The Best Free Snipping Tools for Windows 10 – May 2019

Taking screenshots of the devices you use daily can help in a multitude of ways. From saving funny message your friends send you to troubleshooting error messages when you’re working with support teams to fix your PC, there’s plenty of reasons that grabbing a screen grab of your computer. While iOS and Android devices have screenshot tools built into every device, it can actually be a lot more difficult to take, send, and share screen grabs on your Windows PC, especially if you’re new to the operating system.

Thankfully, capturing screenshots on Windows 10 is totally feasible. From built-in tools and keyboard shortcuts to full third-party tools with editing options and more, there’s no shortage of ways to capture an image on your Windows computer. Here’s our picks for the best snipping tools for Windows 10.

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TinyTake is a freeware app that works a bit like a combination of the Snipping Tool and Paint. It’s a simple UI with clear instructions. It works quickly and makes it easy to snip parts of a screen, take screenshots, capture images and a lot more. It can also work with moving images so you can capture video elements or screencasts. The free version is limited to home use only and has a 5 minute video limit and a 2GB maximum file size. Premium versions have no restrictions.

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ShareX is an open source snipping tool that gets the job done. It has a simple interface but some powerful features. It doesn’t just take screenshots, it can also work with video, share files, manipulate them, edit them, add effects and a whole lot more. While promoted as a pure snipping tool, it’s more a creativity suite and it’s free too!

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Lightshot is another free snipping tool that punches way above its weight. It is a simple tool to use but is so straightforward and easy to use that it should be on everyone’s computer. It works with Windows, Mac and Linux so there is no excuse. You can snip regions, take an entire screen, copy, paste, edit and more. Plus you can track all your screenshots if you sign up. Lightshot is free to use for non-commercial use.

GreenShot is simple, easy to use and works in much the same way as Windows Snipping Tool. You can select an entire monitor, active window, a region from multiple monitors or a small part of the screen. Then edit, add other creative elements and save it in a range of formats. Not much more to say really. GreenShot is free.

Screenpresso is quite a feature-rich snipping tool for Windows 10 and iOS. It works with screenshots, video, documents and more to enable you to create anything up to professional looking presentations or webcasts. The UI is simple and easy to use, the editing tools are fast and varied and it takes only a couple of minutes to master. Screenpresso is free for home use and has a premium edition too.

If you want to be able to laugh out loud the next time you hear ‘screenshot or it didn’t happen’ you now have a variety of great tools to use. Got any more to suggest?

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i want to edit a dvd that has old home movies on it
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