The Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android [September 2019]

Posted by Will on September 26, 2019

Call forwarding used to be a premium selling point to landline phones, but in 2019, has become a feature that only a select group of users actually require. However, if you rely on call forwarding for your business or for redirecting landline calls to your phone, it’s probably one of those features that you just can’t live without. Whether you’re trying to narrow your phones down from your business and personal smartphone to a singular number, or you need to be able to receive calls from family and friends reaching your landline number when you’re on the go or out of town, call forwarding can be a great feature to make your life that much easier.

There are a ton of call forwarding apps for Android available on the Play Store for download, but not all of them are perfect for your device. As call forwarding continues to become more of a niche offering than something everyone needs, fewer and fewer apps are offered on the Play Store. That’s why we’re happy to offer this guide of the best call forwarding apps available for Android. Whether you’re looking for a simple application to be used when you’re on vacation, or you need something with a little more security and privacy, we have you covered below.

4 thoughts on “The Best Call Forwarding Apps for Android [September 2019]”

John Tregidga says:
Is it at all possible to have any forwarding app only forward select incoming numbers to a secondary number? I’m always getting people trying to fax my cell phone and not my fax land line. Plus it would be fun to send some spammers to a fax tone.
M Flutie says:
I’m trying to find a way to forward calls from w burner account (textnow, textne, and the like) to a different number. If I have that app set up as my main phone/text (system default) will any of these apps help? Or would it only forward from my regular carrier provided number?
meh says:
@Mike, Being a Crisis line 1 your most likley looking at sip/voip/ip phones and are looking in the wrong place…

You will need to speak to your it tech, this is not something you want to play around with without the required knowledge due to at the very least medical privacy, and well not stuffing things up like encryption etc. Not knowing the environment of your call center aside, yes its entirely possible, and the right place to ask (with the right right information like.. what hardware your call center uses would be stack exchange.

for everyone else, tasker is an option to


Mike Crowe says:
What about having a number (in our case a “crisis line”) that at the end of the day gets rerouted to a person “on call”? Obviously that will change day by day to different phones. Any such thing like that out there?

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