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The Best Multi-Device Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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The Best Multi-Device Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Functional and comfortable equipment is just as important for an efficient workflow as the PC itself. Or, maybe, you’re looking for a portable accessory set to carry with a tablet? Either way, the high number of options available on the market may be overwhelming. For this reason, we’ve gathered the 10 best multi-device keyboard and mouse combos in one guide.

In our selection, you’ll find multi-device accessory sets to suit any needs and budget. From simple, affordable options with fun designs to advanced professional equipment, we hope everyone will find what they’re looking for.

01 Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Logitech is widely known for creating advanced PC equipment with functionality and ergonomics in mind. This set hits the high-end category, providing top professional characteristics in both products. The professional wireless mouse features a comfortable shape and intuitive, easy-to-reach controls on the side.

Every key and wheel is customizable for quick access to the most used functions. Furthermore, you can set app-specific controls, extending the device capabilities endlessly. The mouse works on nearly any surface, including dark glass. An innovative electromagnetic wheel provides ultra-quiet, precise, and fast scrolling.

Last but not least, a one-minute charge ensures three hours of use, while a full charge lasts up to 70 days. The keyboard offers exceptional typing comfort and precision, with spherically dished keys that match your finger shape. The low profile ensures quiet work – matched with the MX Master 3 mouse; this keyboard definitely won’t distract you or those around you.

Smart illumination with hand proximity detection and automatic backlighting is a gift for those preferring to work during the night. A single full charge lasts up to 10 days with the lighting and up to five months without it. The keyboard is constructed from a single metal plate with a non-slid surface that ensures durability. This combo allows easy switching between three devices using quick-connect Bluetooth hotkeys. A one-year hardware warranty is included.


  • Supports three devices simultaneously
  • Customizable keys and wheels on the mouse
  • Exceptional ergonomics of both devices
  • Automatic backlighting
  • Mouse is fast, precise, and works on any surface


  • Keyboard only works 10 days with lighting on
Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

02 Mofii Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Mofii keyboard and mouse set comes in four colors, pastel lime green, light blue, pink, and multicolor red. Each design combines different shades of the main color, creating a unique and fun look. The keyboard features retro-style keycaps for comfortable and precise typing.

Despite the cute design, it offers the functionality of a full-size professional device, with a numpad and quick access buttons. The matching mouse is small and simple yet offers a customizable side key. Intelligent power-saving mode allows the devices to go on for months without battery replacement.

A single AAA battery is required to power each device. The set can be used with a Mac, Windows, Linux, or any other device with a USB port. The lack of Bluetooth means that this combo can’t be used with mobile devices or tablets.


  • Unique, cute design
  • Affordable
  • USB port connection is reliable and quick
  • Customizable side key on the mouse
  • Comfortable keyboard


  • No Bluetooth
Mofii Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

03 Jelly Comb Compact Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

This combo by Jelly Comb Store is among the most affordable options of our selection. Despite a low price, both devices look very appealing, featuring minimalistic, sleek construction in lavender, peach, dark blue, or black color.

The mouse’s rounded shape enhances ergonomics, ensuring your hand won’t get tired during the whole day. By adjusting the DPI level, you can easily change mouse sensitivity and responsiveness to meet different needs. The rounded typewriter-style keys with a low profile ensure smooth and precise typing. The keyboard has two legs on the upper part that create a small angle for improved comfort. Quiet operation and ultimate responsiveness are achieved by the scissor-switch key construction.

Although the keyboard is lightweight and compact, it’s also functional, offering a full-size numpad. Twelve multimedia shortcut buttons help to work efficiently. This set can be used with any device with a USB port. It isn’t suitable for mobile devices or tablets as it lacks Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Highly affordable
  • Stylish design in four colors
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable mouse sensitivity
  • Quiet operation


  • The lack of Bluetooth limits use
Jelly Comb Compact Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

04 Logitech M585 Multi-Device Mouse and K380 Keyboard

Measuring only 0.6 x 11 x 4.8 inches and weighing under 15 ounces, the Logitech K380 is the ultimate keyboard for those living on the go. Comfortable typing is achieved by typewriter-style round keys and a slight angle of construction. Its low profile ensures quiet operation.

You can easily switch between three devices by pressing one of the dedicated Bluetooth buttons. Quick-connect keys are made in a different color than the keyboard’s body for better visibility. This keyboard is a perfect companion for anyone who has to type a lot and doesn’t need a numpad.

Just like the keyboard, the mouse is compatible with several devices simultaneously. You can quickly switch between them by pressing a single button. Two customizable side keys help to improve work efficiency. The ultra-precise wheel provides fast scrolling throng long web pages and convenient working with professional software.

