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The Best Instagram Live Video Downloaders

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The Best Instagram Live Video Downloaders

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites for sharing all types of content. It’s really one of the most fascinating and influential online platforms of our time. That’s why it’s a real pity there’s no built-in feature that lets you save the more entertaining videos on your Explore page and Instagram feed. Unfortunately, there’s no official word from the company on whether or not Instagram users will ever get to save content for offline viewing.

However, you can use many third-party apps to download videos, IGTV content, and even stories available on the Google Play and Apple App Store. We reviewed some of the more popular solutions on the market, from online services to apps, and selected the best ones. But before you check out our list of the best Instagram media downloaders, spare a minute to read about Instagram’s Privacy Policy and Fair Use.

What to Know Before Downloading From Instagram?

As with any online content, it’s important to remember that the video’s original uploader retains all the rights. Downloading Instagram videos without authorization can sometimes lead to legal consequences. Even if it’s a video of yourself posted on another profile, for example, from a party or conference, you have to get permission first.

Furthermore, using the video for monetary gain without the uploader’s permission can result in your Instagram account getting suspended, with possible legal action in addition.

However, you can avoid potential nastiness by constantly asking for permission before resharing or disseminating downloaded content. You might also want to check out Instagram’s copyright policy.

That said, using the following apps and plugins on this list is perfectly fine. However, to be on the safe side of the law, it’s best to download Instagram content for personal use only.

And now that we’ve covered the legal aspect of Instagram downloads, let’s look at the best downloader apps and browser extensions on the market.

01 InsTake Downloader

Starting off our list is InsTake Downloader, one of the best Instagram downloader software on the market. It allows you to download private and public Instagram videos and offers free HD photo downloads. But, of course, the app isn’t limited to downloading pictures and videos. You can also use it to repost content and curate your Instagram profile.

With the most recent improvements to InsTake Downloader, you can now download and share the latest addition to the platform – Instagram Reels. The process is the same as downloading videos and other media files. InsTake Downloader is a highly responsive and lightning-fast downloader app that its creators regularly upgrade. As a result, it’s incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate, even if you’ve never used this type of software before. As mentioned, it’s a multi-functional app that can download various media files, including photos, live videos, Instagram stories, and even Reels.

In addition, InsTake Downloader allows you to download high-resolution videos without having to compress them first. The app also has a built-in player that gives you a preview of the downloaded content even when you’re not connected to the internet. As a bonus, there’s a dark mode available, allowing for a more comfortable user experience.


  • Simple to use and highly responsive
  • IG reel, narrative, highlights, and IGTV are all supported
  • It comes with a built-in offline player
  • Free to use
  • Dark mode


  • Advertisements (No paid version)
  • There isn't an iOS version yet
InsTake Downloader

02 DownloadGram

DownloadGram is a web-based tool with a minimalist and highly streamlined interface. It comprises a link text box where you can paste the video source you want to download. The almost empty landing page leaves no room for confusion or missteps. If you need to download a live video, an IGTV video, or any other content, DownloadGram is one of the more elegant solutions.

With DownloadGram, you can download multiple Instagram videos on the go. The entire process is straightforward. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the video and then save it to your device. The web-based tool doesn’t require you to register an account. Also, there are no advertisements that’ll hinder the process. The creators opted for simplicity over a flashy design to facilitate the download process.

If you’re looking for a reliable online tool that can work with multiple browser apps, DownloadGram is the right pick for you.


  • Extremely comprehensive
  • No need to register
  • No ads
  • Downloads are limitless
  • Easy to use and free


  • Requires manual copy and paste
  • Web-based only

03 Instagram Downloader by W3toys

Instagram Downloader by w3toys is a much-needed tool for downloading Instagram videos quickly and easily. It’s a simple two-step approach to downloading any Instagram videos you want. The popular Instagram video-saving software allows you to simultaneously download individual and multiple media files from a specific profile. You just copy the video URL you wish to download and paste it into the downloader’s text field. Afterward, your video will be saved to a preferred location on your device.

In addition, Instagram Downloader is perfectly safe and performs splendidly with various devices, regardless of brand or operating system. The only thing we don’t like about it is the interface of their website because it doesn’t feel well-designed. But if you don’t care too much about aesthetics, W3toys’s Instagram Downloader will always get the job done at the end of the day. 


  • Free and simple to use
  • Downloads material quickly
  • The number of downloads is limitless
  • Simple copy and paste download


  • May become somewhat slow at peak times
Instagram Downloader by W3toys


InstaDownloader is another popular online tool that allows you to download any Instagram video safely and efficiently. You just enter the URL into the text box on the landing page, and the website will do the rest. There’s no intricacy to the process, which is one of the main qualities of an excellent Instagram downloader solution. The service is entirely free and works flawlessly with smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. However, the user interface can be a little disorienting at times.

InstaDownloader features one of those UIs designed to increase the website’s bounce rate, leading to some bumps in the road. On the flip side, the no registration policy and lack of ads more than compensate for the slight inconveniences.


  • No sign up required
  • No ads
  • No registration
  • Easy to use
  • Fast download


  • Somewhat disorienting interface

05 Regrammer

Not only does Regrammer allow you to grab Instagram videos, but it lets you save them in HD quality. You can also use Regrammer to repost photographs and videos on Instagram, as the prefix in the name implies. Apple fans will be pleased to know that Regrammer is one of the best apps for saving Instagram videos on iPhones.

The app is simple to use, requiring you to copy the video URL and paste it into the corresponding text box. The program will then analyze the URL and redirect you to a new page to give you a sneak peek of the content. And all you have to do to get the download started is click the button. Regrammer lets you store and repost an endless amount of Instagram videos, from IGTV to live videos.

If you want access to even more amazing features, consider upgrading to a paid version. But, of course, the free edition works perfectly fine for simple video downloads.


  • Unlimited downloads
  • Copy and paste method
  • It saves videos in HD quality


  • Best for iPhone
  • Pro version has better capabilities


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The Best Instagram Live Video Downloaders

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