The Best Long-Range Outdoor WiFi Antennas [January 2021]

If you’re working from home more often, you’ve probably experienced some network issues from time to time. One of the biggest issues is when you run out of your networking area. We’ve all been there: the wireless network is working perfectly fine, and then you move a workstation into the back bedroom and find out that it has no signal, or you add a smart TV to your house and discover that the “up to 300 feet” part of your router’s range description was optimistic at best. You may just need a few extra feet of coverage area, or you may need to get signal on an outbuilding miles away from your access point. Regardless of the scenario, you need a WiFi antenna that can do a better job than the one that came in the box from the cable company.

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As more and more workers have moved to an at-home environment in lieu of a traditional office space, maintaining a solid connection is more important than ever. While it’s reasonable that many of us sit just feet away from our router when it’s plugged in next to our sofa, any users who frequently move around their house and away from their wireless source may experience difficulty connecting. Luckily, long-range WiFi antennas help you keep moving around without losing out on internet access, no matter where you are in your house. Many of these are about the same cost as a normal router, while still giving you the same speeds you’ve come to expect. These are the best long-range wireless antennas you can buy today.

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10 thoughts on “The Best Long-Range Outdoor WiFi Antennas [January 2021]”

Avatar Lee says:
Nanostation M5 Loco with suction cup window mount. Around $80 and perfect if you are above 1st floor. I reliably connect to public wifi 1.3 miles away.
Avatar Kenneth Brown says:
I am wanting to mount a wireless camera system outside my metal shop. The main recording unit will be inside the shop. What type of antenna do I need that will plug into the Lan plug of the main recording unit so I can have a wireless access to my router in the house about 50ft away? Or is it doable?
Avatar Egan Allicock says:
SimpleWiFi Ultra Long Range WiFi Extender G2424

Do I need two of these, one to send and one to receive signal
if I’m looking for stronger signal strength?

I actually need to extend a broadband internet signal for about 7 to 8 miles and I’m looking for the strongest possible signal.
Please let me know, looking forward to hearing from you.

Avatar Danish says:
hi i’m looking for the outdoor WiFi repeater at least three miles range in circle can any one suggest me something thanks
Avatar Dave Cotterill says:
i am looking for a price for the Antenna world G2424
Avatar Eden Fantasys says:
The Netgear AC750 only proves that you get what you pay for. It is a cheap option, with a performance worthy of the price. It may not have the best performance, but you won’t be disappointed either. The range extender is available on Amazon. A better part of the reviews it has attracted is positive. It certainly delivers some level of efficiency within its limits. It is one of the best wifi range extenders 2019.
Avatar David Lemieux says:
information sure vos produit et Entreprise Tel:1418-873-2325
Avatar Random Jellybean says:
Your recommendation (the G2424) … does it work by itself or will you need other equipment to make it go? .. seems like it would work with the Vector system?
Avatar Joel Benn says:
Hello I am looking for a really good long range extender to go about 2000 feet in a circle is that possible
Avatar Randy Hunter says:
I need a long range Wi-Fi antenna I live a mile out of town and all the signal I’m getting it says it’s too out of my range I want to set up a computer hook up my TV use it with my phone an outdoor antenna

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