The Best Android Tablets [November 2019]

Unfortunately for Android enthusiasts, it’s a bit of a down time to be shopping for an Android tablet. While there’s no shortage of great devices on the market from the last few years hardware advancement and development, there’s no doubt that plenty of Android manufacturers have outright stopped creating tablets for the platform because of a lack of interest in large-screened Android devices. It’s not that tablets are a bad idea—in fact, with the advancement of display and sound technology, tablets today can be the best way to watch movies or television shows while on the move today. And while both Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9 Pie have made Android software a bit more usable on large displays, it’s obvious that consumers have focused more on purchasing phablet-sized phones instead of using tablets than can’t be pocketed on the go.

Still, tablets are a great device for lounging around the house watching browsing the web, or watching Netflix in bed as your partner sleeps. And even while the majority of tablet usage is reduced down to online media consumption, many people want to use their devices for more than just watching movies or reading books on the go. Still, these Android devices struggle to compete against devices like the iPad Pro or Microsoft’s Surface Tablet, and even face stiff competition from the likes of Google’s own Chromebook branch. For most, the best Android tablet really depends on what you personally want to do with your device. Do you want something you can play games on? Something just to watch Let’s Plays on YouTube? Do you want to take notes in a classroom, or type up minutes from a meeting? Maybe you need stylus support, or something with a smaller, portable device or a larger, laptop-like screen? And how much are you willing to pay for a device that mostly does things your laptop and your smartphone already do quite well?

These are difficulties facing all tablet devices in 2019, not just the ones that run Android. Tablets in general are facing a bit of an identity crisis this year—they want to be a computing revolution, but they’re stuck in evolution mode. But for some, a tablet can be a great choice for a third device that lets you consume media without using your laptop or desktop computer. There are a ton of tablets worth buying in 2019; you just have to truly consider what your use case is for the device before you drop your hard-earned cash down at your local electronics store. With all that said, let’s take a look at the best Android tablets.

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