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The Best MacBook Air Cases [March 2020]

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The Best MacBook Air Cases [March 2020]

Apple has forever revolutionized the personal computer market. Although companies like Dell and Samsung are releasing laptops that offer an impressive amount of processing power, nothing really compares to an Apple computer when it comes to everything from power and functionality to design and software compatibility. Nothing embodies this reality more than the MacBook Air, which combines Apple’s unmatched engineering and technical ingenuity with a uniquely portable and lightweight enclosure that can be easily taken on the go at a moment’s notice. 

The only downside to owning such an incredibly portable computer is that it’s more prone to accidents. Whether you only travel once a day to and from a coffeehouse down the street or routinely take your MacBook around the globe for business, you should protect your investment with a case that prevents against scratches, bumps, and internal damage. 

So before you take your MacBook Air on the road, check out this list of premium cases that will keep your precious laptop safe when you’re on the go. 

01 Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case

When it comes to finding a great laptop case, everyone is pretty much looking for the same thing: quality protection that will prevent everything from everyday damage like bumps and scrapes to more severe damage that can result from an extended drop.

But given the almost limitless number of laptop cases on the market, you’re allowed to look for a bit more than just protection. This Tomtoc case offers both top-notch protection for your computer along with a very stylish and sleek design that’s ideal for business people who may not want to be seen pulling a laptop case out of a backpack during a meeting. 

As its name implies, this case features 360° of protective padding both inside and out to protect your laptop just like car’s airbag, and it features a supremely sleek handle that aids in standalone travel.

It’s ultra secure (thanks to a specially-designed secure belt with velcro netting that can also protect your computer from sudden drops) and the ultra-thick protective cushioning inside the case itself is strong enough to protect against big falls without taking up too much space.

This case will also help you stay organized, with a second, larger zipper compartment that can be used to store everything from papers and power adaptors to cables, mouses, and a slew of other accessories.

One of the most frustrating parts of using a laptop case is often that the zipper can scratch the laptop’s casing, but Tomtoc has put an end to this issue once and for all by integrating a YKK zipper system in which the zipper runs across the bottom and sides of the case—so you won’t have to worry about unexpected snags every time you open and close. 


  • Price $23.99
  • Dimension 12.5 x 8.78 x 1.1 inches
  • Material Polyester
Tomtoc 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Case

02 Pack & Smooch Sleeve

We’re grateful that there are so many options to chose from when it comes to buying a stylish laptop case these days, but it can make the selection process exceedingly difficult. If you’re one of those people who insists on showing up to work in a perfectly-tailored suit each day, however, this case may just be the one for you. 

Handmade in Germany, this laptop case fits your MacBook Air like a glove, while offering a handy side compartment for your accessories, power cord, and adaptors. 

It’s crafted from premium 100% Merino wool felt along with vegetable-tanned leather, which offers a supremely durable and odor resistant design that also does away with static cling and releases heat in order to prevent your laptop from getting too hot.

Despite the added compartment, this case was one of the slimmer ones we tested, and it fits easily inside the laptop compartment of most backpacks and briefcases.

The only potential downside to this case is that it’s a bit heavier than most of its competitors, so we wouldn’t recommend it if you tend to travel extensively. If you’re in the market for a stylish and effective case that will protect your laptop to and from work, on the other hand, then this may very well be the case for you. 


  • Price $75.00
  • Dimension 13.5 x 9.21 x 0.47 inches
  • Material Leather
Pack & Smooch Sleeve

03 RAINYEAR 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve

Next up, we have this effortlessly cool and super-padded RAINYEAR case, which offers few of the bells and whistles of the cases on our first two spots but just as much protection at a much more agreeable price point. 

Although not ideal for solo carrying since it doesn’t have a handle, this case will protect your precious MacBook Air against virtually anything a very bad day can throw its way. 

It offers multilayer protection with an outer layer that features a diamond-style layout that protects against more serious bumps and drops, along with an inner layer that takes care of anything the outer layer missed.

Despite its multilayer protection, this case still fits quite nicely inside most backpack compartments, and features a strong top-loading zipper that won’t scratch your cargo—regardless of how many times you open and shut the case.

Each of the padded layers is also water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about water damage if you happen to find yourself caught in a rainstorm with your laptop in tow.


  • Price $10.99
  • Dimension 13.39 x 9.84 x 0.79 inches
  • Material Neoprene
RAINYEAR 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve

04 Inateck 13-13.3" Sleeve Case Briefcase

Similar in style to the Tomtoc 360° at our number-one spot, this Inateck case offers much of the same protection and padding at a slightly more reasonable price point. Still, the first thing you’ll likely notice about this case is that it’s thinner than the Tomtoc, and it feels inherently less protective and sturdy, so we wouldn’t recommend it for use on your more rugged excursions. 

But if you’re looking for a simple and stylish case to transport your MacBook Air from home to the office, this case may take the cake—thanks to a super-slim design and a generous side pocket that can be used to store accessories such as your phone, iPad, mouse, power charger, or adapters.

This case features five layers of eco-friendly padding materials, and is durable enough to withstand most every-day bumps and shocks. 

The woven exterior is also made from liquid-proof 600D wear-resistant polyester fabric which protects against most spills, and the handle is somewhat collapsable—meaning you’ll still be able to fit this case inside the laptop compartment of your backpack. 


  • Price $17.99
  • Dimension 13.78 x 10.04 x 1.57 inches
  • Material Polyester
Inateck 13-13.3" Sleeve Case Briefcase

05 Lacdo 14 Inch 360° Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag

Most laptop cases pride themselves on being as slim as possible, but not this Lacdo case. Geared toward on-the-go laptop users who require an unusual number of gizmos, pads, pens, and accessories, this case is practically its own suitcase. 

It’s fully water-repellent so you won’t have to worry about trekking to work in the rain, and the extra compartments along with a series of padding layers means that this case is perhaps one of the most protective cases we reviewed. 

Of course the flip side to this added safety and pocket functionality is that this case isn’t well-suited for your backpack’s laptop compartment, but if you’re looking for a separate carrying case for your MacBook then this all-in-one juggernaut has you covered. 

We were also impressed with this case’s relatively low price, since most of the multi-functional cases with a similar number of external compartments cost significantly more while offering little to no added protection for your laptop. 


  • Price $26.99
  • Dimension 15 x 1.18 x 10.43 inches
  • Material Composite
Lacdo 14 Inch 360° Protective Laptop Shoulder Bag

06 Lacdo 13 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case

Rounding out our list is another Lacdo case, although this one is far more streamlined and suitable for extended periods of travel—thanks to its slim and lightweight design. 

Much like its more involved counterpart at our number-five spot, this case is fully water repellent (although we wouldn’t recommend exposing it to prolonged periods of intense rain), and features an extra-soft, anti-static shockproof soft lining that effectively absorbs impacts and reduces damages cause by accidental drops and bumps.

Although this is a slim case, there’s an external pocket that’s large enough to accommodate a charger along with some cables, and the zipper is embedded enough that you won’t have to worry about scratching the surface of your laptop every time you open or close the main compartment. 

Another benefit of this case is that it features a specialized shockproof layer of padding, which is more effective at preventing damage from drops than typical padding, which tends to offer all-in-one protection that’s less specialized. 


  • Price $12.99
  • Dimension 13.6 x 1.1 x 10.5 inches
  • Material Polyester
Lacdo 13 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case


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