The 10 Best Emoji Apps For the iPhone [September 2020]

In a world where so much of our communication with our friends, partners, family, and coworkers is done through texting, words often fall flat or are misinterpreted by the recipient. When you send words via text or email there’s no body language or tone of voice, which is why people misinterpret messages sent through text and even take offense where no offense was intended. There may be those occasions when your response can only be sufficiently communicated with an emoji of the face of an alien looking surprised or just a classic smiling face can make all the difference. That’s why we have emojis. And that’s why there are more emoji apps then there are human emotions themselves.

There’s an emoji for every emotion and every connotation of emotion. Emoji, when used well and sparingly, can help you communicate more clearly and sometimes amuse the recipient at the same time. When iOS 10 opened up iMessage to third-party developers, emoji apps for the iPhone flooded the market. And with the Animoji capabilities of the iPhone X, along with its successor model, the iPhone XS, and the spin-off device, the iPhone XR, the possibilities have exploded. Some of these apps are free, but many cost a dollar or two.

Rather than running up your credit card balance in order to test every emoji app in the Apple Store, we’ll give you a list of our personal favorites so that you can spend your emoji app budget wisely. Here are the ten best emoji apps for the iPhone.

4 thoughts on “The 10 Best Emoji Apps For the iPhone [September 2020]”

Reality Check says:
Hahaha. Catherine Un-Cooley is more like it! I’m female and I’m downloading it and giving it 5 stars just bc of that ridiculous comment. Get over it. I think the term sexist should refer to someone who likes/has sex lol. Much better. Gotta love it. People like this give the rest of us something to laugh about. Get a life girl. Seriously.
Consuelo says:
I downloaded “free” Emoji Maker and it was only a free 3-day trial, $9.99/mo after.
Tony Jantz says:
Which among your list has an android version?
Catherine Cooley says:
Thank you for the info on emoji’s!

FYI, you probably didn’t mean to sound sexist, but your first sentence describing the Roxie app could easily be interpreted as an insult to women: “Despite the very feminine appearance, Roxie is a very accomplished emoji app.” This statement indicates than feminine things are not very accomplished.
I thought you might want to know.

Thank you,

Art Mayo says:
I think what the author meant is that girls are the #1 users of emojis and women being #3, but the app has emojis that are gender neutral, and ones that would skew towards male users. I understand that right now there is a huge effort to shine light and attack men who are misogynists, sexist, or people who are sexual predators, which is great. We need to get rid of the Harvey Weinsteins, Bill O’Reillys, Roger Ailes, and Bill Cosbys of the world. But we can’t over do it and take it too far because then no one will take it seriously again. Example we could have women saying they got “unwanted sexual advances” from guys who just hit on them. And technically that is an unwanted sexual advance. But a guy approaching a girl at a bar and offering to buy her a drink, or a guy asking a girl out, and the girl saying no is not sexual assault, abuse, or harassment. It is flirting and how people used to start dating before the internet age. Now we choose who we date based on their looks and 8 sentences about them that they themselves wrote, which I think is a step back.
Gerald says:
yeah, it’s sexist, right. probably racist and any other hate word you can think of as well. some people will and do find a reason to get offended by anything someone says. if they get offended, screw em, i’m tired of hearing about it. think what you want. Most people just don’t care anymore and i’m one of them.

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