The Best Bullet Journal Apps [September 2020]

A bullet journal is typically a pen-and-paper affair: you use a paper journal and take written notes on your day, make to-do lists, etc. The movement behind this organizational system is largely based on replacing electronic interactions with physical ones; rather than depending entirely on our phones or apps to manage our lives, the idea is to use a good quality diary or notebook and create your own to-do lists or reminders using bullet points. While that is okay for some, not everyone wants to go old school with pen and paper. And while many of us use a computer to manage our day-to-day planning, being able to write everything out makes seeing the week ahead a whole lot easier.

It would be nice to switch those devices off and have a pen in my hand, but that would really just end up making more work for me, as the information still has to get into my electronic life for it to be “real.” In addition, the physical journals can be bulky and inconvenient and less than fully portable, which is less than ideal, not to mention the old “where did I leave my pen?” problem. This is where a bullet journal app comes gets a chance to shine. For those who want to keep it digital, here are the best bullet journal apps around right now.

8 thoughts on “The Best Bullet Journal Apps [September 2020]”

Angela says:
I like the Journalist, but I’m not able to find anything equivalent for Android. Is there any?
Hermione Granger says:
umm, I want to like design a bullet journal like the normal way.
Maria says:
I use Wantshes, it’s like a visual board
Martin says:
I’m disappointed Wunderlist doesn’t appear to be included. A wonderful app, easily on a par with some mentioned here.
lwr32 says:
My favorite is Goodnotes and a digital journal suck as the ones on Holly Pixel or make your own. I like being able to draw and write with the Apple pencil. On my iPad.
Tracey Smith says:
Sorry, but OneNote IS in fact free for anyone and has been for some time now…
Martine Dubois says:
Can you recommend any Android BUJO apps that lets you use your stylus like a pen?
Kathi says:
I like to write so I use Nebo with my Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.

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