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The Best eBook Reader Apps for Android [January 2021]

If you went decades back into the past, you’d probably see dozens of people in public enjoying a good book. Whether a novel, a collection of short stories, or a biography, millions of people would bring a book with them on long car rides, on public transportation, or just out in the park, enjoying the sunshine of a lovely summer day. Sadly, it’s much less common in 2021 to see people out with a paperback in their grasp. Thanks to major advancements in consumer technology, those same readers are likely on their smartphones or tablets, playing a mobile game or checking up on their social networks. Sure, you’ll still see people reading paperbacks on the go, but it’s much less frequent than it was just a few decades ago. It almost seems like the traditional book has been replaced by shorter forms of entertainment.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that reading is dead. In fact, those same gadgets that have seemingly taken away from the paper book industry have also led to a brand new way of reading on the go. While nothing could ever beat the tactile feel of a real book in your hand—or, barring that, a physical eReader with e-Ink to give the feel of a real book—but thanks to the added convenience of your smartphone, you can keep a collection of hundreds of books in your pocket for on-the-go reading without ever having to worry about misplacing your novel or carrying an additional object on you during the rest of the day. There are dozens of eBook applications for Android that make it easy to customize your reading experience, and while it might not compete with the feel of reading an actual novel, it sure can come close. With phone displays growing larger and larger each year, reading a book on your digital device has never felt more realistic than it does today.

But which eBook application should you choose for your Android device? Of course, if you already have an eReader, you should choose the corresponding application that can sync your library of books over the web. If you have yet to choose a service for your digital library, you’ll want to look for the largest library, the best prices, and of course, the most customization options when it comes time to read your book. For that, we’ve got a few suggestions. Let’s dive into our top picks for January 2021.