One battery ensures up to two years of life. Both products come with a one-year hardware warranty. Two color options of the mouse are available, black and light grey. The keyboard comes in one design, dark blue with yellow Bluetooth keys.


  • Compact
  • Supports several devices
  • Quick switch
  • Comfortable and quiet typing
  • Precise and fast scrolling
  • Customizable hot keys on the mouse


  • No numpad
Logitech M585 Multi-Device Mouse and K380 Keyboard

05 Logitech Craft Advanced Keyboard and Mouse Bundle and USB Hub

Logitech’s Craft Advanced keyboard and wireless MX Master 3 mouse is the ultimate option for professionals working in creative fields. The keyboard features an enhanced input dial for smooth work in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign, and other similar software. You can customize the dial’s purpose for every app separately, even not design-related, such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Low-profile, spherically-dished keys ensure comfortable and quiet typing.

Furthermore, the keyboard automatically lights up when sensors detect hand movement. Smart illumination system adjusts the intensity to different conditions. The Master 3 mouse has an ergonomic design that helps avoid tunnel syndrome and fatigue. The customizable hotkeys and wheels on the side are designed for easy access without changing the hand’s natural position. You can improve work efficiency endlessly by setting different actions on each key depending on the app.

Last but not least, the mouse works on any surface and lives up to 70 days on a single charge. A four-port USB hub is a highly useful addition to the set.


  • Made for people of creative professions
  • Customizable for every app dial and hotkeys
  • Long battery life
  • Smart illumination
  • Ergonomic design
  • USB-hub included


  • Pricey
Logitech Craft Advanced Keyboard and Mouse Bundle and USB Hub

06 Logitech MK850 Performance Keyboard and Mouse

Yet another keyboard and mouse combo by Logitech, this time lying in the middle price range. A contoured right-handed mouse with ultra-fast scrolling enables you to fly through web pages and documents. A high 100-DPI optical resolution provides enhanced sensitivity for precise movement.

Customizable hotkeys on the sides and upper part of the mouse make the working process faster and more effective. Some users prefer high-profile keys for better responsiveness and typing precision. The Logitech MK850 keyboard offers exactly this while remaining quiet. Thanks to the cushioned palm rest and slight elevation on one side, you can type with comfort all day long.

Both the keyboard and mouse support several devices simultaneously and can be switched using quick-connect buttons. This set is compatible with any device with Bluetooth connectivity, including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. One AA battery is required to power each product.


  • Cushioned palm rest and elevation
  • Precise and responsive keys
  • Fast-scrolling wheel
  • High mouse sensitivity


  • A bit bulky
Logitech MK850 Performance Keyboard and Mouse

07 Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse With Phone Stand

This set consists of an LED mouse and keyboard with customizable lighting. Seven colors and three keyboard brightness levels are available, enabling you to choose the most comfortable one for every situation.

Low-profile, spherically dished keys repeat our fingertip shape, providing a comfortable and quiet typing experience. Although the keyboard is small and lacks a numpad, it remains functional, offering twelve multimedia shortcuts. Additionally, the keyboard features a sturdy tablet and phone holder. The mouse offers 15 backlight effects and adjustable sensitivity levels for a smoother, more precise control. To extend the battery life, you can turn off the backlight fully.

As both devices are very compact, they can be easily carried anywhere you go. Their universal Bluetooth compatibility and multi-device support enable you to easily switch between your PC, tablet, and phone, speeding up the workflow.


  • Adjustable LED and brightness
  • Adjustable mouse sensitivity
  • Multi-device support
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Portable
  • Built-in tablet or phone stand


  • No numpad
Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse With Phone Stand

08 Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Set

What could be a better choice for a Windows PC than a Microsoft equipment set? Thanks to the Swift pair feature, this keyboard and mouse combo is ready to connect to Windows devices right out of the box seamlessly. Bluetooth connectivity is also present, so the use of this set isn’t limited to Microsoft devices.

Both products feature a minimalistic design free from any unnecessary elements. Despite a relatively compact size, the keyboard offers full-size functionality. Low-profile keys ensure quiet and comfortable typing. Built-in shortcut keys enable you to quickly access media, emojis, apps, calculator, volume, and more. A single battery provides up to two years of continuous use.


  • Elegant design
  • Shortcut keys
  • Long battery life
  • Seamlessly pairs with Windows devices
  • Affordable


  • Mouse doesn’t offer any customizable controls
Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Set


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