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The Best Long-Range Outdoor WiFi Antennas [January 2021]

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The Best Long-Range Outdoor WiFi Antennas [January 2021]

If you’re working from home more often, you’ve probably experienced some network issues from time to time. One of the biggest issues is when you run out of your networking area. We’ve all been there: the wireless network is working perfectly fine, and then you move a workstation into the back bedroom and find out that it has no signal, or you add a smart TV to your house and discover that the “up to 300 feet” part of your router’s range description was optimistic at best. You may just need a few extra feet of coverage area, or you may need to get signal on an outbuilding miles away from your access point. Regardless of the scenario, you need a WiFi antenna that can do a better job than the one that came in the box from the cable company.

As more and more workers have moved to an at-home environment in lieu of a traditional office space, maintaining a solid connection is more important than ever. While it’s reasonable that many of us sit just feet away from our router when it’s plugged in next to our sofa, any users who frequently move around their house and away from their wireless source may experience difficulty connecting. Luckily, long-range WiFi antennas help you keep moving around without losing out on internet access, no matter where you are in your house. Many of these are about the same cost as a normal router, while still giving you the same speeds you’ve come to expect. These are the best long-range wireless antennas you can buy today.

01 REMO Outdoor WiFi Antenna BAS-2307 Extender

It can be tough to find a reliable WiFi antenna that can keep working through rain, snow, sleet, and everything in between, but as long as your WiFi router has an RP-SMA connector, this antenna from REMO electronics should be your best friend. With a plastic casing made out of ABS plastic, your antenna is protected against all the elements you think of—and all the elements you don’t. Not only does it protect from adverse whether, but UV rays, which can be damaging to electronics, are also shielded from view. This particular model works great with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, so you don’t have to worry about whether your network is properly supported. It’s definitely designed first and foremost for security cameras to stay online, but no matter what reason you’re upgrading for, it’s a great option at under $40.


  • Weatherproof
  • Modular


  • Large size
  • Somewhat expensive


  • Price $34.99
  • Package Dimensions 9.92 x 9.17 x 3.5 inches
  • Item Weight 2.84 pounds
REMO Outdoor WiFi Antenna BAS-2307 Extender

02 TP-Link EAP225 AC1200 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Indoor/Outdoor Access Point (EAP225-Outdoor)

We’re the first to admit that this antenna isn’t quite as physically impressive and imposing as the BAS-2307, but don’t let its relatively small size fool you. With the ability to transfer data at speeds of up to 300Mbps, 2×2 MIMO technology, and two detachable 5dBi, omnidirectional antennas, this unit packs an impressive punch and full 360-degree coverage. The AC1200 transmits at a more-than-respectable 27dBm and has a simple yet powerful mounting design that makes it perfect for outdoor patios. It also comes with Free Auranet Controller Software that lets administrators easily manage hundreds of EAPs at once. And it’s IP65-Rated, meaning you can rest assured it will withstand harsh weather conditions.

The dual antennas help provide stable wireless coverage at a range of up to 200 meters in outdoor settings such as pools and gardens, and PoE support means a single cable provides both a data connection and electric power to the device. Bottom line: For those potential buyers who are looking for a solid outdoor WiFi antenna for a wide area around their main WiFi base, we recommend checking this unit out.


  • Cheaper than our top pick
  • IP-65 weather resistance


  • Can't be used as a bridge
  • Non-standard PoE


  • Price $69.99
  • Package Dimensions 8.46 x 1.81 x 1.05 inches
  • Item Weight ‎5.9 ounces
TP-Link EAP225 AC1200 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Indoor/Outdoor Access Point (EAP225-Outdoor)

03 Tupavco TP511 Panel Antenna 2.4GHz WiFi 20dBi Wireless Outdoor Antenna

If you’re looking for something cheaper than our first two picks but still want a quality, high-gain WiFi antenna, these next few units may be of interest to you. First, we have the Tupavco TP511, capable of transferring data at 300Mbps and boasting a frequency range of 2.4 GHz. It has a transmission power of 36 dBm and a maximum range of roughly 328 feet (again, this depends on the specific environment surrounding the antenna).

The TP511’s MIMO and CCA technology improves wireless transfer performance and signal stability, and supports several kinds of encryption so you don’t have to worry about your extended signal being hijacked. We were also quite impressed with the N4000’s ability to withstand large amounts of water being tossed its way. For $49.99, it’s hard to see how you could do better.


  • Cheap
  • High range


  • Somewhat frustrating setup process
  • Plastic build


  • Price $49.99
  • Package Dimensions 50 Ohm
  • Item Weight 1000 Feet
Tupavco TP511 Panel Antenna 2.4GHz WiFi 20dBi Wireless Outdoor Antenna

04 Ideaworks Long Range Wi-Fi USB Tower Antenna (83-7183)

Next, we come to the Ideaworks Long Range Wi-Fi USB Tower Antenna (83-7183), which takes up a bit more room than the previous two antennas but offers an impressive performance. This IdeaWorks unit prides itself on performing under harsh conditions outdoors, and can connect to hotspots up to 0.5 miles away. A 24 foot USB cable is included for convenience, and it offers a range of nearly 3,000 feet as long as there aren’t too many obstructions present. Our one qualm with this unit is that its installation wasn’t quite as straightforward as that of the other units—requiring a slightly confusing CD to be deciphered. The 83-7183 is also only compatible with PC systems, which is an obvious deal-breaker for Mac fans.


  • Works in harsh conditions
  • Up to half a mile away


  • Confusing installation
  • Doesn't work with Mac


  • Price $31.94
  • Package Dimensions ‎1.25 x 2.25 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight 1 pounds
Ideaworks Long Range Wi-Fi USB Tower Antenna (83-7183)

05 CC Vector Long Range WiFi Repeater System

Last but far from least is the CC Vector Long-Range WiFi Repeater System. It looks a lot like the NASA-grade G2424 we opened with, but has a different purpose. The CC Vector allows you to piggyback off of a public WiFi installation up to *three miles* from your location, and then acts as a wireless repeater to distribute that signal around your home, office, or other site. (This version of the CC Vector is intended to be mounted on a building; if you need a mobile solution, there is an RV-based CC Vector model available here.) Three miles is the effective maximum range, and would require truly perfect conditions; the company advises that 1200 feet is a more realistic range expectation.

That still means that you could link up with a public WiFi network anywhere from a quarter-mile to a half-mile away from your location, and use that WiFi signal. You could use the Vector to connect a distant outbuilding to your own WiFi network as well, but there are much less expensive options (like the G2424) that do that job equally well.

The 15dBi parabolic antenna increases speed and reduces interference from other WiFi networks, and is connected to the repeater by a 30′ USB cable. The Vector will support up to 150 Mbps on an 802.11n network, and the repeater has two Ethernet ports to connect another router or a PC. At the 1200-foot recommended distance, the Vector can support two devices watching standard-definition video streams or several people surfing the Web. Longer or shorter distances will of course provide lower or higher data rates. If you have a site within a reasonable distance from a public WiFi network, the CC Vector Long-Range WiFi Repeater will let you link to that network and enjoy free Internet in your home or office. It’s not inexpensive, but it will pay for itself pretty quickly.


  • Incredible range
  • Powerful


  • Really expensive
  • Large body


  • Price $299.99
  • Package Dimensions 15 x 10 x 8 inches
  • Item Weight 6 Pounds
CC Vector Long Range WiFi Repeater System


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