The Best Detachable Laptops – November 2018

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As laptops become more powerful and compact, desktop computers are becoming less popular and relevant. Unless you need an extreme amount of processing power for pro-level tasks or gaming, it simply doesn’t make much sense to invest in a desktop machine that you can’t take with you on the go.

But even some ardent laptop proponents are starting to embrace an even more portable and streamlined type of computer: the detachable laptop. Bridging the gap between a traditional laptop and a tablet, these intrepid devices often feature fully detachable keyboards—meaning you can treat the screen as a standard tablet when you need to.

Regardless of whether you work in a creative field and require a stylus to sketch images directly on a screen, or you simply want the flexibility of being able to choose between on-screen touch controls and a traditional keyboard, you may want to check out this list of the best detachable laptops around.

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