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The Best Extensions to Sync Chrome and Android

It wasn’t until 2012 when Chrome finally arrived on Android as a platform. Prior to this, Android devices used a basic browser that shipped with AOSP versions of Android not modified with Google software. Chrome arriving on Android marked a watershed moment in Google’s quest to achieve dominance in the mobile market. With Chrome’s popularity in the desktop sector, it made sense for Google to move their browser over to Android, along with the ability to sync bookmarks, tabs, history, and more. Since the creation of Chrome for Android, we’ve seen Google take their ecosystem to new heights. Nearly every application or platform developed by Google now comes with the ability to easily sync with everything else you do. In fact, Google’s fully-baked ecosystem is the reason plenty of technology enthusiasts stick with Android year-in and year-out, instead of switching to iOS.

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When Chrome for Android was first released, Google developed an app called Chrome to Phone. The app allows you to push websites, directions, and notes from your desktop to your phone without having to send the content in an email or text message to yourself. Eventually, the ability to load recent taps from your desktop on Chrome for Android was added to the main app, and the desktop app was discontinued and marked as deprecated in 2015, before finally being shut down in March of 2016. Nearly two years later, and most Chrome users will likely find themselves making due with the Recent Tabs replacement inside of Chrome. Still, there’s an argument to be made that Chrome on your desktop and Chrome on your Android phone should sync better. Why can’t these apps allow you to view notifications from your Android device, or to respond to notifications sitting on your phone? Why can’t you use both devices to communicate, or to share items on your clipboard, or even move files between the two devices wirelessly?

Thankfully, Chrome’s extension market comes in handy here. While Google has lacked the ability to sync your Android phone to your Chrome browser outside of tabs and history for quite some time, other developers have come to the rescue. Several third-party options and extensions exist to help you get the most out of Chrome when synced with your Android device, and today, we’ll be taking a look at the best of them. These extensions are tried and tested, with millions of users and years of experience being on the market. So quit dealing with the subpar Chrome syncing experience offered by Google, and start taking advantage of the best sync protocol Android has to offer.