The Best iPhone Apps to Stream Movies for Free – May 2017

Watching movies is a hobby and pastime of millions of different people from all over the world. While people used to go to theaters all the time or buy movies on DVD, a much more popular option nowadays is to stream them. Streaming gives you immediate access to a number of different films and is often more cost-effective than traditional methods of watching movies and TV.

However, more people than ever are watching movies and using their smartphones to consume media than ever before. While this is convenient, it does cause some issues as well. Many of the different movie and TV options are made for laptops or computers, which can cause formatting and other issues on mobile devices. Thankfully, there are a number of free apps out there that you can download to watch movies for free on the iPhone.

However, while some of them are good, others do more harm than good. With so many options out there saying there are the best, it can be hard to know which are actually good. Thankfully, that is where this article will come in handy for you. This article will go through many of the different free movie streaming apps for the iPhone and tell you which ones are quality, and which ones will be a waste of your time.

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Crackle is your one-stop-shop to watch free TV, movies, originals, and more. Any device you want to watch on will be able to play your Crackle content. The app is full of a ton of different action films, comedies, and dramas, along with a number of other of the most popular genres on the planet.

The app is full of many different features to make movie watching even easier, including being able to create a list of things to watch (to never forget a title that you come across). Also, you are able to exit the app and it will remember where you left off in your film, which is very convenient.

While this app doesn’t have as many new or popular films as other apps or services on the market, that is because it is available to be used for free. No subscription is needed for this app at all and you can rest assured that you will never be charged a dime for watching the movies and other types of content on this app. All of this combined means Crackle is one of the best free movie apps out there, and much better than those sketchy and illegal websites out there.

Without even having to sign-up, this app helps you enjoy a ton of different movies and TV shows. Also, this app is a leader in Anime content and it is constantly being updated, so if you love anime, this is the app for you. However, even if you do not like anime, the other content on this app is enough to warrant a download. The content on the app is available completely free and is licensed, so it is totally licensed and legal. Some titles will not be available in all countries, however.

While the app might not have some of the biggest stars or movies on the planet, it is full of lots of hidden gems that you will not be likely to find elsewhere. Horrors, thrillers, documentaries and more are all readily available on the app. You can create watchlists on the app and it features many other different customization features too.

While the app is free, the development team behind it is still very interested in hearing your feedback about the app. So if you decide to download the app and love or hate it, be sure to give them some feedback! If anime is your thing, or you like seeing movies and shows that you likely cannot find elsewhere, give this app a download.

YouTube is far and away the most known and popular app on this list. It is used by millions upon millions of people each day. While many think of it as simply a place to watch little videos and funny things, there are a ton of full-length TV shows and videos on the app. While they toe the legal line as many are not licensed to be on YouTube, that doesn’t stop a ton of people from uploading them.

While they can be tough to find, they are out there out. However, many videos that say they are a full-length movie or show, will often direct you to a sketchy site. Use your discretion here and never go to a site you don’t trust. Also, a ton of different shows and movies on this app will be uploaded in sections, not all together. Also, if you feel like spending a few dollars, you can purchase shows and movies off of the YouTube app as well. However, being that this is an article about free movie apps, we won’t talk too much about those.

As you know, using YouTube in its entirety is completely free and it would be hard to imagine them ever charging for people to view videos. While the movies and TV shows may not be as plentiful on YouTube as on other apps, you may be able to find newer and more high-profile flicks. Also, with the fact that many of you reading this will already have YouTube downloaded to your device, using this app to watch movies and TV shows will save you time from signing up or downloading a new account.

This app is a little bit different from most on this list in one big way, you can’t actually watch any movies or TV shows on this app. Instead, this app acts as a universal search and discovery app. This means that if you search for a show or movie in this app, it will provide you with a number of different sources where you can find the show or movie you seek. This app scours dozens and dozens of different sources to find the movies you love.

This app searches through many free movie sources, but also some paid ones, so make sure you know about the source this app gives you before you go there and sign up for anything. In total, this app uses 70 different sources to help you find the shows you desire.

