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The Best Mouse for Working from Home in 2023

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The Best Mouse for Working from Home in 2023

Even if you’re using a laptop, a good mouse is an essential component of a reliable setup for business or gaming. The best mouse can increase your comfort while working or playing, increase your accuracy, and even increase your output. The standard bundled mice that come with PCs are rarely ergonomic or offer cutting-edge capabilities that improve workflow, but thankfully there are a lot of nice alternatives available.

That said, we rounded up some of the best mice for working from home. We have selected the top mice for you based on the greatest specifications and sound ergonomics. In order to prevent the frustration of having to redo incorrect decisions, we looked for mice that reviewers rated as pleasant for prolonged use while providing smooth and accurate tracking. In order to improve the effectiveness of your process, we also looked for devices with programmable buttons and sensitivity levels that can be adjusted.

01 Logitech MX Master 3

There are several features that come with this mouse, almost all of which may be customized. Particularly useful for Excel and Final Cut Pro, the side thumb scroll also serves as a horizontal scroller. Copy and paste buttons may be found on the two buttons next to the thumb. For frequently used programs like Word, Photoshop, and Chrome, the MX Master 3 contains preprogrammed functionality.

Up to 70 days of additional battery life are included with the MX Master 3. Although I haven’t been able to confirm it, the battery life hasn’t decreased, and I haven’t had to charge the device in the past week of testing. If the battery happens to run out in the middle of the workday, charging it for one minute will also give you three hours of use. It will take many hours to fully charge. Along with switching between the “ratchet” (resistant) scroll and “smooth” scroll settings, you can alter the speed of the pointer and the vertical scroll wheel. According to its advertising, the vertical scroll wheel can scroll 1,000 lines every second (or possibly every two seconds).

The Logitech MX Master 3 is incredibly comfortable to use for extended periods of time thanks to its curved form, thumb nook, and precise and accurate cursor. After using this mouse, moving back to a flat one seemed a little awkward. Despite the thumb scroll’s improved positioning compared to Logitech’s previous MX Master, it might be a little too conspicuous and lead to unintentional use. Nevertheless, I thought the thumb scroll was a very helpful function (especially for Chrome, where it navigates between tabs). If it is getting in your way, you can also turn it off.


  • Comfortable design
  • Can be used on other laptops or PCs


  • Only for right-handed


  • Price $99.99
  • Movement Detection Technology Optical
  • Sensitivity 4,000 DPI
  • Buttons 7
Logitech MX Master 3

02 Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac

The mouse’s appearance is immediately striking, and we notably enjoyed the thumb rest on the left side of the gadget and the gently contoured, moulded, and sculptured grip that makes the device fit comfortably in the hand. When working on precise movements and delicate gestures when editing images or conducting design work, the hand sits in a natural posture, thanks to the gradual slope on this section of the mouse.

It was simple to set up the mouse using the Logi Options software, which is also suggested because it walks you through the process and introduces you to the variety of capabilities and functionalities this mouse offers. The Master 3S increases the sensor’s resolution to 8K DPI, making it incredibly sensitive to glossy surfaces like glass. Compared to the original 3S, this is an upgrade, and when used with the Options App, pointer speed can also be adjusted.

Along with pointer speed, scroll speed may also be adjusted; the previously stated little button at the top toggles between ratchet “line-by-line” scrolling and “free scroll,” which causes the wheel to spin freely to scroll across a large amount of information at once. The gesture control on the right thumbpad is one of our favorite features. If you hold your thumb down, there is a noticeable but quiet click; the mouse may then be used as a trackpad to slide between windows, access your home screen, or switch between desktops. It’s a brilliant, thoughtful design, as are many other aspects of this mouse, and with little practice, you’ll find yourself utilizing it far more frequently than you may anticipate.


  • Excellent design and fit
  • Increased DPI compared to its predecessors
  • Can perform native Max gestures


  • Expensive


  • Price $99.99
  • Movement Detection Technology Optical
  • Sensitivity 200-8000 DPI
  • Buttons 7
Logitech MX Master 3S for Mac

03 Logitech MX Anywhere 3

The MX Anywhere 3’s size makes it unique as a travel mouse. Its pebble-shaped chassis, measuring 1.28 x 3.94 x 2.53 inches (HLW), can easily fit into a little space in your luggage or even the front pocket of your pants. Its weight of 3.35 oz is quite light for a non-gaming mouse and more than sufficient to carry with you during a busy day of travel. The silver-accented white plastic chassis exudes style and professionalism in every environment. It’s also available in pink and black.

Additionally, Logitech takes great pride in the mouse’s ability to function in virtually any situation or, to be more precise, on any surface. The MX Anywhere 3’s Darkfield sensor from Logitech, which tracks at up to 4000 dpi, has been tested to work on most flat surfaces, including glass. That is particularly helpful when using the MX Anywhere 3, which was designed to be used whenever and wherever work needs to be done.

