The Best Apps to Download Free Music on the iPhone

For decades and decades, listening to music has been a favorite pastime of millions of people all over the world. However, it wasn’t always as easy as it is now to listen to music on demand. You used to have to go to a concert to listen to music. But as technology developed, there became other ways to listen to music including records, cassettes, CDs and eventually MP3s and streaming.

So while there are a lot of options nowadays to listen to music, many of them cost a lot of money. While they are still more affordable than having to buy CDs or records every single week or month, there are cheaper options. In fact, there are also many options out there to listen to all the music you want, for free. Many of the most popular music streaming apps on the planet now offer free versions, many of which are incredible.

However, not all of them are good. As a result, it can be tough to know which free music apps to download and which to skip. That is where this article comes in. This article will look at a number of the best free music apps you can find in the App Store. All the apps on this list are completely free to use, but many have a premium membership as well. For the purpose of this article, we will only be looking at and considering the free version of each app.

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iHeartRadio is a completely free streaming music player that features more than 2oo different and popular radio stations. These feature music from many of today’s biggest stars in many different genres. You can also customize the listening experience to hear whatever you want, no matter what mood or mindset you’re in.

Not only is the app great, it is also quite easy and simple to use. Right after you download the app, you are able to listen to any and all the music featured on the app. The design of the app is great and the navigation is incredibly easy to pick up. As a result, you have a great app that looks good as well. While the app can be a bit spotty when not in wifi, it still will work as long as you are connected to the internet or data in some way.

iHeartRadio has also been putting on an awards show for a few years that hosts many of the biggest and most popular acts in music. Look for iHeartRadio as a company and an app to continue to grow and get more popular over the next few years as well.

Youtube is one of the most popular places to visit for music, but this app makes using Youtube for music even easier. Musi is an app that lets you stream and organize music straight from Youtube with ease. The app lets you build playlists, share music with others and more.

Musi is a fairly new app to the market, but is already getting popular and gaining market share. It is incredibly simple to use, just like browsing youtube to look up videos. Think of it basically as a more customized version of Youtube that allows you to not only enjoy the music, but also make playlists and customize to your own liking.

Also, this app is completely free, as you could probably guess by its inclusion in this article. While it may not have as many features as many other apps, it is a great option. The simplicity of it all makes it easy to pick up and use without much thought or planning necessary.

If you have a wide and varied palette when it comes to music, this might be the right app for you. Deezer gives you free and unlimited access to millions and millions of songs from all different types of genres. You can search music, create playlists and many other things as well.

But of all the features of the app, one sticks out as the best and most unique. Deezer Flow is the ultimate music matchmaker. Flow discovers new songs and artists that you might like, all based off of your listening habits. This means the app can be easily customized by yourself, but you can also see what the app thinks you enjoy. Flow also shows on-screen lyrics, which is a great addition.

There is a premium membership that gets you access to different and new features, but even without that option, this app is still one of the best. The music catalogue is vast, the design is simple and beautiful and the features are just what you would want or expect in a free music app.

Whether you listen on the computer, tablet or iPhone, Spotify is one of the best and popular music apps. Spotify has millions of songs and playlists to choose from, for whatever genre of music you like and whatever mood you’re in. As a result, it is not shocking that it is among the most popular apps in the space.

While the free option only allows you to listen to artists, songs and playlists on shuffle, that isn’t so bad. You still get access to all of the biggest songs and albums, as soon as they come out. You also need to listen to ads if you use the free version, but the ads on Spotify aren’t too bad at all and are generally quite unintrusive and quick.

If this was an article about the best music app period, this would be the winner. The premium version is incredibly great. But since this is just a look at the best “free” music app, this app doesn’t quite have enough to get that spot. However, it is still a great option and one that millions of people use and love.

8tracks is one of the best places to find cool and interesting musical playlists. These playlists are custom made by other users and there is definitely a playlist for any mood your might be experiencing. In fact, there are more than 2 million free playlists made by thousands of music lovers.

This app bears similarities to Pandora, but has a different feel and is still gaining market share as it hasn’t been around for as long. You can easily explore different mixes and playlists and can save them for future reference. The app provides you with great recommendations and the community is vibrant, helpful and quite passionate about music.

There is a premium membership you can pay for, but the free version of the app is more than enough for most people as there is so much variety, you are sure to find a playlist (or multiple playlists) that you love. It is a very popular choice for indie or underground music, if that is your style.

While this is an internet radio and streaming app like many others on this list, there is something very different about this app. Unlike most free music apps, Jango doesn’t use ads at all, which can make for a smoother listening experience that features less interruptions. This alone will be reason enough for some people to decide to go with this app.

