The Best Long-Range Outdoor WiFi Antennas – May 2019

Posted by Nick on April 27, 2019

Home or office WiFi – it’s incredibly convenient, until it’s not. We’ve all been there. The wireless network is working perfectly fine, and then you move a workstation into the back bedroom and find out that it has no signal, or you add a smart TV to the she shed/man-cave and discover that the “up to 300 feet” part of your router’s range description was, well, let’s just say “highly optimistic”. You may just need a few extra feet of coverage area, or you may need to get signal on an outbuilding miles away from your access point. Regardless of the scenario, you need a WiFi antenna that can do a better job than the one that came in the box from the cable company.

While it’s reasonable to assume that a majority of WiFi users will be plopped on their sofas a few feet away from their router, this assumption can be incredibly frustrating for users who frequently move around their wireless source, and who don’t want to feel tethered to their router. Luckily, there exist quite a few affordable long-range WiFi antennas that can boost your signal for miles. For this roundup, we focus on outdoor-capable WiFi antennas so that you can add Internet access to your patio, your guest house, or the back 40. We’ve found five of the best long-range outdoor WiFi antennas on the market.

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Randy Hunter says:
I need a long range Wi-Fi antenna I live a mile out of town and all the signal I’m getting it says it’s too out of my range I want to set up a computer hook up my TV use it with my phone an outdoor antenna

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