The Best Nanny Cams [March 2020]

Up until relatively recently, home security systems were crafted by simple sensor units that could only detect movement—meaning homeowners only really had the ability to know whether or not an intruder had broken into their abode. This limited technology meant that a thief could theoretically break into your home, grab as much as they can hold, and flee before any kind of significant action was taken by either the homeowner or the police. And while the latest home security systems don’t offer a silver bullet when it comes to deterring and catching these nefarious intruders, they make it much easier to identify them in the future. 

These systems also work surprisingly well when it comes to less dire types of monitoring—for instance if you want to keep an eye on your pet while you’re at work, or you enjoy communicating with your family members via an embedded microphone in the camera’s base. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best and most innovative “nanny cams” that can help you keep track of both your kids and your home. Whether you’re off running errands or spending a late night at work, these cameras can help bring you some peace of mind.

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