Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android

Posted by Will on August 2, 2018

Call forwarding is a feature that used to be a premium selling point for landline phones – remember landline phones? These days it’s a feature that not many people need, but those who do rely on it for critical business or personal calls. If you use call forwarding to have your business line ring your cell phone after hours, or for redirecting landline calls to your personal cell, call forwarding is a feature that you probably can’t live without. As a convenience feature, call forwarding is hard to beat and it helps you to get calls from friends, family and work on one device.

Some phone companies provide call forwarding as a service when you buy a plan from them, but there are also a large number of call forwarding apps available on the Play Store for download to your Android smartphone. Not all of those apps are created equal, though, so we’re happy to offer this guide of the best call forwarding apps available for Android. Whether you’re looking for a simple application to be used when you’re on vacation, or you need something with a little more security and privacy, we have you covered below.

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