Best MOBA Games For Android


MOBAs are a somewhat newer and fast-growing gaming craze for mobiles on the market now. MOBA (which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, have quickly become the most popular game genre, at least for eSports, and are taking the gaming world by storm.

How to Play

Players are divided into teams; each team consists of a few player-controlled “heroes,” and a number of computer-controlled soldiers (“minions”) who assist them. The two teams engage in battle on a top-down map, their ultimate goal being to push to the opposite side of the map and destroy the other team’s base.

Players love the fact that there are vast number of heroes to choose from with various skills, features, and items to make the game more complex and enhance gaming experience.

The List

We’ve previously listed the best MOBA games on PC, including some of the originals like LoL and DotA. MOBA games can be played now across all platforms which players love the convenience of gaming on the go. This article is going to look at the best and most popular MOBAs available for Android devices.




This seems to be the most popular MOBA game on the market right now for mobile. It’s relatively simple, as MOBAs go, but it holds up in its own right, instead of being a stripped-down version of a PC game. Game design and controls are tight, and the designs of the heroes (always important) are a lot of fun. Matches tend to last a reasonable 20 minutes. Anyone looking to get into MOBA gaming should start with this one.

Call of Champions


This game is perfect for on-the-go gamers who just want a quick play before work, during lunch, or in the waiting room. Battles are 5 minutes the most. The makeup of the game was not only created to be far more accessible for mobile players, but gives them the means to experiment with different characters and strategies because of the short time limit for each match.

Ace of Arenas


This is another fast-paced game for our on-the-go gamers, taking about 10 minutes for each match. The beauty of this game is that it uses a virtual joypad instead of tap controls, giving it an old-school gaming feel that’s unusual among MOBAs. It’s also got a lot of heroes, which brings variety to the game.

Heroes of Order and Chaos


This was one of the first MOBAs out. Battles can be lengthy, but the game accommodates the on-the-go players with an alternate mode for shorter matches. The map is large and complex, giving you the option of finding hidden nooks and shortcuts to give you the advantage. It also has over 60 total heroes who rotate in and out of a shorter list of free characters, so if you’re up for the challenge to learn all the skills and synergies of each one this is the game for you.

Heroes of SoulCraft


Heroes of Soulcraft is compatible across most platforms–Android is only one. One awesome feature of this game is you can play with a controller, so you can enjoy it from your Android TV if you have one. (It is still designed, first and foremost, for touchscreens, though.) It allows both lengthy and short battles. The game boasts realistic graphics and an enticing soundtrack. Want to rule and become a legend? This is the game for you.

Eternal Arena


Eternal Arena is not a typical MOBA–it’s a combination MOBA-Action RPG. The gameplay is like a MOBA, but you play through varied stages to advance a complex story. So if hardcore competition is what draws you to the MOBA genre, this isn’t the game for you. But if you would like to try something a little different, check this one out.

Posted by William Elcock on January 21, 2017

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