The Best Multiplayer Games for Android [December 2020]

While some may prefer to game alone in the comfort of their own home, it’s no secret that gaming with friends can be a total blast if you have the right crew behind you. Whether it’s playing locally, sharing a screen or playing on multiple handheld devices, or you’re playing across the internet, in different homes or even halfway around the world, playing online can be cooperative and competitive, allowing you to work together with your teammates or go in for the kill. Multiplayer gaming isn’t limited to consoles and gaming PCs, though. There’s a wide-reaching market for multiplayer games right on your phone, allowing you to battle with and against your friends, work together to solve puzzles, or combat strangers online in a 1 versus 100 duel to the death.

In fact, the flexibility of mobile devices allow for the development of some really interesting games. Android and other mobile platforms allow you to combine real life and gaming, use your phones as controllers while a television acts as your display, and even message friends and teammates while playing a multi-day campaign to battle other individuals over the web. We’ve looked at the wide spectrum of games available on the Play Store and chose the ten that represent the pinnacle of mobile multiplayer gaming, both online and locally with friends. These are games that allow you to work together or compete, allow you to share a screen or split the play on each separate mobile device, and most importantly, don’t let in-app purchases and bad game design get in the way of having fun.

No matter what you’re looking for in a mobile title, there’s bound to be a game on this list that impresses you. Let’s dive into our favorite multiplayer games for Android!

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