The Ten Best Laptops for College Students – August 2019

Posted by William Sattelberg on August 13, 2019

College can be one of the best times of your life—the sense of freedom, making new friends, gaining new experiences you never thought possible—but it’s important to remember why you’re at school. While long nights and good times are fun, sooner or later you have to get down to work. August has rolled around, which means it’s just about time for students to head back to school for another semester of studying hard and partying harder. Of course, to do that, you’ll need the right gear. With hundreds of thousands of new students preparing to step forth into their new life studying in higher education, it’s the perfect time to start shopping for what might arguably be the most important tool in any college student’s life: their laptop.

Whether you’re writing long papers, editing photos, crafting short films, or just binging The Office on Netflix, a good laptop is essential for college students of any major. And while plenty of great laptops exist across all sorts of price ranges, it’s important to make sure we have machines for every kind of student out there. No matter your budget, there’s a laptop out there made ideally for you. Students who have to walk from class to class will want something small and light; students who are looking to play games or create multimedia will want something with a bit more power. No matter what your use case is for your device, there’s a laptop out there with your name on it.

That said, since every user might need a different computer for different uses, we’ve compiled some of the best laptops on the market this summer. These laptops make for perfect companions for your standard college student, with all of them able to do the basics: writing papers, taking notes, and of course, watching Netflix on weeknights. We’ve gathered the best machines in every category, so no matter what you’re looking for in your new laptop, you’ll be able to find it below.

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