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The Best Hidden Cams [October 2020]

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The Best Hidden Cams [October 2020]

You don’t need to be a paranoid home owner to want to have a hidden security camera. Whether you spend most of your time at the office or you’re headed out on vacation, being able to keep an eye on your house is important. Regardless of whether you want to catch an intruder or simply keep an eye on your pet, these cameras make it easy to keep tabs on both your valuables and your loved ones.

Of course you probably don’t want to turn your living room into some type of evil Bond Villain lair in which unwitting guests are subjected to secretive surveillance 24/7, but there are certain times when added discretion is required for your surveillance. Perhaps you’re trying to ensure that your new babysitter is following all of your house rules while you’re away, or maybe you’ve been dying to play a prank on your unwitting cousin who happens to be spending the week with you. 

Regardless of your specific (and hopefully not too nefarious) intents and requirements, sometimes you need a security camera that’s truly hidden—so hidden that your guests won’t even be able to see it if they’re looking directly at it. 

There are plenty of hidden home cameras to choose from, many of which take the form of everyday household objects such as clocks and USB drives. And to make your search easier, we’ve listed some of the best hidden cameras on the market right here. From tiny cameras to hidden décor, these are our five favorite cameras available today.

01 Hidden Camera Spy Camera Charger

A quick search on Amazon reveals hundreds of secret cameras, hidden in all sorts of secret devices ranging from tiny cubes to stuffed animals. While there are plenty of gadgets that could potentially stay hidden, the easiest way to hide a camera is to put it in something so monotonous, no one would ever notice there’s one right in front of them. Wall chargers are everywhere these days, designed to help you keep everything charged from your phone to smart speakers, and no one ever looks at them, making it the perfect place for a camera.

Enter the Tusionwin USB charger camera, a spy camera that records in 1080p with a 90-degree angle. With support for up to 32GB microSD cards and an always-on connection thanks to the utility of a wall charger, you’re able to auto-loop record without having to worry about losing out on specific files. The USB port also works, allowing you to charge or power any gadget you might have within reach. It’s a great little camera, and for $29, it’s easily one of the best ways to add some security to your house. It might be a boring top pick, but it’s reliable, cheap, and easy to use and setup.


  • Price $23.88
  • Storage Support up to 128GB Micro SD Card (not included)
  • Resolution 1080p FULL HD
Hidden Camera Spy Camera Charger

02 Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

It might be expensive, but if you want a fantastic camera that’s all but guaranteed to not be found by a snooping family member or intruder, you’ll want to turn to look at WNAT’s hidden camera smoke detector. This gadget works as a special 2-in-1 camera, helping you to keep your house safe from thieves and fires. A fully-functional smoke detector is something we all need, and you probably could refresh yours if you haven’t bought one recently. But if you need a hidden camera, placing one in your smoke detector is the best way to do it.

With a 5500mAh rechargeable battery, it’s able to sit in standby mode for up to six months. Video is saved to a microSD card, and auto-compresses to 720p to help save on space. Video can also be viewed at any time through a corresponding app, since the fire alarm syncs over WiFi. As with most of the cams on this list, you’ll only record audio when activated remotely or by motion detection, so you aren’t dealing with gigabytes of blank video. Finally, a night vision mode helps to make it usable in the dark, so no matter when you need to check in, you can.


  • Price $119.99
  • Storage SD cards up to 128G Micro SD
  • Resolution Night Vision, Motion Sensor
Hidden Camera Smoke Detector

03 Mini Spy Coat Hook

Do you really, truly want to feel like a spy? Have we got the device for you. While it may not be as high-tech as what we’ve seen from some of the other hidden cams on this list—not to mention Blink’s mini cam—it’s hard to beat a camera hidden within a coat hook that’s actually functional as a coat hook. Although resolution is limited to 720p, Rokam’s spy cam is able to capture crystal clear photos and video, activated whenever motion is detected nearby. With SD card support and a limited power function, it’s easy to set up and capture content, all while keeping your jackets off the ground.

Of course, if we do have one major complaint about Rokam’s gadget, it’s the battery life. Although it charges in two hours, with a battery life rated at just 2.5 hours, you’ll need to keep an eye on whether or not the device is charged to begin with. At $21, it’s still a great value. Just make sure you don’t accidentally cover up the cam with a coat.

Mini Spy Coat Hook

04 Blink Mini

Okay, look. It’s hard to call Blink’s Mini cam a truly “hidden camera.” It’s not disguised as a smoke detector, or a charger, or even as a coat rack. But Blink is a company owned by Amazon, making it easily the most trusted camera on this list in terms of security, and despite costing only $35, it’s one of the most advanced cameras on this list. Blink’s Mini cam is designed specifically to compete with the Wyze Cam, a startup in security that offers a similar looking camera for around the same price. Blink Mini syncs with any preexisting Blink cams you may have, however, and the app is second to none in terms of functionality.

The camera records in 1080p, saving to a microSD card and broadcasting over the web to any device with the Blink app installed and enabled. Two-way audio allows you to both hear and speak to whoever is in your house without any interruptions. The camera sets up in minutes, supported directly with the Blink app you might already have on your phone. You can also store video on both local and cloud storage, though the latter will need a paid subscription after December 31st, 2020. Blink also syncs with Alexa integration, so if you have an Amazon ecosystem built in your house, you’ll be ready to go.

Of course, the Blink Mini looks very obviously like a camera, and without a battery, you might not be as stealthy as you wish you were while recording video capture. Still, it’s a worthy tool in your arsenal for recording around the house, and if you’re looking for a trusty device, it’s hard to beat Blink.

Blink Mini

05 AMCSXH Hidden Camera

Portable power banks are all the rage these days, and with good reason. Even the most impressive laptop and smartphone batteries on the market are no match for the constant scrolling and browsing that most users subject their devices to, and if you spend a significant amount of time on the go it helps to have a backup power source handy. 

This portable power bank, however, is unique in that it’s also outfitted with a specialized hidden camera that offers crystal-clear video and playback.  The battery itself is very impressive, thanks to a 5000mAh large-capacity cell that takes only roughly four hours to reach maximum capacity. 

It’s incredibly easy to setup and use, and features a night vision setting that allows you to record video and take pictures in the pitch-black. There’s an HD DV processing chip that allows for high-def recording in virtually any environment, and you’ll be able to record directly onto a micro SD card without having to deal with pesky driver installations. 


  • Price US $41.99
  • Storage Support memory up to 32GB
  • Resolution 1920x1080
AMCSXH Hidden Camera


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