’t see in you, another user might just be a perfect match. Mistakes can happen, and just because someone matched and unmatched with you doesn’t mean the end of the world. It’s healthy to think of it more as an accidental like on Facebook or Twitter than a true, insulting error. Remember to keep your head up when it comes to Tinder matches. Smartphones may have revolutionized the world around us, but heartbreak still exists online.

11 thoughts on “How to Tell if Someone Unmatched You on Tinder”

P says:
There’s a guy who unmatched me but it was completely my fault. I was just trying to be a little aloof. He seemed to be a decent and shy guy who knew how to talk respectfully and didn’t make me feel awkward at all. He was pretty much looking for a serious relationship. I told him that I wasn’t too serious because I am going to graduate soon and possibly be moving for a job. There was this instant regret feeling after saying that. He unmatched me the next day around noon which I agree was a right thing to do. I had planned to ask him on a date as I had indirectly said no when he asked me to meet. When I saw his profile was gone and the gut feeling was like a lost something important. Do you guys think it’s worth getting a new profile to ask him out? Would it be too desperate or stalker-ish?
Laura says:
I matched with a guy once and we ended up meeting in person and fooling around. Later i tried to look for his profile to show my friend and it disappeared ! Bit embarrassing if he found it so unpleasant so as to unmatch, but perhaps he just figured he was done with it anyways. Either way it made me feel a little weird at first. There’s plenty reasons for people to unmatch though so i suppose it shouldn’t be taken to heart.
Dario Nacken says:
I am currently in Japan just looking for people to hang out with and I get matched with quite a lot of girls that just unmatch me as soon as I write something.. it’s so frustrating..
joe says:
I matched with a girl today and we started talking and she asked me if i wanted i one-night stand or a serious relationship and i answerd maybe both. She then replied that she wanted more picctures through snapchat i sent the pics and when i was back..pofff gone she was. She hasen’t opened that snapchats yet…what do u guys think happened?
Judy says:
I matched a guy and we set up a date, place and time and he disappeared from tinder on the day of the date. Do I still go?
Laura says:
NO WAY!!!!!
Sash says:
My ex partner currently has criminal charges of strangulation and domestic violence charges against him. He is also carrying STD’ s This man is dangerous, 1 day after attacking me he was on tinder. A friend made a few fake profiles and accounts, she reported him. I also created an account simply to find him and reported him to be removed.
How do I find out if this person has been removed from Tinder. I fear for the innocent woman out there. He is a cruel znarcissist and no one should have to go through the taugcher this man put me through.
Ashley says:
Was his name christian?
Kate says:
Was he in Charleston by chance?
Miri Atkinson says:
I matched a guy and met him-we’ve dated. Now that I have a way to communicate outside of Tinder, would this person get offended if I unmatch the profile?
Donny Shepard says:
Ask him.
Artur Mas i Gavarró says:
I’ve been unmatched by a girl, and I saw her profile again…. I swap on the right but the rematch didn’t happen. What does it mean ???
Kura says:
Buddy. Means she didn’t swipe right this time.
Jennifer says:
I matched with someone once the other day and he said one thing to me to which I replied but spelled incorrectly. I noticed I did that and jokingly spelled it right and said “delayed reaction” I was busy but it looked like a got a response from him that I was going to check back later. Next thing I knew he was gone! I have no idea what I could have possibly been wrong and I know it’s not good to dwell on it or anything but I just got out of a really long marriage and I’m pretty down on myself right now. If he doesn’t know me fine but he lives close by and a lot of my ex’s friends are on Tinder. My biggest fear is someone spoke with him and said something bad about me. I have no idea what kind of answer I’m looking for in this unless you could possibly see I did anything wrong. Feeling low.
Andreas says:
Sorry to hear that. Not sure I have any advice, I’m afraid. Doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong. I didn’t go through the same thing exactly, but I did experience someone unmatching me (I assume that’s what happened), and it breaks my heart, honestly.
Sue Londesbrough says:
I was chatting with a guy last night we were a match and the conversation just disappeared. Today I have got his profile again and don’t know whether to like him again. What’s happened?
Jacqueline renshW says:
Please find a guy that when I pressed to read is message it just cleared on sat13thjan around 8:15 pm his name was wayne please find this match and add him back to my messsges thank you
D. Piper says:
No one can do that for you, unfortunately.
Bhagyashree Gharat says:
I can see the person in match and can even see the past chat but I am not able to see the profile of that person
Does it mean I have been unmatch from the persons account on Tinder
Rahul says:
Seems like it..I have been there as well 🙂
Missy says:
No, they probably made thsves undiscoverable likebi did myself and that means you can see matches and convos but they cannot see my profile! I have it hidden!!

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