5 Ways You Can Make Money with your Phone

Phones have changed the way humans lead their lives by connecting every single person on this planet. And the latest smartphone devices have further increased this capacity by metes and bounds.

However, in addition to their traditional functions, today’s smartphones also allow making an extra buck by sitting in your home. Some online platforms like JustAnswer are skill-intensive where you can provide your services, and some others are based on sheer luck, like money games! Here we bring to you five services by which you can start earning money from your mobile phone!

Music Xray

Are you a music lover? Then don’t wait, just log in to Music Xray, and we guarantee it would be the most wonderful thing you’ve ever stumbled upon. Music Xray is a website which would pay you for listening to music! Yes, you read it right and there is no catch here.

To get a better sense of it, imagine this as a music advertising platform. Essentially, you need to listen to different songs and share the bands, songs, etc. which you like the most, which would help others in quickly digging the good stuff. Every week you would be given certain songs to listen to, from which you create a “taste profile”, and regardless of whether you love it or hate it, you get paid 10 cents!


Foap is yet another online platform by which you can earn money. However, this is specifically for people who like clicking photos. You can find buyers for different kinds of photographs and for each sold photo you get $5. Amazing! Isn’t it?

If you’re lucky, Foap can also share your photos with other websites like Adobe and Shutterstock and thus increase your monetizing opportunities. So from now on, you might take an extra second or two for clicking the perfect picture!

Real Money Games

Real money games allow users to make money with pretty much just a few clicks or spins. Popular real money games include blackjack, roulette, poker, and online slot games. Available on Android, Windows, and IOS devices mobile phone users are really spoilt for choice. In order to play real money games, players can either download the software or find a mobile casino online. No need to worry about data usage either, most real money games can be accessed on wifi. Users can even check mobile casino reviews in order to find the best site to play at. Sites are generally rated on a few key areas like no. of games available, customer service, and pay out times. Meaning, that by checking out reviews users can be assured that they will only find top quality real money games.


JustAnswer is an online platform where you can register yourself as a professional and earn money by providing professional advice. The website has a number of areas of specialization such as Law, Health, Cars, and so on. All you need to do is verify your credentials and register as an expert. Many people log into the website as clients, in search of professional answers. Every client has a different rate that he or she is willing to pay. Depending on how many answers you provide, your earning capacity on this platform could be limitless. So don’t wait, pick your smartphone and start earning today!


Are you fed up of your ever-expanding closet and want to throw old clothes away? You might want to check out Poshmark before doing this. Poshmark allows you to sell your old branded clothes for great resale value. All you need to do is click a photo of the branded cloth by your phone.

The platform would keep around $2.95 for clothes sold for less than $15 and for all upward sales, it would keep 20%.

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