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Unless you have tons of matches on Tinder or you’re looking through your match list for that particular individual when someone unmatches you, you’ll never be able to tell. If you and your match have already liked one another and started conversing, you’ll be able to tell they’ve unmatched you. All proof they ever existed will disappear from the app. They won’t show up on your Tinder match list and your conversation history will completely disappear.

Did you think things were going swimmingly, when all of a sudden—poof—the person you were chatting up disappeared from your list? Here are a few things you can try to make sure it was a legitimate and intentional unmatch. Otherwise, if you’ve matched with another person on Tinder but hadn’t started a text conversation with one another, you’ll have no idea who has unmatched you.

Tinder Reboot

You can first resort to fully closing out of the Tinder app (force quitting if needed) and restarting it, just to make sure the app is not glitching out. However, if you’re still unable to find that person that you thought was possibly the next special someone in your life, the chances are that person unmatched you. You will no longer see that person in your list of matches and all your conversation history will also be gone.

Consider Yourself Blocked

Once someone unmatches you, he or she will not show up again as you swipe right to like people. The only way to get the person that unmatched you back on your Tinder match radar is by completely deleting your Tinder account and starting fresh. In simple, blunt terms: when someone unmatches you, they are basically blocking you from contact with them.

Ready to Start Over?

Don’t get us wrong, mistakes can happen . . . so maybe it was a complete snafu that you’ve gotten unmatched from an individual profile. But, is it really worth deleting your whole Tinder account and starting over again for that person that may or may not have unmatched you purposely?

If your answer is yes, then have a look at an article that further covers undoing matches individually or deleting your whole Tinder account to start fresh. You can find it right here on our very own TechJunkie website.

Posted by Heather on November 21, 2016

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