The Best Firewall Apps for Android [June 2019]

If Internet security is not your cup of tea, then the word “firewall” might sound like something very bad, and certainly not something you’d want to install on your Android smartphone or tablet. Fear not: a firewall is actually a good thing, a protective tool that keeps your device safe from viruses and some kinds of malicious attacks. In civil engineering and architecture, a firewall is a wall that’s designed specifically to be highly resistant to combustion, and it keeps a building from burning down entirely if one part happens to catch on fire. Similarly, most modern computing devices have some form of firewall built-in, as a security protection that keeps your device safe and secure as it performs its typical duties around the web and within its own processing.

Your device’s firewall acts as a network security system, monitoring incoming and outgoing data and traffic between your phone and the web-based on predetermined (either by the user or by the device itself) security protocols. While a firewall is far more necessary on a personal computer, desktop, or laptop than on a tablet or phone running Android, some Android users might find a firewall handy when browsing outside of their own WiFi connection in order to protect their devices from viruses and other nasty software floating on the web.

Whether you’re concerned about security on your mobile device, or you’re just looking to lock down your phone or tablet for additional comfort, a firewall downloaded from the Play Store can be a great solution to an unfortunate problem. Between iOS and Android, we’ve found Android to be the more open of the two platforms, allowing for a bit more freedom and customizability overall when using the device. Unfortunately, this also means some added security concerns, since no device is ever perfectly safe from malware or security vulnerabilities.

Android’s gotten a lot more secure lately, with monthly security patches typically rolling out on time as expected for the majority of flagship phones. If you’re still concerned about your data and phone being unprotected, a firewall might be able to give you some peace of mind. Let’s take a look at our favorite firewall apps on the Play Store right now.

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Like NoRoot, Mobiwol will require access on your phone to setup a VPN network before setup and normal operation begins. The app is designed to reroute traffic through the rules you set for your own device, making your device safer as it goes. The app, much like NoRoot, has five sections: Rules, Connection Logs, Settings, Data Usage, and of course, Privacy Protection Logs. Unlike some of the other apps on this list, though, Mobiwol is really easy to setup. Everything you need is typically found in Rules, allowing you to set the guidelines as needed within the app.

As with other firewall apps, you can limit their operation over WiFi, wireless data, or both, while also setting the limitation of foreground-only operation, blocking the app from using background data that can run up your data usage or battery life. Your logs can be found under both Privacy Protection and Connection Logs, depending on what you’re looking for, and the Data Usage tab will allow you to monitor your apps’ data usage over your wireless networks. Unfortunately, the app hasn’t been updated since April of 2018, which may spell doom for future versions of the app. Still, Mobiwol is trusted by over half a million users, and is definitely worth checking out for firewall applications. Oh, and you won’t need root for this one either.

2 thoughts on “The Best Firewall Apps for Android [June 2019]”

rijnsma says:
I love ‘Noroot’ but it is a pity it is a little battery-hungry.
CH GR says:
Missing the information / classification about INBOUND firewall capabilities. So this article is useless for my case, I need INBOUND protection
Ana Carolina My Love says:
So do I…

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