The Darkfield sensor isn’t a brand-new invention; in fact, Logitech has been using it for a while. Even yet, it is noteworthy as the advantages complement the mouse and its function so well. Every every time, that utility involves trade-offs. Travel mice frequently fall short and lack hand support. That causes discomfort, particularly if you use one for an entire workday. To Logitech’s credit, the MX Anywhere 3’s chassis features a sufficient base hump to support the user’s palm.

Even so, I had to squeeze my thumb and pinky in to hold onto the mouse without dragging them around my mousepad because the design is a touch too thin and narrow. A lot of capability is provided by the MX Anywhere 3 for a portable pocket mouse. The main drawback to it is its diminutive stature, which makes it ideal for moving around the house or while traveling. Although helpful in a number of less-than-ideal situations, it cannot replace more comfortable, powerful, and productive mice.


  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Features an electromagnetic scroll wheel


  • Non-removable battery
  • Size can be small for some users


  • Price $79.99
  • Movement Detection Technology Optical
  • Sensitivity 4000 DPI
  • Buttons 6
Logitech MX Anywhere 3

04 Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

The 2003-released IntelliMouse 3.0, which has maintained a degree of cult reputation among gamers, served as the design inspiration for the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse. You can easily see the inspiration in the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse, which has a similar ergonomic shape and a black and gray style. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, will apply to many individuals in this situation, but if the IntelliMouse didn’t impress you the first time, you might find yourself feeling the same way now.

Fans of odd-looking ergonomic mice or gaming-focused pointers with a ton of buttons and gorgeous RGB lighting may be perplexed by the fuss. There is lighting, for sure, with a contemporary white light in place of the classic red light of the original IntelliMouse. Additionally, it includes a respectable amount of buttons—five in total, three of which may be customized. Although this mouse is undoubtedly geared toward productivity, similar to its predecessor, it should also be appealing to gamers and other users because of its simplicity and dependability.

It’s also wired, so you lose the convenience of a wireless mouse but also don’t have to worry about the battery dying at the worst possible time. The Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse weighs 3.39 ounces, which makes it lighter than wireless mice that require batteries (100g). There is always a risk that a firm would miss the essential elements of what made the original of one of its legendary items so popular. A product that no one really wanted to see again is another option. Microsoft has stayed clear of every one of these traps with the Classic IntelliMouse. Microsoft has retained what consumers appreciate about the previous IntelliMouse products while also adding and improving features to bring them into the modern day. The original line of IntelliMouse products still has its devotees.


  • Solid design
  • Very responsive


  • Not wireless


  • Price $30.99
  • Movement Detection Technology Optical
  • Sensitivity 3200 DPI
  • Buttons 5
Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse

05 Anker Ergonomic Optical

When compared to any conventional mouse, the Anker Vertical Mouse is quite tall. The mouse, which has dimensions of 3.98 x 3.23 x 3.15 inches, is distinguished by its vertical form, which forces you to hold it in a handshake position. There is less wrist twisting when holding the mouse because your hand is practically parallel to the desk. If you already have carpal tunnel syndrome, pushing the mouse with your arm to move the pointer rather than twisting it from side to side as you would with a regular mouse will fully remove any wrist movement.

It takes some getting used to using the Anker Vertical, like most vertical mice. My hand is positioned so that the side of my palm and wrist always rest on the desk when using a side-button mouse as opposed to a traditional mouse, which requires you to rest your entire wrist. As previously said, this position does lessen how much your wrists are twisted in relation to your forearms, which many experts claim lowers your risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

When using the Anker mouse, you may maintain your wrist perfectly still while using your arm to move the device. Regardless, after a few days, you’ll begin to get the hang of it, and moving the entire 3.46 ounces of this device about will feel natural. Most of the Anker Vertical’s components are plastic. Yet, it feels unexpectedly luxurious for a mouse that is so reasonably priced.  Overall, the Anker Vertical Mouse is a well-made ergonomic mouse that does reduce wrist movements and, as a result, the risk of getting RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, the positioning of the back/forward keys isn’t ideal, particularly if you have smaller hands, and the slick surface could use a little more texture for better traction. Overall, at less than $20, this is a reasonably priced vertical mouse that’s ideal for folks who have always been interested in the ergonomic advantages of vertical mice and want to give them a try.


  • Good for RSI sufferers
  • Affordable


  • Thumb buttons don’t work on Mac
  • Mouse surface is a little slippery despite it being matte


  • Price $19.99
  • Movement Detection Technology Optical
  • Sensitivity 1000/1600 DPI
  • Buttons 5
Anker Ergonomic Optical

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