The app also has a great feature that can alert you when a show or movie you like is available to be seen somewhere. Simply tell the app what movies and TV shows you like, and it will send you a notification when and where you can watch them. While you can’t actually watch movies or shows on this app, it is still a great one to download and have. No matter where your favorite movies and shows can be seen, this app will be able to tell you about it. This app will stop those long and terrible searches for movies and can easily tell you where to find them.

While it may not be the most popular movie streaming service to end in “flix”, it is still a great option if you don’t want to pay a subscription fee. Popcornflix is all about watching free movies right from your mobile device. This app has hundreds and hundreds of different and full-length films to enjoy.

This app makes it incredibly easy to browse and search through movies from a variety of different genres. If you like the popular comedy films, dramas, and horror films, this app can help you out. But even if you are more into other types of film like independent, foreign or documentary, the app is full of that as well.

At least one movie is added to this free app each and every day, and the films can be watched on wifi or on 3G, whatever is easiest for you. You can easily browse movies by titles, genres, actor and more. While it isn’t going to wow you or anything, this is a solid app for watching free content. And with new movies being added every day, you can be sure that the content will never get boring.

This app is all about consuming videos, movies, TV shows, and news, right on your device. Or, if you’d rather have a bigger screen, you can connect the app to a TV with ease. This app features over 100 different channels and has a ton of on-demand content. This app goes far beyond offering simply some free movies and includes sports, news, and much more.

There is no hardware or TV apps required for this app to work and it is incredibly simple to get a hang of. The app also learns what you like and it will give you personalized content based on the things that you like. The app itself also looks very good and is easy to navigate.

While the app is completely free to use, there are some options for in-app purchases. These are in the form of PPVs and other “tickets” to watch certain content. We won’t be covering any of the premium features as this is an article about free movie apps. All things considered, this app is one of the best options out there and have an impressive catalog of features and content to watch and enjoy.

While many of the apps in this article focus on content from around the world, this one is a little bit different. If you are located in an Asian country or love watching Asian films and TV shows, this is definitely the app for you. This app is all about bringing the various different types of Asian entertainment to you no matter where you are.

This app features programs and movies that are fairly new and you have access to a ton of different content. The content may differ from country to country, however. You can even download videos to your device to watch them later, without the need for an internet connection. You can easily bookmark your favorite streaming shows and movies to make sure you can find them with ease later on.

While the app can be downloaded and used for free without paying a dime, it also comes with the option to upgrade to a premium service. Viu Premium offers you some advanced features and gets you certain shows and programs earlier than free members. While this won’t be an app that everyone likes, it is definitely one you will want to download if you are a big fan of Asian TV and movies.

BoxTV is without a doubt the owner of one of the best catalogs of content on this entire list. The app features big Hollywood flicks, Bollywood and other international movies, TV shows and more. In total, the app boasts more than 5000 hours of content, and it is available to download and use for free. Whatever type of thing you are interested in or feel like watching, you will be able to see it here.

The search function on the app also works quite well as you can search by genre, title, language and much more. You can also easily share, rate and discuss movies with the thousands and thousands of other users of the app.

The app is free, as we mentioned earlier, but there is also a monthly subscription plan you can pay for in order to unlock a number of different movies and TV shows.  This will cost you a few dollars a month, or you can opt to have it for a whole year and get a slight discount. Whether you decide to use the free version of the app or the premium version, it is definitely one of the best apps out there on the market today.

Hoopla is a very different app than many on this list, but is still a great option to download. Hoopla is a way to borrow free digital movies, e-books, music and more at any time of day. The only thing you need for the app to work is a library card. That’s right, the app is available to use without paying a single cent.

There are thousands and thousands of different pieces of content within the app and it is incredibly easy to use. Whatever type of content you want to consume, you can rest assured you will be able to find it in this app. It features new and popular releases, cult classics, hard-to-find hidden gems and much more.

This type of app is still quite new, but it incredibly useful and much easier than actually going to the library and taking out the item itself. Also, most library cards are free, so if you don’t have one, get one. And once you have one, go and get this great app.

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