The app ialsosp very easy to use. As you tell the app an artist you enjoy, they will craft a playlist specifically around that artist. It will feature their songs, and the songs of other similar artists. Or, you can tune into one of many pre-made stations and playlists in a number of different genres.

You get unlimited listening, without the use of ads, which are both incredibly rare and tough to find in a free music app. You can save stations, adjust quality, and do many more things as well. All in all, if you really hate ads, but don’t want to pay for you music app, this is one of the best options in the App Store.

Music videos (and the TV channels that showed them), used to be incredibly popular. While they have definitely fallen out of popularity a bit thanks to MP3s and streaming platforms, they are not dead. Youtube videos of music videos still get hundreds of millions of views, and are still talked about a fair bit.

And easily the most popular place to watch official music videos is Vevo. While many will just go to the Vevo Youtube page for many of their favorite artists, there is a better and more simpler way to check out music videos. The Vevo app is a fantastic way to watch new and classic music videos from a variety of different artists.

You can easily create playlists of your favorite videos and can set it up so you receive notifications when your favorite artist adds a new video. You can also see playlists that other people have made and save them too. The app is free, and is available around the world. Simply, if you love music videos, this is the best app in the market for watching them and being updated on new ones being released.

There is something about live performances that goes just so much further beyond simply just listening to the music. If you are someone that adores concerts and live performances, this might be the music app for you. Qello Concerts is an app that basically lets you turn your phone into a live performance.

This app features over 1,000 live performances from some of the biggest acts in music including Queen, Beyonce, Pink Floyd, Tupac and many more. Their live performances stream right to your phone and there is no simpler way to see incredible live performances on your iPhone.

While you have to pay to get unlimited and full access to the concerts, there are plenty of great things about the free version of this app. You get at least one track from every concert (oftentimes more than one), and there are more than 30 free channels that show you some great concert moments from some of your favorite performances. While it likely won’t be your only music app, it is a great option for those who love concerts and watching them.

Slacker Radio is among the best free options on the market. You get access to hundreds of different interactive listening stations, many of which were hand-crafted by music lovers like yourself. Slacker Radio also allows you the ability to listen offline, which many apps like this don’t offer.

Another great thing about this app is the fact that it includes a bit of exclusive content. There are a number of exlusive shows and stations that no other app has, and the app also includes some news and sports coverage as well. The app itself is also quite good-looking and menus are stylish and simple to navigate.

It is one of the best-kept-secrets in this category, as it is not quite as famous as other names on this list such as Pandora, Soundcloud, and Spotify. Despite this, it is still one of the best options on this list. It is available to use for free and you get quite a bit of the app included without a dime being spent. However, there is still a paid option for the app if you so choose.

Not only is Shazam among the most downloaded and popular music apps, but it is one of the most popular of any apps you can download for the App Store. In fact, well over 100 million people use this app every month. Shazam got famous as a great and simple way to identify music.

Basically, if you hold this app open to a song for a few seconds, it will be able to identify the song and who sings it. This app also lets you know what famous people are Shazamming, which is a cool feature. The app can also keep tabs on the people you have Shazammed (and your favorite artists) and keep you posted when they release new content.

The app can also connect to a variety of other music apps in order to play full songs and introduce you in a bigger fashion to the artists you have searched for. The app also can provide you with the lyrics of the songs you search for and you can easily share your Shazam’s with others. It is one of the most famous apps on this entire list, and for good reason.

Radio on the iPhone doesn’t get much better than TuneIn. This app gives you access to over 100,000 different radio stations from all over the country. So if you are in New York, you can tune into radio stations from places like Atlanta, Houston or Chicago with ease. The types of music and content included in the app are nearly endless as each one of the radio stations is constantly being different and changing its programming.

The types of music and content included in the app are nearly endless as each one of the radio stations is constantly being different and changing its programming. In addition to its viability as a music app, TuneIn also gives you access to a number of different things such as sports and news.

This free app has many great features and a simple, yet elegant, design, but there is also a premium version if you choose to purchase it. This membership gives you access to many ad-free stations, play by play for sports, audiobooks and many more.

While this might be a more popular option on Android phones than it is on the iPhone, it is still a great and free music app. Being that this app is from Google, you know it is good as most of the things they do seem to catch fire.

While this app does have a paid subscription option, this section will look more at the free version of the app, which is still pretty incredible. The free app contains thousands of pre-made playlists from many of the most popular music acts on the planet. In addition to that, you can store and stream up to 50,000 songs without paying a dime.

Also, this app includes a great feature that allows the app to recommend you songs, artists, and playlists that it feels you will enjoy, based on your listening history. The more you use the app and its features, the more it will learn your preferences and will get better at recommending you things you will love.

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