The Best Dash Cams [March 2020]

Thanks to more powerful and affordable cam technology, everyday drivers can use powerful dash cams for a variety of purposes in different environments. Some take advantage of their front-facing camera power to protect themselves legally in the event of a crash, while others are more interested in simply capturing the scenic beauty of an extended road trip. Regardless of your reason for picking one of these intrepid cams up, there are now a seemingly endless number to choose from—making things difficult for potential buyers who haven’t necessarily decided on what they’re going to primary be using it for.

Still, some dash cams are blatantly better than others, and thanks to an increasingly powerful and affordable collection, there’s really no need to break the bank if you want to land a high-quality dash cam that can both protect you in the event of a crash and act as a go-to adventure camera every time you’re on the road.

So before you go out and waste your money on an overpriced cam, check out our list of the best dash cams around, based on variables that range from camera quality and size to overall functionality and style.

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